Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2373 Raw 2480 : Destruction of the Epoch

Chapter 2373 Raw 2480 : Destruction of the Epoch

As Xi, Wenren Yu, and Yuan Zhen considered retreating, Xiao Chen suddenly stepped forward and gave the three a chance to work together to fight him.

Before coming here, the three had schemed with the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor to create such an opportunity.

Unexpectedly, the situation at the competition to become the Dragon Emperor had changed instantly.

The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor was supposed to manage the situation for the three. However, he lost, and the Shadow Dragon Sovereign took control of the Divine Dragon Empire, resulting in the three having to leave.

Yet, Xiao Chen gave them back this opportunity.

“Xiao Chen, swear it. Swear that the Dragon Race’s older-generation experts, the Shadow Dragon Sovereign, and the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon will not interfere, and the three of us will fight you!” Xi said softly. As he looked at Xiao Chen, a crafty look flashed in his eyes.

It was Xiao Chen giving the three a chance. However, Xi made it sound like Xiao Chen was begging them.

Xiao Chen said in a neutral tone, “I swear on my name, Xiao Chen, that only the four of us will participate in this fight. If I break this oath, I, Xiao Chen, will forever be inflicted with a heart demon and die a horrible death.”


Xi guffawed upon hearing that. “Xiao Chen, do you really think that you can deal with everything once and for all, killing the three of us? We will give you this chance right now!”

Then, Xi looked at Wenren Yu and Yuan Zhen. “What do you two think?”

“I have no objections.”

“It is three against one. If we still lose, then there is no need to fight over who becomes the next Epoch Master.”

Wenren Yu took it rather easy. If the three lost when fighting just Xiao Chen, he would be too embarrassed to continue fighting to be the Epoch Master.

“I have heard Buddha say, ‘I swear not to become a Buddha while hell is not empty!

Yuan Zhen endlessly chanted Buddhist scriptures while holding his palms together. Buddhist light continuously erupted from his body.

Xi and Wenren Yu exchanged looks. They knew that Yuan Zhen was summoning his Buddhist nation. When the Buddhist nation arrived, Yuan Zhen’s combat prowess would soar wildly, reaching—possibly exceeding—the level of a Faux God.

Right now, the two needed to delay Xiao Chen to buy time for Yuan Zhen.

Xi stretched his hand and waved. Then, the blood dragon image on his cloak started moving. After a while, a roaring blood dragon appeared.

A flame burned in Xi’s horrific demonic eye and charged out to linger at his forehead.


Horrifying Demonic Might instantly flooded the entire Ancestor Dragon City. Black demonic clouds churned in the sky like it was the sea.

“Forbidden Art, Consuming All Life!” Xi roared, and a horrifying suction appeared from his left eye. This suction focused on one spot, surging towards Xiao Chen.

Due to the suction, space and time turned twisted everywhere Xi looked.

The twisted space was like a snake stretching out.

How fast could one’s sight move? With just one look, one would fall for this move.

The suction immediately ensnared Xiao Chen’s body. The demonic eye’s suction was like a spiderweb, wrapping Xiao Chen in layers as Xi continuously drained his energy.

In just a breath, thousands of layers of suction trapped Xiao Chen, continuously pulling him towards Xi’s demonic eye. Even a Faux God would find escape challenging if they got trapped in the demonic eye.

Xi’s consuming demonic eye had long been extremely horrifying.

With Xi’s current strength, his demonic eye was even more terrifying. Xiao Chen found it hard to struggle free.


Wenren Yu revealed a maniacal smile as a holy mirror appeared in his hand. This was the supreme treasure of the Profound Light Holy Land, the Profound Heaven Mirror.

This supreme treasure had been inherited for countless epochs. During the Martial Epoch, it had even killed Faux Gods, a legendary feat.

The instant the mirror’s surface enveloped Xiao Chen, he sensed a dangerous aura that made his heart skip a beat.

No! I cannot get struck by this. If Wenren Yu drives this Profound Heaven Mirror at full power, the consequences of being struck will be dire!

Indeed, this group of people came prepared.

They show tacit cooperation, having made ample preparations. No wonder after I vowed that oath, they had such crafty smiles.

With Xi driving his consuming demonic eye at full power, Xiao Chen estimated that even a Faux God would find it hard to struggle free quickly.

If Xiao Chen could not deal with this suction soon, the Profound Heaven Mirror would strike him.

The situation immediately turned extremely dangerous. No one expected Xiao Chen to fall into such dire straits the moment they started fighting.

Xiao Chen made a decision within the time it took for a spark to fly. He stopped resisting and let Xi’s consuming demonic eye pull him over.


Xi’s demonic eye consumed Xiao Chen in the blink of an eye, leaving the profound light from the mirror with no target.

“How can that be?”

Wenren Yu paled, and his eyes turned bloodshot as he panted continuously. That earlier strike drained nearly all his Soul Energy and Divine Energy just to push the might of this Superior Grade Soul Tool to its limits.

Even a peak Faux God would be instantly severely injured if that attack landed, possibly even killed.

Wenren Yu had not expected Xiao Chen to give up resisting, letting Xi’s eye consume him and perfectly dodging that attack.

Wenren Yu felt dissatisfied, but Xi showed joy on his face. He laughed maniacally, “Hahaha! Xiao Chen, you are seeking death. My demonic eye was inherited from an ancient Primal Chaos God Demon. Even if a Faux God enters, only death awaits. Now, watch as I use the power of a God Demon—”


Before Xi finished speaking, a saber light flashed, and Xi’s head exploded.

Xiao Chen reappeared amid scarlet light, holding Heavenly Slayer upraised.

Xiao Chen tore the Blood Dragon cloak off Xi’s body, not continuing to attack him. Then, he looked at Yuan Zhen, who was summoning the Buddhist nation.

A vague form of the Buddhist nation had already appeared. Yuan Zhen had a confident expression, not showing any fear.

Xiao Chen remembered his experience in the Yanwu Dynasty. He knew that the Buddhist nation was like the Deities’ Nation, which had been very difficult to break.

A vague form of the Buddhist nation had already appeared. Ordinary killing moves would find it hard to break.

“Past!” Xiao Chen shouted as the power of cycles circulated. Then, he took a step forward.

When Xiao Chen took this step, it seemed like the entire Great Thousand Realms blocked him, preventing him from advancing; he faced an unprecedented obstruction.

“Ka ca!”

However, Xiao Chen managed to take this step in the end, traveling to the past in one step.

“I have heard Buddha say, ‘I swear not to become a Buddha—

The past Yuan Zhen had just pressed his palms together and chanted two lines of his scripture. The image of the Buddhist nation had yet to manifest.

When Yuan Zhen saw Xiao Chen suddenly appear from nowhere, horror flashed in his eyes, as he was caught entirely off guard.


Xiao Chen mercilessly stabbed Heavenly Slayer into Yuan Zhen’s forehead with the Flawless saber intent that transcended the epoch.


Time and space cycled, and Xiao Chen returned to the present. The Buddhist nation suddenly shattered, and a figure appeared before Yuan Zhen.

A slender half of a saber stabbed into Yuan Zhen’s forehead. The remnant soul of the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva in his Soul Pool let out a shrill scream.

“Yuan Zhen!”

This greatly startled Wenren Yu, who turned around and raised the Profound Heaven Mirror, preparing to overdraw on his lifeforce to land a blow on Xiao Chen.

“Future!” Xiao Chen shouted, and the scene around him changed. He appeared in the future, behind Wenren Yu. Then, he chopped Wenren Yu in half with a peak saber strike.

Past, present, and future. Flowers bloomed with a thought.

The Dragon Race experts below were flabbergasted at the sight, gasping in amazement.

Everyone saw three blue lotus flowers bloom. Each lotus flower had a figure on it. When the flowers bloomed, Xi’s head exploded, a saber pierced Yuan Zhen’s forehead, and Wenren Yu was chopped in half.

The instant the flowers bloomed, it illuminates three lives.

The three figures merged, and Wenren Yu, Xi, and Yuan Zhen instantly lost. Xiao Chen’s dire situation reversed in an instant.

On the ground, blood continuously wriggled around Xi’s neck. Soon, a new head grew out. His two eyes looked like those of ordinary people, betraying fatigue and incredible weakness. Xi found even moving a finger tremendously difficult.

Xiao Chen did not destroy Xi’s Divine Seal. He spared Xi on account of Xi being Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s pawn.

However, Xiao Chen had destroyed Xi’s demonic eye, which resulted in Xi’s strength plummeting. Xi lost all his sharpness and could not compete with Xiao Chen ever again.

Wenren Yun was not as fortunate. Xiao Chen’s peak saber strike destroyed both his body and Divine Seal.

When the three figures merged, Xiao Chen stood in front of Yuan Zhen, holding Heavenly Slayer, which was still stabbed into Yuan Zhen’s forehead.

Xiao Chen only wanted to eliminate the karma between Yuan Zhen and the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, not kill Yuan Zhen.

After he destroyed the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva’s remnant soul in Yuan Zhen’s Soul Pool, he pulled Heavenly Slayer out and sheathed it. Blood spurted out as he did so.

Yuan Zhen’s eyes slowly cleared. Then, he wobbled and fell over like a broken kite.

In the distant Yanwu Dynasty, the Buddha statue of the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva in the thousands of temples Yuan Zhen erected crumbled. The Auspicious Signs in the Buddhist nation scattered, and the ordinary people staying there appeared dazed as if waking up from a deep dream.

Life and death had been decided with a thought.

Xiao Chen took the risk to fight the three. If he had not dodged the Profound Heaven Mirror’s attack, he would have died.

After he dodged, the other party died.

The great risk Xiao Chen took also brought a huge benefit, dealing with three potential problems once and for all.

From here on, no other potential Epoch Master from the other super factions could compete with Xiao Chen.

The white-clad Xiao Chen looked incredibly glorious, inspiring awe in all the cultivators in Ancestor Dragon City.

Even the Faux Gods of the Heavenly Alliance and the Martial God Palace were shocked and horrified, feeling inferior.

They had to admit that Xiao Chen was now the strongest person in the world. After grasping the Cycle Great Dao, no one could defeat him in an open confrontation.

“I have two treasures to hand to you, Seniors. I will leave the Divine Dragon Empire to the two of you. In the future, please take care of my Kunlun Realm’s Azure Dragon bloodline.”

Xiao Chen arrived before the Shadow Dragon Sovereign and the Heavenly Dragon Jiang Tian. Then, he handed the Emperor Dragon Sword he took from Qin Ming to Jiang Tian.

After that, Xiao Chen solemnly handed the royal genealogical record he obtained from the Azure Dragon’s treasure trove to the Shadow Dragon Sovereign.

The blind old man was loyal to Xiao Chen in the first place. After obtaining the royal genealogical record, he would definitely take care of the Azure Dragon bloodline.

Given this, there would be a place for the Azure Dragons in the Divine Dragon Empire in the future.

“I propose to all the seniors of Ancestor Dragon City that Jiang He become the new Dragon Emperor of my Divine Dragon Empire with the identity of the Heavenly Dragon’s son. Does anyone object?”

Given Jiang He’s qualifications, many of these Dragon Race older-generation experts would be reluctant to submit.

This was especially so for those of the Silver Dragon bloodline and the Golden Dragon bloodline. However, after Xiao Chen demonstrated his strength, no one dared to meet his gaze when he spoke. As he looked around, no one dared to object.

“Congratulations on the coronation of Dragon Emperor Jiang He!” Xiao Chen shouted. Then, he suddenly took out the Emperor Dragon Throne, a Dragon Race supreme treasure inherited for countless epochs.

A vast and pure Emperor Dragon’s Dragon Might immediately surged out. Before the might and pressure of this Emperor Dragon’s Dragon Might, many Dragon Race disciples fell to their knees with a ‘plop.

Standing on the Dragon God statue, Jiang He gave Xiao Chen a deep look. After hesitating for a while, he went over and sat down.

Now, everyone cheered the birth of a new Dragon Emperor.


In a nondescript building in Ancestor Dragon City, Yan Cangming revealed a trace of a sneer as he watched Jiang He sit on the Emperor Dragon Throne with a cold expression.

A crystal ball in Yan Cangming’s left hand transmitted the scene before him to somewhere far away.


In the distant Soaring Dragon Great Realm, where the Black Dragon King was sealed:

Zhen Yuan peered into a crystal ball and saw the scene that Yan Cangming sent over.

“To think that his Cycle Great Dao is so strong. However, since he already revealed his trump card, he can forget about reversing time and space before me.”


Zhen Yuan’s eyes suddenly turned pitch-black as he crushed the crystal ball. Then, he muttered to himself, “It is time for the Martial Epoch to end.”

Ten-odd bloody Faux God bodies lay cold on the ground around the location of the seal.

These had all been dissatisfied Faux Gods who wanted to stop the Black Dragon King from reappearing.

However, all their efforts had been pointless. Zhen Yuan had killed them all.

They had not known it was not that the Black Dragon King would end the Martial Epoch but that the Martial Epoch’s Luck running out gave the Black Dragon King the chance to destroy it.

Now, the remaining Luck of the Martial Epoch were all in the Black Dragon King’s seal.

When the Black Dragon King broke the seal, it would be the end of the Luck, the time for the end to arrive.


Zhen Yuan’s body turned into a clump of black shadow, a clump of pure demonic nature. Then, it entered the seal with a flash.

In the next moment, cracks appeared in the ground. The entire Soaring Dragon Great Realm trembled.

A pitch-black demonic claw broke out of the ground and clenched, looking like it crushed something.


In the Divine Dragon Empire’s Ancestor Dragon City in the Central Great Realm, Jiang He had just sat down on the Emperor Dragon Throne when the Shadow Dragon Sovereign’s God Killing Sword trembled endlessly, shining with an intense, iridescent light and looking like it was struggling to get free.

The Shadow Dragon Sovereign’s expression changed drastically. With an irresistible force, the God Killing Sword broke free of his grip, turned into a beam of iridescent light, and flew into the horizon.


“He is coming out…” The Shadow Dragon Sovereign trembled, clearly somewhat fearful.

Xiao Chen looked at the disappearing beam of iridescent light with a complicated expression. After a long time, he murmured, “The Martial Epoch is over…”

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