I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 173 - She Had to Find a Way to Stop This

Chapter 173: She Had to Find a Way to Stop This

Qiao Anxin got even angrier when she saw how pitiful her assistant looked. She slapped her once more and growled. “Stop pulling a long face, it upsets me! Get out!”

The assistant dared not rebut as she wiped her tears and left.

Lin Huizhen waited for the assistant to leave before saying with a frown, “Don’t be so fierce to your assistant. Aren’t you afraid she will expose you one day? You’re a public figure, this wouldn’t be good for you.”

Qiao Anxin pouted. “I know her, she doesn’t have the guts.”

Lin Huizhen wanted to say more, but Qiao Anxin cut her off impatiently. “Alright, Mom. I know what to do.”

With that, she took her cell phone and made a call.

It got through quickly.

Qiao Anxin asked coldly, “Have you called Qiao Mianmian about the substitute role?”

A few seconds later.

“What?!” Qiao Anxin clenched her jaw. “She rejected it?”

A few more seconds passed before she hung up and hurled the cell phone to the ground.

Lin Huizhen was startled. “What’s going on?”

Qiao Anxin did not say a thing. She simply clenched her fist tightly.

Qiao Mianmian rejected the substitute role offer.

It must be because of that mysterious man. Qiao Mianmian could easily reject such a minor, low-paying role with him as her backing.

Qiao Anxin felt threatened now.

If that man groomed and supported Qiao Mianmian the way Su Ze did for herself, wouldn’t that little slut have the chance to gain popularity?

Qiao Anxin knew very well that Qiao Mianmian was better than her in all aspects.

She had gone for a few auditions before, and for every single one of them, the directors chose to cast Qiao Mianmian. She had only managed to land the role eventually because she went to Su Ze for help.


That little slut wouldn’t still be playing a minor role now.

Of course, Qiao Mianmian had no idea about this.

Qiao Anxin knew too well what would happen if she gave Qiao Mianmian even one chance.

Not only would that bitch become popular. She could even surpass her!

How could she let something like that happen!

No, before this bitch became a celebrity, she had to find a way to stop this.

“Mom, have a good rest. I’ll go out for a while and come back to see you later.” Qiao Anxin put on her shades, grabbed her bag, and left the ward.

Lin Huizhen was in the Second Hospital now.

Qiao Anxin walked out the main entrance and turned a corner around the alley, heading towards the Third Hospital.

She remembered that Qiao Chen was warded in the Third Hospital.

But when she got to the ward that she last saw him in, she realized that another patient had taken his bed.

She asked a nurse about it.

The nurse looked at her and asked, “Miss, may I know how you’re related to Mr. Qiao?”

Qiao Anxin swallowed her disgust and said, “I’m his sister.”

The nurse was slightly shocked and skeptically said, “Mr. Qiao does have a sister who comes to visit him, but…”

“I’m his Second Sis.” Qiao Anxin looked annoyed. “Hasn’t he ever told you that he has two elder sisters? Just tell me whether he’s been discharged.”

The nurse looked at her presentable dressing and thought about how she said she was Qiao Chen’s sister. It didn’t seem like a lie.

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