Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2371 Raw 2478 : Xiao Chen’s Choice

Chapter 2371 Raw 2478 : Xiao Chen’s Choice

In Dragon God Plaza, Qin Ming’s expression changed slightly when he saw such a strange change when his aura was at its peak.

He had charged forward happily, thinking that Xiao Chen would not be coming.

Who knew, just as he was preparing to step into the Dragon God’s domain and climb the statue, Xiao Chen suddenly appeared.

“I can’t be bothered with you. I’ll climb the Dragon God statue first and settle accounts with you later.”

Qin Ming quickly made up his mind, deciding to continue forward and enter the Dragon God’s domain.

As for Xiao Chen, the many experts from the Martial God Palace were not there for decoration. It would not be so easy to cause trouble.

“Kill him!” the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor ordered mercilessly with a cold expression while he sat on his throne.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The many Faux Gods belonging to the Martial God Palace soared immediately into the air to attack Xiao Chen.

“Protect Xiao Chen,” Mu Zifeng, who was with the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s people, said softly with a faint smile.


The hidden Heavenly Alliance’s Faux Gods charged over under Suiren Ji and Hua Tianyang’s lead, blocking these Faux Gods charging at Xiao Chen with ferocious auras.

Many Faux Gods instantly started a battle in the sky of Ancestor Dragon City. They seemed like they would tear apart the sky there.

As the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor sat on his throne, he did not appear surprised.

He had anticipated that the Heavenly Alliance Faux Gods would come to support Xiao Chen.

With the formations in Ancestor Dragon City, this group of Faux Gods would not be able to do much. As for Xiao Chen, others would deal with him. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor did not need to reveal too many trump cards on his account.

“Purple Gold Dragon Emperor, you lackey. Do you still remember me, Jiang Tian?!”

Just at this moment, a furious roar echoed throughout Ancestor Dragon City.

The dragon roar unique to the Heavenly Dragons rang out in all directions, shaking the sky. This dragon roar suppressed the might and pressure from the Faux Gods in the sky.

“What’s going on?”

When the confident Purple Gold Dragon Emperor suddenly heard a voice that he had not heard in a long time, his expression changed dramatically.


The previous-generation Heavenly Dragon Jiang Tian arrived in an instant. Landing on top of a building across Dragon God Plaza, he looked down from above at the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor. Boundless battle hunger blazed in his eyes, and his Dragon Might burned like a fierce flame.

The pure Heavenly Dragon’s battle hunger immediately attracted the attention of countless Dragon Race cultivators. The Heavenly Dragon was a special bloodline above the Six Colored Divine Dragons, always a legend of the Dragon Race.

While Jiang Tian had not been seen for many years, many people spoke about him in the Divine Dragon Empire, passing on his story.

“Heavenly Dragon’s Dragon Might!”

“It is really a Heavenly Dragon! Is he that Jiang Tian who offended the Dragon Emperor and got locked up in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison?”

“Why is he out? This Dragon Might is very terrifying!”

This immediately shook everyone up. Jiang Tian caused even greater shock than the Faux Gods fighting in the sky.

“You are really bold for a Dragon Race traitor. To think that you dare to come to Ancestor Dragon City. Six Colored Divine Dragons, heed my command: kill him!”

The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor did his best to suppress his shock. Then, he recalled that this was Ancestor Dragon City, the place where all the Dragon Race experts gathered.

As the Dragon Emperor, he commanded the Dragon Race. He did not need to fear Jiang Tian. After all, he held the Dragon Race’s royal seal; the older-generation experts had to obey his call.

“Who dares to attack?!” A hoarse voice came from behind Jiang Tian. Then, the Shadow Dragon Sovereign swung the God Killing Sword he held.

“Clop! Clop! Clop!”

Riding Great Desolate Eon mutated beasts, the Blood Dragon Guards charged into Ancestor Dragon City from all directions. They all wore scarlet masks and armor. There were more than a thousand of them, all Sovereign Emperor experts.

The Blood Dragon Guards was an Azure Dragon bloodline faction that the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor created.

The might and pressure that erupted from their accumulations after tens of thousands of years in hiding startled the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor.

“Lord Dragon Sovereign!”

Clearly, the older-generation experts in Ancestor Dragon City recognized the blind old man and deeply respected him. When they saw him appear, they all felt extraordinarily shocked and did not dare to attack.

The blind old man said indifferently, “The competition to become the Dragon Emperor continues. Right now, we are just settling the grudges between Jiang Tian and the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor. If you trust this blind old man, then don’t interfere for now. I will give you an account after this is over.”

“Since Lord Dragon Sovereign asked, we naturally will not let this happen again.”

Although the Shadow Dragon Sovereign usually remained in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison, all the older-generation experts in Ancestor Dragon City deeply respected him.

After the Shadow Dragon Sovereign guaranteed resolution of the situation with his reputation, the older-generation experts of Ancestor Dragon City chose to remain neutral for now.

“Purple Gold Dragon Emperor, do you dare to openly fight me?”

Jiang Tian glared at the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor as he issued his challenge.

The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor cursed in his heart. The appearance of Jiang Tian and the blind old man completely disrupted his deployment of people.

This was especially so for the older-generation experts. To think that they refused to obey his commands, embarrassing him.

“You already lost to me once. How difficult can it be to defeat you again?”

Rage filled the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor’s heart. He smashed his palm on his armrest and soared into the air, charging towards Jiang Tian.

The repeated changes in the situation not only disrupted the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor’s deployment of his men but also put the various potential Epoch Masters at a loss.

They did not expect such a dramatic situation to take place in Ancestor Dragon City.

These people became flustered for a while, allowing Xiao Chen to fly over and land in Dragon God Plaza.

“Good timing!”

When Qin Ming saw Xiao Chen land, he stopped thinking about anything else. By the time Xiao Chen found stable footing, Qin Ming had thrust his sword over.


The horrifying Dragon Might of the ancient Golden Dragon erupted from Qin Ming’s body. The instant his sword thrust out, it gathered all the Dragon Might into a single point. That spot of golden light seemed like it would rend space.

“Scram back.”

Xiao Chen landed together with the might of his saber strike, which covered the sky. He did not withdraw when facing this full-powered sword strike. Then, he ruthlessly chopped down with Heavenly Slayer.

The Flawless saber Dao surpassed the epoch. When driven by the Cycle Great Dao, it flourished endlessly. Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might soared, not cowering before the ancient Golden Dragon’s might and pressure, and clashed head-on.

“Ka ca!”

When Xiao Chen’s saber collided with the spot of golden light, that resplendent sword light turned dim.

Blood leaked out of a corner of Qin Ming’s lips as he retreated frantically, unable to control the situation at all.

Horror appeared on Qin Ming’s face. However, before he could move far, Xiao Chen pressed forward and used his Saber Dao to bring out his Heavenly Slayer’s peak performance.

The spreading Heavenly Dao’s killing intent chopped apart the Golden Dragon’s Dragon Might, causing Qin Ming’s aura to plummet.

Even the Shadow Dragon Sovereign said that he would not be a match for Xiao Chen outside the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.

Naturally, it was all the more so for Qin Ming.

Qin Ming ended up disadvantaged from the first exchange. After Xiao Chen’s saber move enveloped him, he retreated step by step. The Azure Dragon materialized by Xiao Chen’s Dragon Might tore many holes in the huge Golden Dragon image behind Qin Ming, leaving it looking pitiful.

How could Qin Ming’s Grade 7 Golden Dragon bloodline compare to Xiao Chen’s royal Azure Dragon bloodline?

After one hundred moves, Xiao Chen reduced Qin Ming to a sorry state. Qin Ming’s aura declined; it looked he would soon lose.

“Xiao Chen, you forced me into this. Divine Dragon Forbidden Art, Rage of the Dragon God!” Qin Ming roared, and his body started transforming.

Dense, golden dragon scales started appearing all over his body. His body elongated, his limbs transformed into dragon claws, and golden dragon horns appeared on his forehead. It looked like he was reverting to his ancestry, becoming a real ancient Golden Dragon.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Roars came from Qin Ming’s body. A terrifying bestial nature from the ancient Great Desolate Eon startled everyone, causing their expression to change dramatically.

The people familiar with Xiao Chen called out in unison, “Xiao Chen, be careful. He is reverting to his ancestry.”

A flower bloomed, and a fragrance filled the place. Xiao Chen circulated his Cycle Great Dao to its limits and stepped forward, unflustered.

When Xiao Chen took this step, it felt like he broke through some sort of barrier in the world. The surrounding people stopped moving.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen moved as silently as a swallow and as swift as a rainbow. He raised his hand and swung his saber. By the time he turned around, he had already swung three times.


The surroundings started moving again. Before Qin Ming finished reverting to his ancestry, the three saber lights pierced into him.

Qin Ming’s body resumed its original form. Attacked by the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent, his lifeforce rapidly flowed away.

When the three saber lights layered over each other, Qin Ming’s lifeforce ran out.

Xiao Chen easily killed the previously unparalleled Qin Ming. Qin Ming’s extremely hopeless death surprised everyone.

However, those with good eyes could tell it was not that Qin Ming was too weak but that Xiao Chen was too strong.


Before everyone recovered from the shock of Qin Ming’s death, the Dragon God statue suddenly shone with light, looking like it came to life.

“The Dragon God has awakened!”

“This is the best time to climb the Dragon God statue. As long as one climbs onto that dragon claw, one will receive the blessing of the Dragon God.”

“To think that the Dragon God awakened. This is a rare auspicious event!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Figures flashed. The nominees of the various palaces in Dragon God Plaza moved simultaneously, rushing towards the Dragon God statue.

The ones leading the charge were Jiang He and Liu Ruyue.

Aside from Xiao Chen and Qin Ming, Jiang He and Liu Ruyue far surpassed the others. The difference was stark. With Qin Ming dead and Xiao Chen not moving, these two would be the fastest.

“Father…I cannot disappoint Father.”

Jiang He showed a determined look, not pausing at all. When he arrived at the Dragon God statue, he kept climbing.


Soon, a figure quickly caught up. Now, three people were neck and neck.

Each of the three possessed a different saber intent. They looked like three flashes of saber light soaring up, enduring the Dragon God statue’s vast might and pressure as they charged to the top.

The figure that caught up was naturally Xiao Chen. When Jiang He turned his head, he could not help remembering the Heavenly Book Scholar’s divination back then.

These three flashes of saber light seemed exactly the same as the divination back then.

However, Jiang He knew that if Xiao Chen wanted to fight to be the Dragon Emperor, his own chances of becoming the Dragon Emperor would be practically zero.


However, Xiao Chen suddenly turned just at this moment and stopped, blocking Liu Ruyue.

When Jiang He saw this scene, he could not help feeling stunned, reflexively stopping as well.

Xiao Chen turned his head and looked at him. Bathed in the Dragon God’s radiance, he smiled faintly and said, “Jiang He, don’t stop. Prove yourself before your father, show him that you are no longer that little child of the past. You have comprehended the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries. You are the Jiang He that can climb to the top of the Dragon God with your own strength!”

“Xiao Chen.”

Jiang He felt a warmth in his heart when he heard this. He felt somewhat surprised that Xiao Chen understood him so well.

Jiang He nodded vigorously. Fearing that Xiao Chen would see his wet eyes, he immediately turned around. Then, he continued advancing with strong confidence, enduring the Dragon God’s might and pressure.

“You—” Liu Ruyue was about to speak as she looked at Xiao Chen when she saw Xiao Chen turn and gather the boundless power of cycles at his fingertip. Then, he tapped her forehead with his finger, breaking the seal in her Soul Pool at lightning speed.


The memories of the past and the various scenes sealed for decades immediately rushed into Liu Ruyue’s mind like a flood.

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