I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1424 - Impossible to Let This Woman Enter the Mo Family

Chapter 1424: Impossible to Let This Woman Enter the Mo Family

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But as Mo Yesi and Mo Shixiu got older, the Old Madam started to panic.

Her requirements got lower and lower.

Especially when she lowered her expectations for Mo Shixiu. In the end, not only did she not have high expectations for her family background, but she also didn’t have high expectations for her looks.

She felt that as long as it was a woman who could solve her grandson’s lifelong problem, it was enough.

Hence, Old Madam was pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Luoli’s outstanding appearance.

Her expectations weren’t high at the start, so when she saw Jiang Luoli, she was naturally very satisfied.

Old Madam liked her the more she looked at her. She couldn’t help but go forward and hold Jiang Luoli’s hand. “Our Shixiu has such good taste. Grandma likes such a beautiful girl.

“Luoli, you’re in your own house now. Don’t be so restrained. There are so many guests at home today. Grandma will be entertaining them later, and I might not be able to take care of you. Don’t think too much. When I’m done, Grandma will talk to you.

“Oh right, it’s Shixiu’s first time bringing you home. This is Grandma’s token. Take it.” As the Old Madam spoke, she took a bangle off her wrist and stuffed it into Jiang Luoli’s hand.

Mo Shixiu and Jiang Luoli weren’t married yet, so the greeting gift she gave Jiang Luoli was different from the one she gave Qiao Mianmian.

The Mo family had rules. Some things could only be given after marriage.

But the bracelet Old Madam gave Jiang Luoli was also very good.

It was one of the accessories she usually wore.

Even Jiang Luoli, who didn’t know anything about jade, could tell that the bangle Old Madam gave her was rather valuable.

She didn’t dare to accept it.

Just as she was about to push it back, she heard Mo Shixiu say, “This is Grandma’s kind gesture. Take it. Back then, Sister-in-law came to our house for the first time and also received a gift.”

“Mm, Luo Luo, just accept it.” Qiao Mianmian nodded. “Grandma gave me a gift too.”

Jiang Luoli hesitated for a few seconds before nodding.

She carefully kept the jade bracelet. “Thank you for giving me such an expensive gift, Grandma.”

Just as Qiao Mianmian said, Old Madam Mo was easy to get along with.

Old Madam’s affirmation made Jiang Luoli feel less nervous and uneasy.

But Madam Mo didn’t look happy.

She looked at the two vixens her sons brought back, furious. How could she still smile?

If it wasn’t for this occasion, she wouldn’t have come out to meet them.

Giving a gift meant that she had acknowledged her son’s girlfriend.

Hence, Madam Mo didn’t prepare anything.

No matter what, she couldn’t let this woman enter the Mo family.

Hence, when Mo Shixiu turned around and introduced Jiang Luoli to her, Madam Mo was expressionless. She just called out coldly, “Miss Jiang.”

Everyone could tell that she was unhappy with Jiang Luoli.

Jiang Luoli felt it even more.

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