I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Back To Basics

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Li Nianfan was feeling lucky that even though the System had left him, the System Space was still available for use, with all the operation tools still inside.

Not far from the house, two ladies and a gentleman were having lunch at the balcony. They were no other than Luo Shiyu, the Nation Master’s son, and the Prime Minister’s son. Another lady was a guest of Lin Qingyun, the Saintess of Lingyun Immortal Court.

The sons of the Nation Master and Prime Minister were trying their best to impress Luo Shiyu, flirting with her from time to time like two dogs fighting for one owner. The Holy Emperor had appointed his daughter to the Nation Master’s son. However, Luo Shiyu recently seemed to get along better with the Prime Minister’s son. This weird love triangle had caused tensions to rise between the Nation Master and the Prime Minister.

However hard the son of the Nation Master tried to please Luo Shiyu, she tended to prefer the son of the Prime Minister, which encouraged the Prime Minister to take action. Apparently, the Prime Minister had even announced that his son was more suited to the Princess and requested the Holy Emperor to cancel the arranged wedding and to allow his son to marry the Princess instead. This undoubtedly increased the tension between the two and caused a lot of conflicts.

Seeing that Li Nianfan’s plan was working well as expected, Luo Shiyu felt very thankful to him. As she ate, she looked down from the balcony. Suddenly, her body jolted slightly when she saw a familiar silhouette below.

What an expert. He could walk along the street in a completely ordinary body without showing a trace of his immortality. It was as if he actually believed he was an ordinary man. This state of mind was way too noble for a cultivator like herself.

Lin Qinyun, who was sitting beside her, noticed the changes in Luo Shiyu’s demeanor. She looked over and laid eyes on Li Nianfan.


She was confused at the sight.

Was he not just an ordinary man? Why did Luo Shiyu seem so caught up by him?

Li Nianfan’s movements caught her attention. It was not too difficult for the cultivators to help the ordinary woman in labor. However, Li Nianfan was merely an ordinary man. How could he save the woman and her baby?

Meanwhile, the materials had been prepared. Li Nianfan put his hand into his pocket and pretended to look for something. In truth, he had put his hand into the System Space to pick out a scalpel. He sanitized the knife by burning it with the oil lamp and started swiftly. In just a moment, he gently cut open the woman’s belly with a steady hand.


The crowd let out a cry in fear. Lin Qingyun’s eyebrows twitched in terror.

Opening the belly would cause serious harm even to the cultivators. As for ordinary people, it would be deadly. If it was not for Li Nianfan’s good reputation, they would have stopped him.

“Midwife, be prepared to cut the umbilical cord!” Li Ninfan ordered. His face was serious with beads of sweat on his forehead.

The midwife had turned pale a long time ago, trembling in fear. Soon, she saw Li Nianfan taking a baby out of the woman’s belly which had been cut open.

Due to the lack of oxygen, the baby’s face had turned dark purple. Li Nianfan anticipated this, which was why he ordered the crowd to disperse. This was for the oxygen to circulate.

A silver needle appeared in his hand and he inserted it into a few key acupoints of the baby. Then, he gently smacked the baby’s buttocks.


Waa… Waa…

The baby opened his mouth and started crying loudly.

“He’s alive! The baby survived!”

“How’s this possible! Mr. Li is godly!”

The crowd was stunned in awe.

“Thank you, Mr. Li! Thank you, Mr. Li!” Chen Yuanwai expressed his gratitude to Li Nianfan with tears in his eyes.

From a joyful event to a tragic one, then back to a joyful one. It was unforgettable for him.

Meanwhile, the people around started shutting the coffin again.

Seeing this, Li Nianfan called out in shock, “What’re you guys doing? The woman isn’t dead!”

“Mr. Li, you can save my wife, too?” Chen Yuanwai asked in delight.

The crowd stared at him with wide eyes. Her belly was cut open. Could she still be saved?

“Yes,” Li Nianfan nodded as he sighed disapprovingly.

The healthcare system here was really backward. Things like this happened all the time, taking many innocent lives away.

Li Nianfan took out another needle and started stitching her up. Fortunately, the woman had already fainted so she could not feel the pain. By the time he finished sewing, his forehead was dripping with sweat. “It’s done now. Treat your wife nicely and make sure she gets adequate rest.”

“Yes, I will. Thank you, Mr. Li.” Chen Yuanwai suddenly dropped to his knees and knelt in front of Li Nianfan.

“A man does not kneel! Don’t thank me. Thank your wife!” Li Nianfan hastily helped him up.

Li Nianfan had turned the tragedy into a joyful event. Once again, the people of the Fallen Immortal Town witnessed his extraordinary skills, and his good reputation circulated again.

On the balcony, Luo Shiyu watched the entire process with awe and adoration in her eyes. As a cultivator, she could feel that the cells of the woman below were recovering speedily, which was uncommon. She had watched the entire thing from the beginning until the end and she was sure that Li Nianfan did not use even a hint of Spiritual Qi. He had done this impossible task with his ordinary body.

Expert! An ingenious expert!

It was not surprising that Li Nianfan could save the woman and her baby. What perturbed her was that he clearly had an Immortal skill and would have been able to save their lives easily. Why did he dismiss his Spiritual Qi throughout the process and insisted on using an ordinary man’s skill to save them?

What realm and skill was this? Who could beat this noble act? Perhaps this was what they meant by ‘returning to basics.’ When countless men were finding ways to cultivate Immortality, the true experts had already made a turn and returned to the ordinary, concealing themselves and living an ordinary life.

A daring thought occurred to her, making her scratch her head. However, her eyes dimmed as the faint delusion in her heart was suppressed. An expert like him was rare. How could a normal person like her ever be with him?

If not for the sons of the Nation Master and Prime Minister, Luo Shiyu would have ran downstairs to meet him right away. Lin Qingyun saw the change in Luo Shiyu’s eyes. The man’s status instantly went up in her heart, and she could not help but feel curious about this man.

Finally, the meal ended and Luo Shiyu found an excuse to leave the restaurant. Lin Qingyun caught up with her not long after.

“Shiyu, are you not going to introduce me to that man from downstairs?” Lin Qingyun asked directly.

Luo Shiyu’s pupils dilated, but she recovered swiftly and smiled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m surprised that the man was able to save the woman and the baby but I don’t know him.”

“Oh, really?” Lin Qingyun’s eyes sparkled. She smiled and asked, “Then who was it that proposed the strategy of making the Prime Minister and the Nation Master fight against one another?”

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