Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2372 Raw 2479 : Fighting against Three Alone

Chapter 2372 Raw 2479 : Fighting against Three Alone

Xiao Chen used the power of cycles to break the memory seal in Liu Ruyue’s Soul Pool, resulting in her recalling the past.

Liu Ruyue appeared somewhat confused, feeling like she dreamed a long dream. Then, she looked at Xiao Chen with wet eyes and cried out, “Xiao Chen!”

Her memory came back. She remembered everything.

Liu Ruyue recalled the memories she shared with Xiao Chen at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Qingyun Peak. She remembered the promise from back then and that youth who stood at the peak of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, loudly declaring his love for her.

There were still many more memories…

No wonder I could not forget a certain person in the depths of my memories despite them being sealed for so many years.

No matter how much time passed or how the world changed, it could not erase that passion imprinted in the depths of her soul.

The various events of the past would always remain, no matter alive or dead. Even if she were reduced to ashes, that passion would still shine amid the ashes.

“You have suffered all these years… You worked so hard to find me, but I even injured you.”

Liu Ruyue could not stop the tears in her eyes. She thought about how the Golden Dragon bloodline pursued Xiao Chen. Even so, he had risked entering the White Dragon Palace to meet her. However, she had attacked and injured him.

With this thought, Liu Ruyue could not help feeling very guilty.

Xiao Chen’s eyes turned slightly moist. These were tears of joy. At this instant, he knew he had chosen right.

It was better to let someone else be the Dragon Emperor.

Xiao Chen liked his freedom and hated being another person’s pawn. He was not willing to shoulder the scheme that Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun laid long ago.

It was better to forget about his ties to the Azure Dragons, living out his life in his own way and not living according to a dead person’s plan. Even if Xiao Chen had no control, he still wanted to make his own choice.

“It’s fine. Let’s go first.”

Xiao Chen consoled Liu Ruyue. Then, he pulled her hand, soared into the air, and landed where the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s people were.


The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor lost his fight with Jiang Tian in the sky.

The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor felt horrified and startled, experiencing a mix of sorrow and anger. He had thoroughly lost.

Even his most beloved son, Qin Ming, died in Xiao Chen’s hands. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor had lost everything.

When the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor saw the pensive expressions of the various Palace Masters, he understood that there would be no place for him in this Divine Dragon Empire now that he had lost so thoroughly. After so many years of suppression, the other palaces held a dislike for the Golden Dragon bloodline.

There is no need to worry about not having firewood when living on a lush mountain. I’ll leave first and make a comeback in the future.

“Ka ca!”

Just as the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor was about to move, a swift sword light instantly pierced through his chest, firmly pinning him to the ground. The Shadow Dragon Sovereign had directly made a move to restrain him.

“Your debts are not paid yet. It won’t be that easy to leave.”

The Shadow Dragon Sovereign spoke in an icy tone, showing a cold expression. “For so many years, you loyally served as the Divine Master’s lackey, suppressing the other Divine Dragon Palaces, and framed the Heavenly Dragon. All this has to be accounted for.”


Suddenly, two beams of divine light appeared in Dragon God Plaza. It was the Dragon God statue releasing resplendent and dazzling light.

Jiang He reached the dragon claw and received the Dragon God’s attention, succeeding the Divine Dragon Empire’s Luck.

Jiang He exuded an overwhelming Dragon Might. Auspicious Signs spread out from his body.

Mu Zifeng frowned slightly and said somewhat unhappily, “Xiao Chen, why did you give up on the Dragon Emperor position? If you did not give it up, then you, Xiao Chen, would be the one carrying the Divine Dragon Empire’s Luck.”

“That’s true. However, if that were the case, then the path I walk would be the same as what Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun laid out fifty thousand years ago. I would no longer be able to sever the karma between the Azure Dragons and me. The epoch I would start would just be Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s past regrets. It would look complete, but in reality, I would just be a pawn.”

Xiao Chen’s heart was clear. Ever since the dragon spirit told him the truth, he had already made up his mind.

“What is bad about that? Even as a pawn, you would be a pawn in control of your fate. You can bring the Azure Dragon bloodline supreme glory, and my Heavenly Alliance can continue to be glorious for an epoch.”

Mu Zifeng still felt angry, not understanding Xiao Chen’s thoughts.

“Just because you are willing to be a pawn does not mean that I am willing. Furthermore, do you know what the consequences of this are? Be it the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor from back then, the later Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun, or the Kunlun Realm’s Azure Emperor, they were all unparalleled, undefeatable peak experts of their time.”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he continued, “Do you know what happened? They brought the destruction of the Azure Dragon bloodline. Be it in the Great Thousand Realms or the Kunlun Realm, they brought a calamity of destruction to the Azure Dragon bloodline. Countless families died, only because they had the Azure Dragon bloodline.

“This is because there is no truly undefeatable expert in the world. There is no indestructible dynasty. There is no unaging beauty. If I became the Dragon Emperor and started a Divine Dragon Epoch, it would result in the Dragon Race being incomparably strong in the new epoch, allowing them to rule the Great Thousand Realms. However, when the epoch ended, they would become like the Martial Epoch’s Divine Master, in a miserable and sorrowful state, betrayed by everyone. It might be even worse.

“That is not the Divine Dragon Epoch I want… In the end, it would just be repeating disastrous history.”

Mi Zifeng noticed something extraordinary with Xiao Chen’s words. He looked at Xiao Chen and asked, “What do you want?”

“I want to end the Epoch Eon,” Xiao Chen said incredibly calmly, stressing every word.

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, the expressions of the surrounding people all changed drastically.

End the Eon Epoch? Such a lofty aspiration, such boldness! They had never thought of it before. Not that they could not think of it, but they did not dare think of it.

“I support Big Brother Xiao Chen. It is time for the Epoch Eon to end. An endless and relentless cycle of destruction. With the birth of each new epoch, too many innocents die in violent deaths.” Ao Jiao stood up and expressed her stance, decisively supporting Xiao Chen.

The others remained silent. However, their expressions changed as they looked at Xiao Chen. Their complicated expressions showed admiration on top of shock.

“You! Have you ever thought of the consequences of failure?!”

Mu Zifeng was stunned, feeling an indescribable weakness as he faced Xiao Chen.

The other party’s boldness and strength suppressed him.

Milord, the miscellaneous trash is preparing to leave. The blind old man sent a voice projection to Xiao Chen. Then, Xiao Chen looked at Mu Zifeng and said, “Let’s not discuss this for now. I have some matters to deal with. Lord Mu, rest assured. No matter how I do it, I will definitely protect the Heavenly Alliance in the future. However, it might not be in the overlord position that you imagined.”

Xiao Chen did not give Mu Zifeng a chance to speak before soaring into the air. Then, he landed on a tall building and said, “Xi, you already came all the way here. Why prepare to leave?”

Xiao Chen’s voice was not loud, but it rang out clearly, resounding in everyone’s ears.

The sound waves contained Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy. As his voice spread out, it locked on to the people that he sought.

“Still not revealing yourselves?”

Xiao Chen threw a palm strike at the sky. Then, three beams of electric light fell from the sky without any warning.

Electric light immediately encased Xi, Yuan Zhen, and Wenren Yu. There was nowhere for them to hide in the crowd.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The surrounding Dragon Race disciples immediately moved, distancing themselves from these three.

In the blink of an eye, Dragon God Plaza’s surroundings emptied, leaving only the three.

Xi saw that the Shadow Dragon Sovereign already controlled the situation in Ancestor Dragon City. The Divine Dragon Empire that should have helped them ended up helping Xiao Chen instead.

The Heavenly Alliance’s Faux Gods blocked the Martial God Palace’s Faux Gods.

Xi wanted to retreat. Qin Ming’s death and the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor’s defeat resulted in a big hole in the plan he laid, reversing the situation. Xiao Chen should have been an easy target whom Xi could crush with his great momentum.

Fortunately, who knew what crazy thoughts Xiao Chen had, but he actually gave the Dragon Emperor position to Jiang He.

This allowed Xi, Yuan Zhen, and Wenren Yu, who had already despaired, to rejoice. They communicated with one another and decided to leave immediately.

After losing the Dragon Emperor position, Xiao Chen could not avoid suffering damage to his Luck. They should leave this place now and seek a better opportunity to kill him in the future, not letting him turn things over.

However, the three just thought of withdrawing when Xiao Chen called out, singling out the three of them before everyone.

Xi looked at Xiao Chen and demanded coldly, “Xiao Chen, what are you trying to do? Do you think that you can kill us by finding us?”

Xiao Chen knew that there would be Faux Gods protecting them in secret. If they wanted to leave, he could not stop them.

Wenren Yu and Yuan Zhen did not say anything, just gave Xiao Chen hostile looks.

“I am not planning to kill you. I am planning to give you an opportunity.”

“What opportunity?!”

“A chance for you to kill me. You all put aside your differences and conspired to kill me. I am here now. Why leave?”

Yuan Zhen looked around and saw the blind old man standing with the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon. Then, he looked at the older-generation experts of Ancestor Dragon City.

Yuan Zhen asked sullenly, “You want to fight against the three of us alone? Can you guarantee that Ancestor Dragon City’s older-generation experts, the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon, the Shadow Dragon Sovereign, and the Heavenly Alliance’s experts will not help?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “That’s right. I believe that you all have been planning this from the start, to get the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor to ignore us, and then the three of you would work together to stop me from entering Dragon God Plaza, using that opportunity to kill me. I’ll give you a chance to work together and kill me now. I promise that others will not help.”

Xi’s thoughts raced. Is Xiao Chen trying to settle everything in one go, dealing with it once and for all, defeating the potential Epoch Masters of three super factions?

However, where did Xiao Chen get the confidence to fight against us three alone?

If Xiao Chen had become the Dragon Emperor and succeeded the Divine Dragon Empire’s Luck, it might have been possible for him to fight against us three alone.

Might there be some trick behind this?

However, if we three do not even dare accept his challenge, it will deal a huge blow to our confidence.

When we face Xiao Chen in the future, we will be disadvantaged before we start fighting.

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