I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1425 - What Daughter-In-Law? Don’t Talk Nonsense

Chapter 1425: What Daughter-In-Law? Don’t Talk Nonsense

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As Qiao Mianmian had given her a warning, she wasn’t too upset.

She already knew that Mo Shixiu and her family weren’t compatible. His family would definitely despise them.

It was impossible for everyone in the Mo family to accept her.

She was already satisfied that Old Madam liked her.

But no matter how Madam Mo treated her, Jiang Luoli still greeted politely. “Hello, Aunt.”

Madam Mo glanced at her and said coldly, “You’re a guest, Miss Jiang. Have fun.”

After saying that, she ignored Jiang Luoli and looked up at Old Madam. “Mom, I’m going to entertain the guests.”

Old Madam frowned, but she couldn’t say anything in front of so many people.

She could only nod. “Mm, go on.”

Madam Mo then turned to look for her friends.

When her friends saw her, they pulled her over and asked, “Who are those two girls? Your daughter-in-law? Your two sons are good. They settled their marriage without a word.”

“But your two daughters-in-law don’t look familiar. Which family are they from?”

“They’re really married? Why isn’t there a wedding?”

Madam Mo didn’t know if her best friends were really curious or mocking her.

They sounded like they were mocking her.

She said with a dark expression, “What daughter-in-law? Don’t talk nonsense. Isn’t it normal to bring a female companion to a banquet?”

“Female partner?” One of her best friends looked at the Old Madam and asked, “But I saw the Old Madam give her a very expensive bangle. That bangle is worth at least tens of millions. Would she give it to a female partner so casually?”

“That’s right. Your eldest and second sons have never brought a woman to a banquet before. She doesn’t look like an ordinary female companion.”

“These two girls don’t look old, but they’re pretty. I wonder where they come from.”

“The two young masters of the Mo family are so outstanding. If the other party isn’t especially outstanding, they definitely won’t fancy him. But these two girls do look unfamiliar. Wenpei, do you know which family’s daughter they are from?”

Madam Mo’s expression darkened.

She naturally couldn’t tell her sisters Qiao Mianmian’s and Jiang Luoli’s true identities.

It would be a joke.

How so?

Telling others that her two sons found actresses?

This was hilarious.

“I’ve said it before, they’re just my sons’ female companions. Don’t ask me about the rest, I don’t know. Ah Si and Shixiu’s marriage partners must be rich young ladies of equal social status with our Mo family. Not just any woman can do it.”

“Is that so?” Her friends didn’t believe her.

They had all seen Old Madam gift the bracelet to Jiang Luoli.

If it was an ordinary female companion, Old Madam Mo would never do so.

But seeing that Madam Mo was obviously in a bad mood, they stopped asking.

Many people brought their daughters to the banquet tonight.

At first, they thought that the two sons of the Mo family were still single and felt that their daughters might have a chance.

If one of the Mo brothers took a liking to them and married them, they would become in-laws with the Mo family.

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