Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2366 Raw 2473 : Killing a God

Chapter 2366 Raw 2473 : Killing a God

Bai Jue, who felt surprised upon discovering Xiao Chen’s identity, was overjoyed. Unexpectedly, such a good thing delivered itself to him.

Right now, Xiao Chen was the Martial God Palace’s greatest enemy.

Between Xiao Chen and the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming, only one could become the Dragon Emperor.

If Bai Jue killed Xiao Chen, Qin Ming would succeed to Xiao Chen’s Luck, and the chances of the Martial God Palace starting the new epoch would increase significantly.

Coming to the Golden Crow Empire to take Little Yellow Feather was for the sake of increasing Qin Ming’s Luck and strength, to improve his chances of starting the new epoch.

However, this effect would not show as quickly as killing Xiao Chen.


Bai Jue attacked again, using only one hand. He continued to hold the silver pagoda with his left hand, wanting to reerect the formation that locked down the capital.

The world plunged into darkness again. Xiao Chen looked around and saw darkness everywhere.

The city walls, the capital, the land, the mountains, the sky, the white clouds…everything Xiao Chen previously saw vanished.

It was like Xiao Chen got isolated in another space, rejected by the world, as if there was no place for him in this vast world.

The feeling of loneliness was even stronger than the first time.


Facing Bai Jue’s move again, getting forced into this strange space a second time, Xiao Chen did not feel shocked.

He raised his hand and swung his Tyrant Saber once more.

Various colors immediately appeared in this space. Xiao Chen’s sealed senses and vision recovered. The lonely feeling of being rejected by the world was gone.


Xiao Chen raised his head to look, and an ancient finger descended from above, looking like it was trying to crush an ant. He felt a vast and boundless pressure.

After experiencing this once already, Xiao Chen no longer felt as anxious as the first time, able to dodge in advance.


Xiao Chen’s figure turned into lightning, disappearing with a ‘whoosh’ before swinging a resplendent saber light.

“My divine pressure…how did you dodge it?!”

This development shocked Bai Jue. To think that Xiao Chen actually dodged. Bai Jue had never considered the possibility at all.

There had never been a Sovereign Emperor who could dodge a Faux God’s attack.

When one lit up one’s Divine Flame, one could familiarize oneself with the nature of the world, becoming like an overlord within a certain range.

When one merged perfectly with the world, one could release divine pressure, which shut off a Sovereign Emperor’s senses and made the world reject that person.

If one went further and became a True God, the space could become something like a divine nation.

However, there were no True Gods now, only Faux Gods, so there was no way to materialize a divine nation.

Even so, a Faux God expert’s divine pressure was something that a Sovereign Emperor could not understand.

Shutting off senses, such that Soul Energy, vision, hearing, smell, and touch turned useless, prevented one from dodging the killing move of a Faux God.

However, Xiao Chen did so—twice.

“You overestimate yourself.”

After the shock, Bai Jue calmed down. He was a Faux God expert, after all.

As Bai Jue raised his hand, he neutralized Xiao Chen’s saber strike, which could destroy a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Then, he used two fingers to catch the saber’s blade.

Xiao Chen, who was in the air, felt his saber being completely restrained; he could not thrust it forward or retract it.

Bai Jue smiled coldly and said, “You truly startled me. To think that you can dodge my killing move amid my divine pressure. Unfortunately…you do not know how horrifying a Faux God is.”


A flame appeared in Bai Jue’s eyes as a vast Divine Might erupted from his body. Then, he flicked his finger.

Xiao Chen’s Tyrant Saber trembled endlessly as the force flowed along the saber relentlessly and knocked him away like a fired cannonball.


Xiao Chen fell to one knee on the ground. He had to stab the Tyrant Saber into the ground to stabilize himself.

Some blood leaked out of Xiao Chen’s lips, but his eyes remained calm, not showing any fluctuations.

Bai Jue felt startled. His earlier strike looked casual. However, he had used fifty percent of his strength. Even so, the other party sustained only minor injuries.

Xiao Chen’s expression looked as calm as still water, with a deep gaze like the sky or the sea. It felt like he was evaluating Bai Jue’s strength.

Could he be testing how strong a Faux God is?

Damn it! Shouldn’t he be scared out of his wits upon seeing a Faux God?

Bai Jue felt that Xiao Chen challenged his prestige as a Faux God, mocking him. Anger surged in his heart as he attacked again.

This time, Bai Jue pressed forward, thrusting the vast and boundless Divine Might ahead as if he was toppling mountains and flipping seas.

Then, he threw a palm strike at lightning speed, a palm strike that could shatter stars.

Before Bai Jue arrived, loud sonic booms shook the air, ear-splitting like thunder. They scattered the clouds for five thousand kilometers around, revealing the boundless stars in the Starry Heavens.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not clash head-on, dodging for now.

His primary purpose was to delay the other party, preventing him from sealing the capital again. The secondary purpose was to test how strong a Faux God was, to see if he stood a chance of victory against a Faux God.

The two immediately started an intense fight on the ancient city walls that had enclosed the capital for tens of thousands of years.

This battle was in no way inferior in intensity to the one between two Faux Gods above the Solar Divine Temple.

“Your Highness the Divine Daughter, it is Xiao Chen!”

Hao Kai, who was responsible for protecting Ao Jiao in the distant Solar Divine Temple, finally recognized Xiao Chen.

Previously, he had seen someone break the seal with one saber strike.

He had thought that a Faux God came to help them. After observing for a long time, he was shocked to discover that it was not a Faux God but Xiao Chen.

“What is he doing here? That idiot. Why is he fighting with a Faux God?”

Compared to Hao Kai’s excited expression, Ao Jiao showed worry and started to grumble and complain.

Caught up in her emotions, Ao Jiao did not realize that she had started calling Xiao Chen an idiot again.

After some thought, Hao Kai asked, “Divine Daughter, should we help? Right now, the protective formations are fully operational. That group of people from the Martial God Palace can no longer charge in.”


Ao Jiao calmly rejected the suggestion, saying, “Don’t cause trouble for him. He is taking the risk to fight a Faux God to allow the protective formations to operate fully. If we go to help, we will be wasting his efforts.”

And worse, if they got caught, they would harm Xiao Chen.

Hao Kai asked, “What should we do?”

Ao Jiao sighed and said, “He probably does not know that we have backup plans and can leave. This idiot…he always likes to do things his way. However, since he made a move, he definitely has a plan to protect everyone.”

Soon, four hours passed since the intense battle at the city walls started.

Bai Jue frantically attacked Xiao Chen. Aside from the silver pagoda in his left hand, he used practically everything he had.

Aside from reducing Xiao Chen to a somewhat miserable state, Bai Jue’s terrifying attacks did not affect him.

Xiao Chen was like a small boat drifting in a storm. The strong winds and heavy rain beat down on it, but it did not capsize.

“It looks like Faux Gods are only so-so,” Xiao Chen said coldly while he held up his saber and looked at the angry Bai Jue, who had run out of ideas.

When Bai Jue heard that, he laughed instead of getting angry. “Is that so? You can’t even retaliate against me. You managed to counterattack a few times, but you could not even hurt a single hair on me. Yet, you actually dare to laugh at a Faux God, saying that we are so-so?”

“Indeed. Even a fatal move for a 9-Vein Sovereign Emperor cannot hurt you at all. Without a Divine Flame, such killing moves cannot hurt you, no matter how strong. However, I know more than these ordinary killing moves.”

“Is that so? Then, why don’t you give it a try? Let me see.”

Bai Jue narrowed his eyes but smiled coldly in his heart. He liked this arrogant Xiao Chen.

Only Bai Jue clearly knew how strong a Faux God was. The more Xiao Chen underestimated him, the happier he was.

The more arrogant Xiao Chen was, the easier for him to expose an opening.

After failing to injure Xiao Chen severely despite repeated attacks, Bai Jue looked forward to Xiao Chen showing an opening in his arrogance.

“As you wish.”

Among Xiao Chen’s ten Divine Veins, the Immortal Vein, formed from Immortal Burial Lake, activated. Now, he gave off an Immortal-like ethereal air.

Horrifying waves kicked up in Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool, which looked like a vast sea.

The Divine Lightning Talisman formed from the Immortal Dao’s Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning broke out of the sea of Soul Energy.

Previously, Xiao Chen only needed to reveal a corner of the Divine Lightning Talisman for it to injure Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors severely.

Now, Xiao Chen felt anticipation for how strong the Divine Lightning Talisman would be when he completely revealed it.

“This is…”

The expression of Bai Jue, who was waiting for Xiao Chen to reveal an opening, changed slightly. He sensed something extraordinary.

By the time he noticed something off and wanted to dodge, it was already too late.

The Divine Lightning Talisman shot out of Xiao Chen’s forehead. Then, it crashed into Bai Jue with a flash of radiant light.

The instant the flower blooms, three lives are illuminated.

Before the Divine Lightning Talisman’s effect manifested, Xiao Chen drew Heavenly Slayer and used the Cycle Great Dao to execute the Three Life Flower.

Past, present, and future.

Three blue lotus flowers, three figures, and three saber lights simultaneously pierced through Bai Jue, whom the Divine Lightning Talisman severely injured.

However, that was not enough.

Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and roared, “Flowers bloom and flowers wilt. The cycle never ends!”

Previously, he could manage only three saber strikes when executing the Three Life Flower, as he grasped only the state of cycle.

Now that he grasped the Cycle Great Dao, there were more than three sabers for the past, present, and future.

Flowers bloomed and wilted. A bleak and cold killing intent filled the air, spreading throughout the world.

Thousands of flowers bloomed around Bai Jue. One thousand Heavenly Slayers containing the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent pierced through his body simultaneously.

Today, Xiao Chen wanted to kill a god!

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