I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 175 - Who Are You, I Don’t Know You

Chapter 175: Who Are You, I Don’t Know You

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The few other bodyguards at the door said, “You need to get Mr. Qiao’s permission to enter.”

She was enraged.

That short-lived boy was doing this to her?

Who was he!

“Stand aside, I’m Qiao Chen’s sister. Do I need permission to see my younger brother?”

The bodyguards continued eyeing her coldly. “Apologies, we only know Miss Qiao Mianmian as Mr. Qiao Chen’s sister. Who are you?”

“Damn it. I’m…”

Qiao Anxin was about to say her name when she heard Qiao Chen’s voice. “I don’t know this woman, please chase her away.”

Qiao Anxin was infuriated when she heard Qiao Chen say that he didn’t know her. But when she recalled the objective of her visit, she swallowed that anger and tried to sound nice. “Chen Chen, I’m Second Sis. How could you not know me?

“Are you angry at Second Sis for not visiting you sooner? Second Sis had been too busy recently. I really wanted to see you, but I didn’t have the time. Well, aren’t I here now? Don’t be upset at me, let me come in and talk to you, alright?”

The boy in the ward looked at her expressionlessly. “Second Sis? I only have one sister. Who are you, I don’t know you.”

Qiao Anxin couldn’t stand being embarrassed once again.

Her forced gentle smile had stiffened.

She took a deep breath and tried to smile once again. “Chen Chen, I have something important to talk to you about. It concerns your Big Sis. Don’t you want to know?”

Qiao Chen furrowed his brows and stared at her for a few seconds.

Seeing that he had flinched, she quickly added, “I know you’re concerned about your Big Sis. I am too. So I have to let you know about this. Sister has always cared for you, only you can persuade her now.”

“What is it?”

“Let me come in first. Some things aren’t appropriate to be discussed with outsiders around.”

The boy hesitated for a while before saying to the bodyguards, “Let her in.”

Once the door closed behind Qiao Anxin, Qiao Chen asked instantly, “Shoot, what is it about?”

Qiao Chen had been very close to Qiao Mianmian since they were children.

The two of them weren’t on the same page as Qiao Anxin.

Hence, as they grew older, they weren’t on good terms.

After knowing that Qiao Anxin got together with Su Ze, Qiao Chen despised Qiao Anxin even more.

If it wasn’t because she said it involved Qiao Mianmian, he wouldn’t have wanted to see her.

Qiao Anxin walked into the room and observed the surroundings. She could see why only the rich could afford to stay here.

The difference between this ward and the average ward was too huge.

She looked at fresh flowers on the coffee table and the bedside cabinet. And the many types of tonics lying around.

She was getting increasingly upset at what she was seeing.

She could tell that the man treated Qiao Chen with respect and importance.

That showed that Qiao Mianmian meant a lot to him.

Just the thought of it caused her heart to ache with bitterness.

She slowly walked to his bedside and feigned kindness as she asked, “Chen Chen, how are you feeling now? Are you better?”

Qiao Chen couldn’t be bothered to play along. He snapped at her. “Not dead yet.”

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