Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 319: Intent to Massacre

Chapter 319: Intent to Massacre


The instant Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense entered the throne, an intense explosion rang next to his ear. His mind buzzed, filled with a boundless intent to massacre.

This horrifying intent was like a vast scarlet ocean. It merged into every neuron in Xiao Chen’s mind.

Xiao Chen could not hold back this killing intent. His eyes immediately turned scarlet. His black hair fluttered, and his delicate face twisted, sinister and horrifying; he became a man-eating demon.

How can this be?! Xiao Chen was terrified. He wanted to let go, but a huge force sucked his hand down; he had no way to let go.

I cannot go on like this. If this intent to massacre completely takes over my will, I will lose all rationality. I will turn into a true murderous demon king. This intent is too horrifying.

Xiao Chen circulated his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation and protected his dantian. He sank his consciousness down and did his best to keep his mind clear.

The scarlet sea of intent was boundless and overwhelming.

Xiao Chen was in agony as he resisted this force. His skin turned incredibly pale all over. The tiny blood vessels under his skin were clearly visible like they wanted to break free and burst open.

Such a feeling was several times more painful than the first time he awoke the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit; it was simply not a pain humans could endure.

As Xiao Chen succumbed to the torture, his consciousness grew blurry. He could no longer endure it; he howled in pain.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The blood vessels burst. Tiny pockets of blood instantly covered the skin. Xiao Chen transformed into a blood man.

Give up! Accept this unrestrained intent to massacre. All your pain will immediately vanish, and you can even obtain unlimited power.

As Xiao Chen struggled, an ethereal voice rang through his mind. The voice reverberated in his ears, enticing him to give up resisting.

Absolutely not! Xiao Chen clenched his teeth and ignored the voice in his head. He guarded the last bit of clarity in his consciousness.

Once Xiao Chen gave up resisting, he would become a slave to killing. His original self would completely disappear.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen recalled something from the Compendium of Cultivation. This scarlet throne should be a Secret Treasure. However, it was not a Secret Treasure of the righteous faction. Instead, it was an evil Secret Treasure.

The master of this Secret Treasure should be dead, his Daos scattered. However, the evil will in the Secret Treasure had not disappeared yet. After such a long time, this will should definitely not be very strong.

I was only beaten to a point where I did not know what to do. If his mental strength were truly stronger than mine, I would have been swallowed long ago.

With a thought, Xiao Chen gathered all his Spiritual Sense together, and it turned into a golden deity. Then, it headed towards the scarlet ocean in the depths of the throne.

I have to find that will and destroy it. Otherwise, if I only defend passively, eventually, I will no longer be able to endure it.

The deity flew further and further into that mental space. The boundless ocean seemed to have no end. However, Xiao Chen was not discouraged; even the largest ocean eventually ended.

The mental space was no different unless Xiao Chen faced a true ancient Emperor. Only then could eternal blood ocean exist.

It was unknown how much time passed. Xiao Chen controlled the deity and eventually arrived at the end of the blood sea.

There was a scarlet abyss there. In it, a huge scarlet head connected to the blood sea. It stared at the deity from afar.

The scarlet head roared and opened its huge mouth. It instantly swallowed the golden deity. The golden deity closed its eyes and allowed the blood to cover him.

After a while, the golden deity opened its eyes. A golden light shone from its eyes and pierced through the scarlet head.

The scarlet head cried out in pain and gave up swallowing the deity. It retreated in horror.

It is indeed as I expected. This evil intent was very weak already. I was too impetuous and did not protect myself properly earlier. This allowed it to enter and attack me to the point where I did not know what to do.

I will consider it a lesson. In the future, when facing something unknown, I must always maintain a high level of caution.

The scarlet light in Xiao Chen’s eyes faded a little. It was no longer as frightening as earlier. It slowly cleared.

The scarlet head retreated to the space above the abyss. It vigorously waved its hand, and a huge blood hand, seemingly covering the sky, smashed at the golden deity.


The golden deity shouted, and a long sword with golden light appeared in its hand. It swung the sword, and the surging golden light chopped the blood hand into bits.

The golden deity pointed the sword to the sky, and a light rushed up. Then, it split into several tens of thousands of rays of light, falling like drops of golden liquid into the blood sea like rain.

As an increasing amount of golden liquid accumulated in the sea, the blood sea surged. Soon, it transformed into a golden sea.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The scarlet head reacted as if water scalded it, crying out painfully. When the scarlet sea completely turned gold, it was completely cut off from the sea, becoming a lone head floating in the air.

Back in reality, Xiao Chen’s eyes were no longer red. The sinister expression was gone. He seemed to have calmed. That heart-wrenching pain no longer tormented him.

Only a lone head of evil remained in the mental space. It had nowhere it could run. It wanted to enter the sea several times.

However, when it touched the golden sea, it immediately cried out in pain. Furthermore, it had even shrunk.

Xiao Chen controlled the golden deity to send out strands of sword light. The scarlet head moved chaotically through the air, avoiding the horrifying golden light.

In the end, it was just a paper tiger, Xiao Chen thought to himself. The golden deity took advantage of this opportunity. Its left hand grew infinitely large and grabbed the head.

[TL note: Paper Tiger: Looks scary but harmless.]

“Don’t kill me; I can acknowledge you as my master. We can sign a blood contract; I will never be able to betray you. There is also the secret of this Massacre Throne. I will tell you everything in detail.”

After the scarlet head’s capture, it pleaded unceasingly.

“Unorthodox evil demon, why would I want to keep you?!” Xiao Chen snorted coldly and immediately crushed the scarlet head.

This evil thing is very crafty and has many tricks. Who knows whether it will attack me after growing strong. It is best not to keep it.

As for the secret of this scarlet throne, I will slowly investigate it. This is a matter of life and death; it is better to be more cautious.

The instant he completely vanquished the scarlet head in the mental space, in reality, the scarlet throne under Xiao Chen’s hand turned into a red light and entered every part of Xiao Chen’s body.

When the light had completely flowed into Xiao Chen’s body, all the wounds caused by his blood vessels rupturing visibly and quickly healed.

After a while, they had recovered to what they were before. All the wounds were gone. Xiao Chen’s skin was smooth and white, more tender and delicate than a girl’s.


The red light flowing through every part of Xiao Chen’s body gathered at his forehead, between his eyebrows. Then, it turned into a red throne imprint the size of his fingernail.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and saw everything that happened to his body. There was a look of suspicion in his eyes.

Xiao Chen raised his left hand and examined it closely. He only saw the skin, delicate and smooth; his hand was so beautiful, it was frightening.

It was not just a significant change on the surface. When Xiao Chen clenched his hand, he could feel an immense strength. His physical body was stronger than before.

When Xiao Chen noticed the damaged iron-armored warrior at the side, he slowly walked over and casually punched its chest.

The immense strength flowed through his slender arm into his five fingers. Then, he heard a loud explosion. The damaged iron-armored warrior shattered into pieces.

The metal pieces within the armor scattered all over the ground. It was now completely broken; there was no more hope of repairing it.

Xiao Chen revealed a joyful expression. He said, somewhat uncertain, “After I cultivate the Dragon and Tiger Body Sculpting Art to the threshold of the fifth layer, Dragon Tendon Tiger Bone, Pulling Mountain and Rivers, a casual punch can achieve ten thousand kilograms of force.

“A full power strike can achieve 15,000 kilograms of force. However, my casual punch has already achieved 15,000 kilograms of force. Could it be that, after this scarlet throne infused into my body, my physical strength increased?”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen guessed something. Since his strength increased, have more acupoints on his right arm opened?

When Xiao Chen felt the acupoints on his right arm, it was as he expected. The open acupoints had increased to fourteen. He was only short of two acupoints before all sixteen acupoints were open.

“I am not far from the true Azure Dragon Qi appearing,” Xiao Chen said excitedly.

Let’s see if there are any other changes. Xiao Chen took out a small knife and gently cut his jade-like arm. Immediately, a small wound appeared and blood flowed.

However, before long, a scab appeared over the wound. Then, it quickly fell off. The skin looked as perfect as earlier; it was impossible to tell that there was a wound there earlier.

Xiao Chen’s body now had a natural regenerative property. His strength had also become more reserved. In the body, because he trained, he had somewhat exaggerated and bulging muscles. Now, they had all shrunk.

Xiao Chen looked normal, but his strength had increased significantly.

What exactly is the origin of this scarlet throne? Xiao Chen’s eyes contained doubt as he put away the small knife.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and carefully felt for the location of the scarlet throne. In the sea of consciousness in his forehead, a scarlet throne floated in the air, emitting a supreme might throughout the entire sea of consciousness.

The place between the eyebrows was the source of all cultivators’ mental worlds. It was known as the sea of consciousness. However, only people with strong Spirit Power could truly open their sea of consciousness.

When taking the Tianwu Continent into perspective, only when one reached Martial Monarch could one open their sea of consciousness. To regular people, they would never have the opportunity to open it. Hence, this was not something they normally thought about.

After opening their sea of consciousness, cultivators could truly cultivate Spirit Power. Before this, cultivators only had perception; they did not have true Spirit Powers.

Due to the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, Xiao Chen could cultivate Spirit Power from the very start. Hence, his Spirit Power was much stronger than regular cultivators. They were not even on the same level.

However, Xiao Chen was still a long way from opening his sea of consciousness. At least, he had not met the requirements in cultivation realm. He did not expect this scarlet throne to open his sea of consciousness.

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