Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2367 Raw 2474 : Cherish the Person Who Loves You

Chapter 2367 Raw 2474 : Cherish the Person Who Loves You

“Flowers bloom and flowers wilt. The cycle never ends!”

Xiao Chen first used the Divine Lightning Talisman to injure Bai Jue severely. Then, he drove the Three Life Flower with his Cycle Great Dao, swinging his saber three times—one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future—each of them resulting in a saber piercing Bai Jue.

However, that was not enough. If Xiao Chen wanted to kill a god, he had to go all out, not holding anything back.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen pushed his Cycle Great Dao and Saber Dao to their limits.

His Divine Energy and Soul Energy drained in an instant. After executing his move, he was exhausted.

If Bai Jue did not die, he could casually squish Xiao Chen to death; all he needed was one remaining breath.

The thousands of lotus flowers slowly layered over each other. Faint space-time fluctuations spread out around Bai Jue, looking like ripples on water.


When all of the figures merged, Bai Jue vomited a mouthful of blood and looked at the wound on his chest in disbelief.

Only one second passed in his world. He only sensed Xiao Chen swing once. He could not figure out how he received one thousand strikes in one instant.

The most terrifying thing was that every saber strike was fatal. Every strike contained the Flawless saber intent, which transcended the epoch, and the endless power of cycles. These continuously attacked his Faux God Flame.

If Bai Jue had not gotten careless earlier, letting the Divine Lightning Talisman severely injure him, he would still have had room to maneuver after getting struck one thousand times.

Now, holes riddled the resplendent golden Faux God Flame in his Soul Pool. Wave after wave of saber intent containing the power of cycles assailed the dim Faux God Flame. No matter how he struggled, he could not save it.

Bai Jue could only watch as his Faux God Flame slowly dwindled away and guttered out.

“I’ll…kill you!”

Despair filled Bai Jue’s eyes. He roared and quickly charged at the weakened Xiao Chen.

At this moment, Bai Jue had only one thought: to pull Xiao Chen down with him before he died.

Divine Might spread out, and Bai Jue returned to his peak, apparently experiencing a dying flash.

Xiao Chen appeared at ease as he looked at the other party indifferently.


Bai Jue took only one step, and his body exploded. A resplendent flame flared high in the sky, lighting up the surroundings with a fiery light and giving off a radiance even more dazzling than the blazing sun.

Although the light was resplendent, it gave the feeling of something past its prime, like an aged beauty.

A sorrow that even heaven could not suppress filled the world, spreading in everyone’s heart.

This confused both sides fighting around the Solar Divine Temple, and they stopped what they were doing.

“This is…”

“A Faux God fell!”

Right after the two fighting Faux Gods spoke, they saw the resplendent flame turn a vibrant scarlet and explode, looking like a blood moon in the dark sky.

“This…how can this be?”

The Martial God Palace’s Faux God appeared stunned.

Although it was no longer possible to become a True God in this age, one could become a Faux God by lighting up a divine flame. One would no longer fall sick nor suffer calamities. Faux Gods practically could not die.

Even when running into huge trouble, Faux Gods had the means to protect themselves.

However, a Faux God died today.

As the Solar Divine Temple’s Faux God looked at Xiao Chen on the wall, his eyes filled with shock.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen had just collected Bai Jue’s silver pagoda on the city wall when two figures descended before him.

The new arrivals were two Faux Gods from the Heavenly Alliance, Suiren Ji and Hua Tianyang, the former Alliance Chief.

“You killed this person?”

Although Suiren Ji did his best to suppress the emotional fluctuations in his heart, he still could not hide the shock on his face.

Xiao Chen nodded. “I got lucky. If he did not get careless, I could not have killed him.”

Xiao Chen spoke the truth. If the other party had not taken the Divine Lightning Talisman head-on, Xiao Chen might not have been able to kill him even with the endless cycle of life.

Or rather, if Xiao Chen’s Divine Lightning Talisman had not severely injured the other party, he would not have risked everything and forced himself into dire straits.

In summary, Xiao Chen saw an opportunity, so he put his life on the line and succeeded in killing a god.

Hua Tianyang sighed softly as he looked at the blood rain falling from the sky. Then, he said melancholically, “Even a Faux God fell… This age is really ending.”

Suiren Ji and Hua Tianyang exchanged looks. Although they were not the one dead, they felt some sorrow and loneliness.

The age that belonged to them was finally coming to an end. Once the Martial Epoch’s Luck ran out, the two of them, as Faux Gods, would not escape death, either.

“The God Sealing Pagoda?”

Hua Tianyang barely managed to perk up when he saw the silver pagoda in Xiao Chen’s hand, revealing a shocked expression.

Xiao Chen stepped forward and handed the silver pagoda in his hand to the other party to observe.

“It really is the God Sealing Pagoda.” Hua Tianyang fiddled with the pagoda before smiling. “This is a rare sealing-type Soul Tool, a treasure of the Martial God Palace, and is used only as a last resort.”

There were offensive-type Soul Tools, like Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Slayer, and defensive-type Soul Tools like his Alloy Dragon Armor. There were also Soul Tools with both offensive and defensive properties, like Xi’s Blood Dragon cloak.

However, pure sealing-type Soul Tools were extremely rare.

Suiren Ji glanced at the Martial God Palace Faux God who had fled. After some thought, he said, “With this God Sealing Pagoda, we can try keeping him here.”

Hua Tianyang handed the God Sealing Pagoda to Suiren Ji and nodded. “Do your best to keep him here.”


After receiving the God Sealing Pagoda, Suiren Ji turned into a beam of flowing iridescent light, giving chase in the blink of an eye.

A strange look flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he asked, “How powerful is this God Sealing Pagoda such that Senior Suiren Ji is confident of using it to seal a Faux God?”

Hua Tianyang thought for a while before replying, “It can’t really be called powerful. However, Suiren Ji can bring out more of its might, so it is worth trying.”

As the two conversed, a few figures flew over. They were Ao Jiao, Hao Kai, and the Solar Divine Temple Faux God.

Hua Tianyang recognized the Faux God, so he performed introductions. “This is the Solar Divine Temple’s High Priest, a veteran Faux God.”

“Alliance Chief Hua and this little brother, Xiao Chen, thank you for rescuing my Golden Crow Empire from this calamity.” The High Priest stepped forward and expressed his gratitude by bowing. At the same time, he gave Xiao Chen a few more looks.

Clearly, the High Priest already knew of Xiao Chen through Ao Jiao.

After some simple pleasantries, Xiao Chen secretly sent Hua Tianyang a voice projection, Senior Hua, you should go somewhere else and discuss the official matters with the High Priest first.

Hua Tianyang looked at Ao Jiao and entered deep thought. Then, he smiled faintly and said, “High Priest, the Golden Crow Empire has thoroughly offended the Martial God Palace. With a word from you, my Heavenly Alliance is willing to protect the Golden Crow Empire.”

“This…” The High Priest hesitated. His agreement would be equivalent to the Golden Crow Empire joining the Heavenly Alliance.

Hua Tianyang smiled and said, “High Priest, is it convenient for us to speak privately?”


After the High Priest left, Ao Jiao relaxed. Then, she scolded, “You idiot, you scared me to death earlier. How could you face a Faux God alone?”

Xiao Chen felt a warmth in his heart. He merely smiled and did not argue.

“Still smiling? Do you want me to hit you?”

Seeing Xiao Chen only smiling and not answering, Ao Jiao pretended to be angry and sent her hand flying over.

Who knew, Xiao Chen did not dodge, and Ao Jiao ended up just caressing his face.

The atmosphere immediately turned somewhat strange. Hao Kai awkwardly performed a cupped-fist salute. “Your Highness the Divine Daughter, I’ll return and deal with the aftermath in the Solar Divine Temple first.”

As Ao Jiao caressed Xiao Chen’s face, she blushed slightly. Then, she averted her gaze and said, “Don’t do this again.”

“I got it.”

Xiao Chen stretched out both hands and gently pinched Ao Jiao’s cheeks as he smiled.


Xiao Chen’s sudden attack caught Ao Jiao off guard, causing her heart to thump heavily. After a while, she asked, “You…why are you here in the Golden Crow Empire?”

“I’m here to see you. However, I coincidentally ran into this matter. Where’s Little Yellow Feather? How come I don’t see it?”

Xiao Chen said that very naturally. Back when he saw Xi Wangmu turn to ashes, he figured many things out.

Cherish the person who loves one; do not make that person cry.

At the mention of Little Yellow Feather, Ao Jiao’s complexion recovered to normal. Then, she snarled, “The people from the Martial God Palace are scoundrels. To think that they want to capture Little Yellow Feather and give it to Qin Ming as a pet. Little Yellow Feather is currently absorbing the ancestor’s inheritance in the Solar Divine Pool. After it comes out, I will definitely go and test out that so-called Dragon God Crown Prince with it.”

“Coincidentally, I am going there as well. Let’s meet in the Divine Dragon Empire five days later, then.”

Ao Jiao’s expression changed slightly when she heard that. She knew that Xiao Chen had to go to the Divine Dragon Empire. However, Xiao Chen’s words suggested that he still had something to do and would not accompany her.

“Do you still have other business?”

Xiao Chen nodded. After some thought, he said, “With the Heavenly Alliance’s protection, the Martial God Palace will no longer dare to seek trouble for the Golden Crow Empire. When the time comes, just go with your Golden Crow Empire seniors. I will meet you there on time.”

Reluctance stirred in Ao Jiao’s heart. However, she understood Xiao Chen well. She knew that he would not change his mind about things that he had decided.

“Stay safe. I’ll wait for you,” Ao Jiao said with a grave expression.

“It will be fine.”

Xiao Chen thought about it. Now, he could even kill Faux Gods. It should not be a huge problem for him to go to the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison to rescue the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon.

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