Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2368 Raw 2475 : Rescuing the Heavenly Dragon

Chapter 2368 Raw 2475 : Rescuing the Heavenly Dragon

The Starry Heavens Dragon Prison locked up criminals of the Divine Dragon Empire who were Sovereign Personages or stronger.

It lay quietly in the vast and boundless Starry Heavens, where stars filled the place like the sea, without any marks or signs pointing to it.

Searching blindly for it would be like searching for a needle in the sea.

Xiao Chen had gone there once with the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Second Palace Master, so he had some impression of it.

Even so, it took him three days to find the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.

In the vast and boundless Starry Heavens:

Xiao Chen stood on a city-sized asteroid. When he looked around, he saw hundreds of thousands of stars and asteroids of various sizes forming a large, grand formation.

When one stood within it, it felt like one was in the middle of a vast and boundless sea.

The stars functioned as nodes and the Starry Heavens as the ground, forming this horrifyingly powerful formation.

When standing at the edge, one could clearly sense vast and peerless pressure.

When looking into the distance, one would be shocked to discover that boundless energy and killing intent gathered at the center of the formation, which was an asteroid belt.

Countless strands of negative emotions and resentment coalesced into a horrifying face.

There were thousands of faces under that gargantuan face, continuously struggling and twisting.

Xiao Chen remembered that the first time he saw this, his cultivation had been weak, and he had not dared look at it for too long.

When he saw it now, that was all there was to it, aside from the shock, which remained the same.

“Plop! Plop!”

The sound of dripping came from the depths of the asteroid belt. Each ‘plop’ made one’s heart tremble and one’s soul feel slightly shaken.

Xiao Chen knew that this was the Heavenly Dragon’s heart’s blood continuously dripping out.

He closed his eyes and recalled the steps that the Second Palace Master once took.

With Xiao Chen’s current strength, he could charge in without fear.

However, he had come to rescue someone, not to show off his strength. If he startled his opponent and caused the Heavenly Dragon’s death, it would be pointless.

After a while, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and gently leaped onto another asteroid.

The formation formed by millions of asteroids and stars immediately started spinning endlessly, driving the power of the world.

Even a Sovereign Emperor had to be careful when dealing with this.

Xiao Chen showed a relaxed expression as he advanced steadily into the depths, following the Second Palace Master’s steps in his memory.

The vast formation circulated slowly, not showing any fluctuations.

After a while, Xiao Chen approached the heart of the formation.

The twisted face made of killing intent, resentment, rage, and hatred in the middle of the formation grew increasingly distinct.

“It still looks the same as before,” Xiao Chen sighed. This Starry Heavens Dragon Prison had not changed much since he last came.

He peered through the layers of mist and saw a black dragon city radiating a metallic glow below the twisted face.

“Dragon Prison City!”

Xiao Chen had finally arrived. He spread out his Soul Energy and sensed that the experts scattered about the city were incredibly cautious.

The towering dragon pillar erected on an altar in the center of the dragon city looked as vibrant as blood.

A chilly sword was stabbed into the top of the dragon pillar.

“That sword seems to have an extraordinary origin!”

Previously, Xiao Chen had not noticed it. However, he was no longer like before. Now, he could make out many tricks behind this sword.

The sword stabbed into the top of the towering dragon pillar should be no inferior to the Golden Dragon bloodline’s Emperor Dragon Sword.

Xiao Chen ignored this sword for now. Instead, he paid attention to the bottom of the towering pillar. Chains shining with an iridescent light bound a petrified cultivator.

Although this cultivator was petrified, his eyes still looked spirited and filled with spirituality.

The petrified cultivator was the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon, Jiang He’s father.

A blazing divine flame burned on the altar, making the towering dragon pillar as hot as lava all the time. A sword wound on the petrified cultivator’s chest resulted in his heart’s blood dripping out.

This dragon pillar should have been a fiery-red. However, when watered with heart’s blood for so long, it looked as vibrant as blood.

Even though Xiao Chen had seen it once, he still felt a soul-deep shock when he saw it again.

The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor must be truly deranged to employ such cruel means.

However, the thing that inspired respect in Xiao Chen was the special air coming from the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon. That was a boldness and breadth of heart that encompassed the entire dragon city.

The sin and negative emotions pervading the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison did not make him sink into depravity.

Despite his suffering, the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon did not show any rage or helplessness.

Xiao Chen hid his aura and merged perfectly into the dark space. Then, he leaped off the asteroid.

Without startling anyone in the dragon city, Xiao Chen landed silently on the altar undetected.


When Xiao Chen came close to the flame on the altar, billowing heatwaves rushed over, feeling like an overwhelming sea of fire descending. These heatwaves contained surging and gushing Dragon Might.

Good gracious, not only is this flame startling hot, but it can also penetrate a cultivator’s soul!

Xiao Chen gently swept out his sleeves, casually scattering the overwhelming heatwaves and stabilizing himself.

Azure Dragon’s descendant, we meet again. The previous-generation Heavenly Dragon’s hoarse voice rang in Xiao Chen’s mind. It appeared that he was still alive.

I’m here to rescue you. I have already been to the Azure Dragons’ old lands and obtained the Azure Dragon’s inheritance. I still have some questions that I would like to ask you about…

As Xiao Chen spoke with the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon, he sized up the towering dragon pillar and the surrounding seal, considering how to break the seal and rescue the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon.

Don’t… There is an old monster here, a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor who is even more terrifying than Faux Gods. Quickly leave. No matter how strong you are, you are no match for him in this Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.

Surprisingly, the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon directly told Xiao Chen to leave quickly.

“What a strange aura, familiar yet strange…”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to continue speaking, a black-clad old man suddenly appeared on top of the towering dragon pillar the black sword was stabbed into. As he muttered to himself, he sounded aged and hoarse, like the sand of an ancient hourglass flowing slowly.

Just as Xiao Chen was about to move, an overwhelming killing intent assaulted his entire body, sending a chill through him.

Xiao Chen felt an unprecedented sense of danger. Even when he faced Bai Jue, he did not feel such a killing intent encasing him.


Xiao Chen decisively withdrew five hundred kilometers, leaving the dragon city, and landed in the asteroid belt.

He moved along the asteroid belt surrounding the dragon city, looking at the black-clad old man from a distance.


The instant Xiao Chen landed in the asteroid belt and looked up, that black-clad old man pulled out the black sword stabbed into the top of the dragon pillar and arrived before Xiao Chen. Then, that old man thrust the sword towards Xiao Chen’s chest without hesitation.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, a vast, boundless, and heavy sword intent charged over at breakneck speed.


Before Xiao Chen could think, he instantly drew Heavenly Slayer and blocked this sword strike.

The saber and sword’s clash produced a thunderous sound. The horrifying impact knocked Xiao Chen fifty kilometers back.

How strong!

Xiao Chen felt startled as he looked at the black-clad old man. This old man was very strong, but the sword in his hand was even stronger.

When Xiao Chen looked, he felt somewhat surprised to see holes where the old man’s eyes should be; the old man was blind.


The blind old man gently flicked his wrist, continuously sending out black sword lights that swept over.

Not daring to be careless, Xiao Chen brought out his Flawless saber Dao to its limits.

Then, he used the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique and fought the other party, clashing with the many sword lights.

The person before Xiao Chen received the support of the formation in the asteroid belt. Furthermore, that black sword contained an incredibly heavy, destructive sword intent, surpassing the pressure Bai Jue gave off.

The two exchanged one hundred moves in an instant.

Relying on the recovery ability of the Cycle Great Dao’s life and death, Xiao Chen barely blocked the other party’s attacks.

The right time, the right location, and the right people.

This resulted in an overwhelming advantage for the blind old man. When coupled with his seasoned mental state, there were no openings at all.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen revealed some openings before the other party when facing the horrifying waves of attacks.

Perhaps the old man was too suspicious or unwilling to take risks, but he did not grasp these openings.

This made Xiao Chen feel lucky and a little suspicious.

“Just leave…I should not be a match for you outside. However, you are not a match for me in this Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.” A hoarse voice rang out. After gaining the upper hand, the old man advised his opponent to leave.

“Sorry. Since I already came here, I do not intend to return empty-handed.”


A flash of electric light appeared at Xiao Chen’s forehead, lighting up this eternal, incomparably dark Starry Heavens Dragon Prison.

The Divine Lightning Talisman appeared before the blind old man at a horrifying speed.

The blind old man’s expression changed slightly. Then, he raised his left hand, and hundreds of thousands of asteroids beneath him continuously gathered at his hand.

As the asteroids surged over, time seemed to flow slower around him.

The explosive speed of the Divine Lightning Talisman actually decreased.


By the time the Divine Lightning Talisman finally arrived, a star chart made of hundreds of thousands of asteroids shielded the blind old man.

The star chart lasted only an instant before it shattered.

However, the Divine Lightning Talisman’s might decreased significantly, allowing the blind old man to block it.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Given this, even if he used the endless cycle of flowers blooming and wilting, he would not be able to kill the other party.

Just at this moment, a figure weaved through the shock waves from the two’s fight with much difficulty.

As this person rushed over, he showed an anxious expression as he shouted to the blind old man, “Lord Dragon Sovereign, he is the Azure Dragon’s descendant. He is Xiao Chen, the Xiao Chen I told you about previously!”

Xiao Chen looked around and saw the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s First Palace Master. This immediately and greatly shocked him.

The First Palace Master addressed this person as Lord Dragon Sovereign. Could this blind old man be the Shadow Dragon Sovereign?

“No wonder…no wonder this aura feels both familiar and strange. This blind old man respectfully greets Lord Azure Dragon King.”

After the black-clad old man heard what the First Palace Master said, his attitude suddenly changed. He immediately knelt while holding his sword and kowtowed heavily.

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