Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2369 Raw 2476 : Prepared for All Things

Chapter 2369 Raw 2476 : Prepared for All Things


The sudden change in the blind old man’s attitude slightly startled Xiao Chen. Then, he quickly retracted the Divine Lightning Talisman and flew over to help the blind old man up.

The battle between the two rivaled one between two Faux Gods, generating immense shock waves and remnant mysterious phenomena. Even Sovereign Emperors had to be careful when traveling in that area, like treading on thin ice.

The First Palace Master had to put in a lot of effort before he arrived before the two. He first bowed to the blind old man before looking at Xiao Chen with an extremely complicated expression.

“First Palace Master, please accept this kowtow from me, Xiao Chen.”

Upon seeing the First Palace Master again, Xiao Chen felt all sorts of emotions, feeling a strong impulse.

Without thinking, he knelt on the shattered asteroid pieces and heavily kowtowed once.

It was hard to imagine how much danger the First Palace Master risked to rescue Xiao Chen from Ancestor Dragon City’s people. He could have died at any time. There was no way to repay such gratitude.

The blind old man felt ripples in his heart, somewhat shocked by Xiao Chen’s actions.

Despite Xiao Chen’s young age and current strength, he still did not put on airs before his benefactors.

“I can’t accept this. I can’t accept this.”

This kowtow startled the First Palace Master; then, he quickly helped Xiao Chen up. He laughed, “Hahaha! There’s no need to be so polite. I have been doing well during the past few years.”

Xiao Chen stood up. However, he understood very clearly that the First Palace Master had taken good care of him when he was in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. The First Palace Master could be considered half a master to him and would forever be his senior.

Even without those days, Xiao Chen would still respect the First Palace Master just on account of the First Palace Master risking death to save him in Ancestor Dragon City.

Later on, Xiao Chen had heard from the Third Palace Master that the First Palace Master had been sentenced to imprisonment for one century.

Unexpectedly, the First Palace Master was locked up in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison, a hellish place.

Had Xiao Chen known this, he would have come and risked his life to save the First Palace Master long ago.

In hindsight, the Third Palace Master must have known about Xiao Chen’s temper and had not dared tell him the truth, choosing to leave him ignorant to save him some guilt and let him cultivate in peace.

The First Palace Master smiled and said, “Lord Dragon Sovereign takes good care of me in the Starry Heavens Dragon Prison, so I do not suffer much. Xiao Chen, let me make introductions. This is the Divine Dragon Empire’s Shadow Dragon Sovereign. It was Lord Dragon Sovereign who ordered the Blood Dragon Guards to protect you as you left the Divine Dragon Empire after that incident.”

“Senior, many thanks for helping back then.”

The blind old man gave a dismissive wave and said, “Azure Dragon King, you are being too much of an outsider. Our Blood Dragon Guard was created by the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor back then. From the moment of our creation, we obeyed only the Azure Dragon bloodline. Later on, after the Azure Dragon bloodline went extinct, we remained loyal only to the Divine Dragon empire, not the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor. We were just waiting for the Azure Dragon’s descendant to appear.

“Now, the Azure Dragon King has appeared. We await Milord’s commands.”

Xiao Chen now understood. So, that’s the case. It was similar to what he thought back then. The Blood Dragon Guards was indeed a contingency plan left by the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor, an army to secretly help the Azure Dragon bloodline rise again.

“Lord Dragon Sovereign, what do you mean by Azure Dragon King?”

The First Palace Master had been listening very carefully, hearing the Shadow Dragon Sovereign address Xiao Chen as Azure Dragon King from the start to the end.

The blind old man nodded and explained, “Milord has the royal bloodline of the Azure Dragons. His is the royal Azure Dragon bloodline inherited from and acknowledged by the ancient Dragon God. If I guessed right, Lord Azure Dragon King must have obtained the royal genealogical record and entered his true name into it.”

The First Palace Master exclaimed excitedly, “Xiao Chen, is that true?”

Xiao Chen nodded. “Senior Dragon Sovereign was right. I did obtain the royal genealogical record. After saving the Heavenly Dragon, I will be going to the Divine Dragon Empire.”

He then explained that the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor intentionally planned this out, abdicating to let Qin Ming be the Dragon Emperor.

“Humph! The Martial God Palace has always been the Divine Master’s pawn, and the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor has always been the Divine Master’s lapdog. Previously, everyone just endured without saying a thing because no one was his match, unable to resist the Martial God Palace. Now that Lord Azure Dragon King is here with the royal genealogical record, my Blood Dragon Guard will definitely do its best to protect you.”

The blind old man snorted coldly, obviously long dissatisfied with the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor.

Just from the blind old man’s words, it was clear that he remained loyal to only the Divine Dragon Empire when the Azure Dragon bloodline was no longer around. He never truly submitted to the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor.

Xiao Chen rejoiced greatly. With the Shadow Dragon Sovereign’s help, the First Palace Master’s clout among the mixed-blood dragons, himself possessing the royal genealogical record, and the Heavenly Alliance’s support, there would be nothing to worry about on this trip.

“Lord Dragon Sovereign, what are the origins of the sword in your hand?” Xiao Chen could not help asking when he glanced around and saw the black sword.

The blind old man explained, “This was the Black Dragon King’s sword back then. The Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor granted this to my Blood Dragon Guard. After being passed down for many generations, it eventually reached my hands. I am unable to bring out even one percent of its might. If I unleashed all its power, it would consume me.”

It was already so horrifying with less than one percent of its power. It turned out that it was the Black Dragon King’s God Killing Sword.

After a pause, the blind old man continued, “However, the saber in your hand seems to have an equally great origin. I feel that you also have not brought out the full power of this saber.”

Xiao Chen felt slightly startled. Although this Shadow Dragon Sovereign was blind, his ability to see all things clearly was even greater than that of people who could see, potentially one hundred times—one thousand times—better.

Heavenly Slayer’s true might could be fully brought out only by perfectly merging it with the Heavenly Dao Killing Formation.

“Senior, can you let out Senior Heavenly Dragon?” Xiao Chen spoke about the proper matters after the idle chatter.

“The ones locked up here are mostly traitors to the Dragon Race or extremely evil people. However, the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon is not one of them. If the Azure Dragon King orders it, this old man will naturally obey.”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two followed the blind old man and arrived under the towering dragon pillar in the dragon city in a few flashes.

The blind old man ferociously swung the God Killing Sword in his hand, sweeping away the divine flame on the altar.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

A few sword lights flashed, producing ringing sounds as they broke all the chains that bound the Heavenly Dragon.

“I can remove these seals. However, dispelling the curse that the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor placed on his body is beyond me.”

The so-called curse should be referring to the Heavenly Dragon’s petrification.

“Let me take a look.”

Xiao Chen arrived before the Heavenly Dragon and placed his hand on the Heavenly Dragon’s body to see within. Then, he frowned slightly.

The previous-generation Heavenly Dragon sighed, “It is difficult to dispel, right? This is a cursing Secret Technique that the Divine Master taught him, activated with a Soul Tool. If not for this curse back then, how could the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor have defeated me?”

Xiao Chen withdrew his hand and did not rush to answer. After some thought, he asked, “Why did you fight with the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor back then? I don’t believe that you did it for the Dragon Emperor position.”

The blind old man said, “He had gone to the Azure Dragons’ old lands and discovered that the Golden Dragon bloodline was just the dogs of the Divine Master. He was rash enough to want to change the situation with his own power.”

The First Palace Master sighed, “I advised against it back then, told him to endure it.”

“Let’s not mention the past anymore. Thank you all.”

The Heavenly Dragon smiled faintly, not regretting his hot-bloodedness back then, which led to decades of torture.

“Have you thought about Jiang He?”

Xiao Chen said suddenly, “After you left, he must have suffered a lot. Back when he was unconscious in the Ethereal Immortal Palace, he kept calling out to you, continuously muttering why, why not tell him. I feel that he did not mind all the pain and suffering over the years. He only minded that his father did not tell him about it.”

“Jiang He…”

At the mention of Jiang He, the previous-generation Heavenly Dragon lost control of his emotions. A tear leaked out of one eye of his petrified body.

“I’ll help you to remove the curse.”

Xiao Chen did not say anything more. He pressed his palm against the petrified Heavenly Dragon’s body and circulated the Cycle Great Dao, cycling life and death. Vast endless lifeforce continuously poured into the Heavenly Dragon’s body, crashing against the curse seed and wearing it down bit by bit.

“This is?”

The blind old man felt startled. Xiao Chen was trying to overwhelm technique with force, directly using lifeforce to destroy the curse seed.

However, such a method required an extremely vast lifeforce.

Does Xiao Chen intend to use his own lifeforce to break the curse?

No, that’s not right… This is the Cycle Great Dao!

When the blind old man recalled the horrifying recovery ability Xiao Chen displayed during their battle, he suddenly understood.

Even so, that would drain a lot of Divine Energy and would take a long time.

“Azure Dragon King, I’ll assist you.”

The blind old man stepped forward and unconditionally poured his vast Divine Energy into Xiao Chen’s body.

“Many thanks.”

With the Shadow Dragon Sovereign’s help, Xiao Chen’s efficiency immediately improved significantly.

The petrified Heavenly Dragon’s lower half started changing bit by bit. Soon, it turned back into flesh.

Xiao Chen persisted. After one hour, the Heavenly Dragon had fully recovered a body of flesh.


Xiao Chen used a vast lifeforce to shatter the curse seed.

The Heavenly Dragon appeared very excited, on the verge of rearing his head back to roar in glee.

It had been many years. He finally regained his freedom.

“Senior, congratulations.” Xiao Chen smiled faintly. Jiang He, who was in the Divine Dragon Empire, would probably be happy to see his father return.

After some thought, the blind old man said, “Everyone, let’s rest first. Let me deploy my men, and then we will head for the Divine Dragon Empire two days later. I want to see how the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor is going to pass his seat to Qin Ming.”

Now, everything was prepared. They only needed to wait for the right time before charging back to the Divine Dragon Empire.

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