I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1423 - You’re Not the One Wrong

Chapter 1423: You’re Not the One Wrong

The Shen family no longer had the right to make them talk back.

They could only accept the humiliation.

Shen Rou clenched her fists and bit her lip. At this moment, she hated Qiao Mianmian to the core.

She couldn’t take this humiliation anymore. With tears in her eyes, she turned and left.

“Rourou, where are you going? Wait for me…” Madam Shen turned around and chased after her when, still mumbling, “About what I told you just now, your Aunt Cheng’s son…”

As the mother and daughter walked into the crowd, their voices gradually faded.

Shen Xin was still standing on the spot. Her eyes were red as she bit her lip. After a while, she turned around and said to Bai Yusheng and Madam Bai, “Aunt Bai, Brother Bai, I’m really sorry. I apologize on behalf of my mom and sister.

“I know they’ve gone overboard. It’s just an apology, and it’s not enough to get your forgiveness. But I’m really sorry!” Shen Xin bowed and apologized.

“The Shen family still has a sensible child.”

Madam Bai looked at Shen Xin and sighed. She walked over and held Shen Xin’s hand. “Xiao Xin, your mom and sister did something wrong. You don’t have to apologize for them. You’re not the one in the wrong.”

Shen Xin looked up with tears in her eyes. “But I’m from the Shen family. Aunt Bai, don’t worry. I’ll talk to Sister properly. I won’t let her affect Sister Qiao and Brother Yesi’s relationship.

“Sister Qiao and Brother Yesi are really compatible. I hope Sister Qiao and Brother Yesi can live well together. My sister… she just can’t let go for a while. But, I’ll persuade her.

“Anyway, I want to apologize to you again.”

Shen Xin bowed and apologized again before leaving.

After watching her leave, Madam Bai sighed again. “Shen Xin is a good child. They’re both daughters of the Shen family, why is the difference so huge?”

Mo Shixiu brought Jiang Luoli to Old Madam and Madam Mo.

He could feel that Jiang Luoli was getting more and more nervous. Her palms were sweating, and her hand was holding his tightly.

Mo Shixiu held her hand and introduced her to Old Madam and Madam Mo. “Grandma, Mom, this is the Luo Li I told you about. Luo Li, this is my Grandma and Mom.”

Old Madam had been looking forward to meeting her eldest grandson’s girlfriend.

Knowing that Jiang Luoli would be coming tonight, Old Madam even prepared a gift for their first meeting.

Hence, when she saw Jiang Luoli, she sized her up and smiled.

The future granddaughter-in-law her eldest grandson found for her was so beautiful.

She was as beautiful as her second granddaughter-in-law. It was obvious that her great-grandson would be especially good-looking.

Old Madam had heard about Jiang Luoli from Mo Shixiu and knew that the Jiang family wasn’t prestigious. They were just an ordinary family.

It was even worse than the Qiao family.

But Old Madam felt that with the Mo family’s current status, it was fine even if her two grandsons didn’t find a socialite of equal social status.

She valued character more.

Initially, Old Madam hoped that her grandsons would find someone of equal social status.

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