I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: My Most Impressive Discovery

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“I don’t know what you’re talking about! We came up with this idea on our own.” Luo Shiyu remained calm and pretended to look confused.

She regretted asking Lin Qingyun to come along. She was very observant and not easily fooled. Most importantly, Luo Shiyu did not expect to come across Li Nianfan today, revealing his identity to Lin Qingyun. She had initially decided that she would never reveal anything about this expert to her.

“Shiyu, we’re like sisters, so don’t you hide things from me.” Lin Qingyun’s eyes sparkled as she smiled. “If you were the one who came up with this strategy, you wouldn’t have asked for my help at the Lingyun Immortal Court. I rushed over right away after hearing from you, but now that you’ve found another solution, you’ve decided to ditch me?”

She could tell right away what Luo Shiyu was trying to do. It was obvious that the Nation Master and the Prime Minister would fight against one another, weakening both their forces. This strategy was very impressive. She was certain that Luo Shiyu had the help of a genius.

“You offered your help in exchange for the Dragon Fire Pearl of the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty,” Luo Shiyu said calmly.

“The Dragon Fire Pearl is the treasure of the dynasty. Why would I want it? All I wanted was to borrow it for a while. Some of our disciples from the Lingyun Immortal Court needed it to break through the realm of Golden Core.”

To progress from the realm of Foundation Building to Golden Core, one needed to condense fire into the Golden Core first. The Ganlong Immortal Dynasty’s Dragon Fire Pearl was able to induce the fire and flame that could help one elevate into the Golden Core realm. This treasure could produce batches of Golden Core cultivators, which was what founded the Ganglong Immortal Dynasty.

“Well, sorry to have troubled you. I’ve already found a solution and no longer require your help.” Luo Shiyu shook her head.

Without the help of Li Nianfan, Luo Shiyu would have no choice but to lend the Dragon Fire Pearl to Lin Qingyun. Once the item was given up, it would be very difficult for her to get it back. Of course, she would not lend it to her now.

“Well, forget about the Dragon Fire Pearl. Just tell me if the man just now was the expert who provided you with this strategy. You wouldn’t want me to have come all the way here for nothing, right?” Lin Qingyun said pitifully while studying Luo Shiyu’s face.

“No!” Luo Shiyu shook her head and looked at Lin Qingyun frankly, or so it appeared.

“Alright, I understand.” Lin Qingyun nodded and bid farewell to Luo Shiyu. Her lips curled up slightly as she gazed at a mountain not far from the town, which was the direction Li Nianfan walked toward.

“Luo Shiyu, you thought you concealed it well didn’t you? But the calmer you appeared, the more troubled you seemed! That man seems interesting. I must check him out!”

The next morning, Lin Qingyun made her way to the mountain Li Nianfan resided in. Although he seemed like an ordinary man, Lin Qingyun saw the look of adoration on Luo Shiyu’s face. She did not dare to neglect this visit so she dressed up nicely.

Could an ordinary man save a woman from death? And could a random piece of advice from him save the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty from danger? What kind of expert was he? Was he really an ordinary man?

Lin Qingyun was not a fool. In fact, she was a smart woman. She had a feeling that this discovery might turn out to be the most impressive discovery she had ever made.

At the foot of the mountain, she saw mists and clouds hovering above. She felt strangely tensed as if the man she was about to visit was not an ordinary man but a hidden bigshot!

As she was about to climb the mountain, three shadows flew by with swords under their feet. They landed steadily at the foot of the mountain.

They were no other than Bai Luoshuang and her parents. To show their respect to this expert, they landed at the foot of the mountain and prepared to climb up the mountain by foot.

Lin Qingyun froze as she saw Bai Luoshuang. “Junior Luoshuang?”

“Senior Lin? What brings you here?” Bai Luoshuang was equally as shocked and looked at her strangely.

Lin Qingyun looked at her with a slight thump in her heart. “I’m here to visit a friend, you too?”

“Yeah, my parents and I came here to visit an expert,” Bai Luoshuang nodded.

“Your parents came in person?” Lin Qingyun glanced over in shock. She saw a middle-aged couple and she quickly greeted them, “Nice to meet you, Sect Master Bai, Senior Su.” Her heart was thumping quicker than usual. Although the Wanjian Immortal Sect was not as powerful as her Lingyun Immortal Court, this man standing in front of her was the Sect Master of Wanjian Immortal Sect. He was a Yuan Ying ranking cultivator, and he paid the visit in person!

Who was residing in this mountain? Why did they all seem so serious?

Meanwhile, Lin Qingyun was feeling confused looking at the man. She had heard that the Wanjian Immortal Sect was challenged by the Sword Demon. Her Master told her that Bai Wuchen was no match for the Sword Demon, but why did he still seem perfectly fine?

She had so many questions but she did not know where to start.

Bai Wuchen waved his hand and smiled. “You’re the last disciple of Boss Yun, aren’t you? A young woman like you who has already reached the later stage of Foundation Building, not bad at all. You have a bright future ahead of you.”

“Sect Master Bai, you…you…” Lin Qingyun’s face changed as she stared at him with a look of disbelief!

Usually, Bai Wuchen would refer to her master as Senior Yun, but now he called him Boss Yun. This could only mean that they were now in the same realm…

There was only one explanation.

“That’s right, I’ve ascended to Out of Aperture.” Bai Wuchen smiled.


After the confirmation, Lin Qingyun was even more stunned. She knew that Yuan Ying and Out of Aperture were two completely different concepts! With Bai Wuchen’s breakthrough, the Wanjian Immortal Sect’s position would rise and it would no longer be a small sect.

How did this happen? Since when did a breakthrough from Yuan Ying to Out of Aperture become so easy?

“Don’t think too much. I’ve been helped by an expert. It’s pure luck,” Bai Wuchen said with a hint of remorse in his eyes.

It was a pity that the drawing was destroyed by the Sword Demon, or else he would have improved further. With that in mind, his heart sank a little.

“Helped by an expert, unless…” Lin Qingyun thought of a possibility but did not have the guts to think in that direction.

Bai Luoshuang said she was here to visit an expert. Taking into account Bai Wuchen’s attitude, she felt as if her brain was about to explode.

The man was able to help a Yuan Ying cultivator have a breakthrough into Out of Aperture? This man was at least an Immortal!

“There aren’t many people living here. What friend are you visiting? Could we be visiting the same person?” Bai Wuzhen asked cautiously. If Lin Qingyun was a friend of the expert, he should not appear arrogant in front of her even though he had broken through.

“Actually, I came out of curiosity…” Lin Qingyun had always thought she was calm and smart. However, at this instant, she dared not to keep any secret from them. Thus, she told them what she saw yesterday.

“Saving a woman from death with the hands of an ordinary man? He truly is an expert!” Bai Wuchen exclaimed. “He wanted to prove that even in the shell of an ordinary man, one could still make the impossible possible! His realm is way beyond our imagination.”

Bai Luoshuang was stunned with adoration, though she focused on a different point from Bai Wuchen. “The expert is not only of a high realm, but he pays so much respect to women. He’s truly noble.”

While Lin Qingyun finally revealed the fact that the ordinary man she was about to visit was the expert that Bai Wuchen was talking about, all she could feel was her scalp turning itchy and her blood almost freezing.

She could not believe that her curiosity had led her into this impressive discovery and that Luo Shiyu even tried to hide this from her! No way!

‘This is my biggest discovery and blessing! I’ll have to be cautious and try to leave a good impression.”

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