I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 174 - You Suspect I’m Lying to You?

Chapter 174: You Suspect I’m Lying to You?

She hurriedly changed her tone and politely said, “Ah, I’m sorry. Miss Qiao, Mr. Qiao hasn’t been discharged yet. But he’s moved into another ward and is no longer staying here now.”

Qiao Anxin blinked in confusion. “No longer staying here? Where’s he been moved to?”

The nurse glanced at her and thought, He’s your brother and you don’t even know that?

But she still spoke respectfully. “Mr. Qiao has moved to the VIP ward in the special zone a while ago.”

Qiao Anxin’s expression changed upon hearing the words “VIP ward in the special zone”.

A look of disbelief flashed on her face.

“Are you sure Qiao Chen moved there?”

Since it was a VIP ward in the special zone, then, obviously, not everyone would be able to access it.

Not even if they had money.

That zone was reserved for the extremely powerful and influential.

Back when Su Ze’s grandfather was hospitalized, Su Ze’s father couldn’t get him into the VIP ward in the special zone no matter how many connections he had.

And Qiao Chen, a poor boy with no background, could get in?!

But it didn’t take her long to figure that it must have been that mysterious man’s work again.

She got even more jealous.

That man was able to do what even the Su family couldn’t.

Who was he?

What exactly was his background?

She had seen most of the rich and powerful men in Yuncheng City, but she had no impression of this man at all.

Unless… he had never lived in Yuncheng City before this?

“I’m going to visit my brother, take me to him.” Qiao Anxin took a deep breath and ordered the nurse.

But now, the nurse seemed to be getting skeptical of her identity.

“Miss Qiao, you can give Mr. Qiao a call. He’ll tell you which ward he’s in.”

“What do you mean by that?” Qiao Anxin frowned. “You suspect I’m lying to you?”

“Miss Qiao, that’s not…”

“I’m Qiao Anxin.”

Qiao Anxin took her shades off and snapped. “Do you still think I’m lying to you now?”

The nurse looked up at her swollen face and got a shock.

She looked a little closer and realized that she did look like the celebrity Qiao Anxin.

But, how did Qiao Anxin’s face end up like that?

She seemed to have been beaten up brutally.

And she was actually Qiao Chen’s other sister?

That was even more shocking.

Qiao Anxin had been hospitalized for so long, but not once had Qiao Anxin visited him.

Back when Qiao Anxin received interviews, she had never mentioned having an elder sister and a younger brother.

The nurse was beginning to speculate.

The relationships in this family seemed a little too complex.

Moreover, she used to hear others talk about how approachable and down to earth Qiao Anxin was. But now it all seemed like a false front.

The impatient look she had on the whole time… wasn’t the least bit approachable.

Alas, celebrities had a completely different persona in public that shouldn’t be trusted!

Qiao Anxin was taken to the VIP ward Qiao Chen was in.

She was stunned when she saw the few bodyguards stationed outside the ward.

The nurse went forward and informed the bodyguards of her identity.

One of the bodyguards sized her up and said coldly, “Wait a moment.”

With that, he walked into the ward.

Qiao Anxin thought that she could just follow him in, but she was stopped.

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