I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Is This Not A Bowl of White Congee?

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The four of them hiked up the mountain, and not long after, they had reached the mountainside. Behind the mountainside, a vague shadow of a house was hidden behind green trees with white clouds hovering above. If one did not look closely, it could have been easily overlooked, making this the best spot for one to retreat privately. As they walked closer, the view of a four-part architecture came into view. Within the mist, it exuded a mysterious and ethereal atmosphere.

‘This is where the Immortal lives!’

‘Only a place like this is good enough for an Immortal!’

The four of them could not help staring in awe as they approached the four-part architecture.

“Senior Lin, Mr. Li’s name is Li Nianfan, and he’s trying to pursue a mortal life! When you see him later, please don’t act in awe or shock. He wants to live as an ordinary man. Please, do remember to treat him as such, or else he might be offended,” Bai Luoshuang reminded her.

Lin Qingyun nodded. Hidden experts seemed to have their unique partiality.

Bai Luoshuang then called out in front of the door, “Mr. Li, are you home?”

Li Nianfan was enjoying his breakfast at the inner court. He paused while he was drinking his congee. He looked at the door strangely.

That voice was familiar.

Well, who else could it be? He did not have that many visitors anyway. He could tell right away who this voice belonged to.

Meanwhile, Bai Luoshuang and the other three waited nervously outside. Bai Wuchen did not seem like a Sect Master then, but more like a student awaiting to meet his teacher, not daring to even take a full breath.


The door swung open.

Li Nianfan had a surprised look on his face. There were four visitors, and all of them were standing politely outside his door. They even smiled at him sincerely upon seeing him.

‘The cultivators came in a group to meet an ordinary man like myself? With such a polite attitude?’

He looked at Bai Luoshuang and said, “It’s you! Welcome!”

“Mr. Li, these are my parents. The reason we came here today is to thank you for the drawing,” Bai Luoshuang greeted politely.

Meanwhile, Bai Wuchen and Su Ya nodded politely at Li Nianfan. Looking at their politeness, it was apparent why Bai Luoshuang had such a polite attitude.

“The drawing I gave you the other day was a defective draft. What’s there to thank for? Please, come in.” Li Nianfan smiled.

‘So they like my drawing. It seems that Bai Luoshuang’s parents are both art lovers. This explains why they’re visiting.’ Li Nianfan thought this was normal. He assumed that even cultivators had some hobbies, too, and he knew his drawing skills had been approved by the System. After all, the title of Saint art was not for nothing. So, he was not too surprised that the cultivators liked his drawing.

“Sorry for disturbing you,” Bai Wuchen said apologetically.

“Mr. Li, I’m Lin Qingyun. I’m a friend of Luoshuang and I came along with them to visit you today,” Li Qingyun stuttered, appearing nervous and anxious.

Li Nianfan smiled. “Please, come in.”

‘Yet another gorgeous lady. I’ve been transmigrating here for five years without having met anyone. Now, there are suddenly so many pretty women coming to my house!’ Li Nianfan thought to himself.

“Welcome, my dearest guests,” Xiao Bai came out to greet the guests as the butcher of the house.

Bai Wuchen and Su Ya had been briefed by Bai Luoshuang, so they were able to restrain themselves from gasping at this shocking sight.

However, Lin Qingyun was caught off guard. She shivered and stared at Xiao Bai with her eyes wide like saucers. “Spiritual Machine!”

Li Nianfan was tired from explaining this over and over again. He did not want to care anymore. ‘I can’t keep explaining to every guest that this is advanced-technology, right? This is too tiring,’ he thought to himself.

Bai Luoshuang quietly pulled on Li Qingyun’s sleeves and warned softly, “Senior Lin, please, be calmer. Whatever you see here isn’t strange or surprising, you have to treat it as an ordinary place and never mention anything about the cultivation of Immortality.”

This made Lin Qingyun notice the change in Li Nianfan’s face. She could not help but feel extremely guilty for behaving so rudely.

Li Nianfan sat back at the dining table. He had not finished his congee but felt awkward eating alone with four cultivators standing by the side.

He offered, “Why don’t…you all have some, too?”

“No, thank you.” Bai Wuchen rejected instantly. Although the congee smelled good, he could not be so shameless as to accept his offer. What if this offended him?

“Hmph, I’d like some,” Bai Luoshuang stuttered softly, biting her lip. She was completely overwhelmed with embarrassment for asking.

The water purifier and the air humidifier had made such a memorable impression on her. She had a feeling that whatever the expert was eating must be exceptional. Of course, she had to try it!

“Luoshuang, didn’t you have breakfast at home?” Su Ya pulled on her daughter.

What was she thinking? Was it not just a bowl of congee? She could eat as much as she would like when they got home. How could she assume the expert was being genuine when offering us the congee?

“Luoshuang, don’t mess around,” Bai Wuchen scolded her, too.

Bai Luoshuang pouted her lips, thinking that her parents must have forgotten that even the water in here was made of Spiritual Water. They had no idea how badly she wanted to taste the congee.

“Hahaha! It’s just a bowl of congee. Why so polite?” Li Nianfan laughed. He found her embarrassment rather cute. “Xiao Bai, bring Miss Bai a bowl of congee.”

Bai Luoshuang stuck out her tongue and sat in front of Li Nianfan. After accepting the bowl from Xiao Bai, she could not help but examine the congee closely.

She realized that every grain of rice was coated richly in white-colored broth, reflecting the light and almost sparkling like the stars in the sky. Although it seemed like a bowl of ordinary congee, she knew this would not disappoint her anticipation.

She raised the bowl gently and took a sip. The broth lingered on her lips and trickled smoothly into her mouth. A rush of warmth overwhelmed her body instantly.


Such exquisite texture and unique taste. Bai Luoshuang’s cheeks flushed pink. Meanwhile, she realized that the water used to make the congee was the Spiritual Water she drank the other day!

‘How’s this a congee! This is obviously the breakfast of an Immortal!’

After taking a sip, she tried her best to convince her parents to try some. “Dad, mom, come have some as well? The congee is very yummy. Very, very, yummy!” She dared not mention the Spiritual Water, so she could only vaguely hint it to them.

“You eat it yourself,” Bai Wuchen scowled at her with his face flushing red.

‘Why’s she making a fool of herself in front of the expert? What if she leaves a bad impression?’ Bai Wuchen thought, furious.

Bai Luoshuang had no choice but to continue drinking the congee alone.

“Usually, I’d have a light breakfast. The pickles go well with the white congee,” Li Nianfan smiled.

He planted some vegetables in his backyard and fermented them himself. These could not be found in this Immortal Realm!

“Pickles? What’s that?” Bai Luoshuang looked at the small dish on the table curiously. She followed what he did, picking some up and eating it with the congee.

The pleasure of having the plain congee paired with the pickles was an experience she never had before.

“Yummy, very yummy!” Her eyes sparkled in delight as if a new realm was suddenly made available to her.

The combination of congee and pickles was simple, but the deliciousness far exceeded any delicacy she had ever eaten in her life! Her movement fastened instantly, she immediately picked more pickles and mixed them with the congee. She did this repetitively without getting tired. By then, she had only one thought in her mind, ‘I need to eat it all!’

Bai Wuchen and Su Ya’s faces had turned green with embarrassment. Was this really their daughter? Was this not just a bowl of congee? What was so delicious about this?

They had to admit that they started craving for some, too. The scent of the congee was not as strong in the beginning, but as time passed, its scent had penetrated so deep into their souls that they kept salivating with craving and desire arousing from within. Also, the look on Bai Luoshuang’s face was so tempting that all they wanted to do was to rush forward for a few sips.

Even Lin Qingyun started gulping involuntarily looking at the sparkling congee.

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