I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: I Can Use This As A Torch

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This congee was tempting even to cultivators like the four of them. Was this really just an ordinary bowl of congee?

The other three were watching Bai Luoshuang in confusion. Meanwhile, she had finished her bowl of congee without leaving any remaining. She rubbed her belly with a satisfactory look on her face.


She let out a long sigh of relief. Just as she was about to thank Li Nianfan for the congee, she felt a wave of heat overwhelming her body. She could feel herself going out of control, bit by bit. In an instant, her mind went blank, replaced by a feeling of wonder and mystery.


Suddenly, she could hear the Basics of Wisdom ringing in her ears. To the rest of them, she appeared almost delusional.

“She… She…”

Bai Wuchen and the other two stared at her with wide eyes.

Epiphany! This was a moment of epiphany!

Their breathing was quicker than usual and they even called out to her in shock.

Why did she have an epiphany?

Instantly, it all seemed to make sense. Their gazes fell on the big pot of congee on top of the stone table.

This was definitely not ordinary congee. This was not only delicious, but it also contained the Basics of Wisdom inside?!

Lin Qinyun clenched her fists as her face turned green with deep remorse burning in her heart. She wanted to slap herself. ‘Why am I so dumb! Of course, the congee eaten by the expert wouldn’t be ordinary! Anything that he treats as rubbish could turn out to be a treasure everyone desires! How did I miss out on the chance to taste his congee! Argh! Why am I so dumb!’

If she could go back in time, Lin Qinyun would taste it even if she had to kneel on the floor and lick it.

Bai Wuchen and Su Ya had similar looks on their faces. They suddenly recalled how their daughter was dropping hints. Why did they reject the congee? Argh! They had just missed out on a great opportunity!

They wondered if it was too late now to ask for a bowl…

Just as the three of them opened their mouths, preparing to ask for the congee shamelessly, Li Nianfan walked to the pot of congee and called out, “Blackie, it’s all yours!”

A black ordinary dog rushed over from the backyard. It threw its head right into the pot of congee.

Lick! Lick! Lick!

While the dog was indulging himself, the three of them stood there transfixed, staring at the dog with their reddened eyes. They, too, were gulping their saliva helplessly.

‘That was congee with the Basics of Wisdom! How could he give it to a dog!? No!’

They were crying in their heart, anger rising within them. The dog seemed to have sensed their hateful gazes on him. He halted and looked up at them for a moment before turning his back on them to continue his delicious meal. He looked as if he was afraid that the three humans wanted to share his meal.

“I…” Bai Wuchen stuttered as the three of them stared at him with flushed faces.

Li Nianfan saw the strange looks on their faces. He asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

“No-nothing?” Bai Wuchen answered bitterly, his lips twitching upward slightly.

Their hearts were bleeding, and all they could do was to look around to distract themselves from the fact that the dog ate the congee they wanted!

However, a sword in the corner caught their eyes. Their eyes widened as their gazes rested on the black longsword.

Fallen Demon Sword. It was the Fallen Demon Sword!

Bai Wuchen was very sure of it. This was the very same Fallen Demon Sword that had gone through countless bloody fights. Yet, it was now being tossed in the corner like rubbish. Although it was a demonic sword, it still contained endless power and was considered one of the most sought after treasures in the world.

Lin Qingyun asked weakly, “Mr. Li, this sword…”

“I don’t know why but this sword appeared outside my door. I saw that it was sharp, so I decided to keep it for cutting wood,” Li Nianfan said nonchalantly.

Somehow appeared?

Cutting wood?

Bai Wuchen smiled bitterly in his heart. Of course, he knew exactly how this sword appeared on his doorstep. What the expert was trying to say was that this Demon Sword was like air to him, so he ‘decided to keep it.’ However, they were not surprised that the Fallen Demon Sword was being used to cut wood. It almost seemed like a privilege for the sword.

By then, Lin Qingyun had no words to describe her feelings. She had never been more awestruck than today, even if she were to add up all the times she had been shocked throughout her entire life.

‘So this is the world of a bigshot?’

“Hah…” Bai Luoshuang opened her eyes, feeling a little dazzled at first, which was then followed by shock.

Mid-Foundation Building!

All she had was a bowl of congee, and she managed to break through from Early-Foundation Building to Mid-Foundation Building!

She realized that the congee was not only made with Spiritual Water, even the rice and the fermented vegetables were no ordinary food. These things were just like the expert—seemingly ordinary but were all too far from being ordinary!

Bai Luoshuang had indeed taken a huge advantage out of this visit. She stood up hastily and cried out, “Thank you, thank you so much, Mr. Li!”

“It’s just a bowl of congee. What’s there to thank?” Li Nianfan shook his head, thinking that this young lady was too easily impressed. It was merely a bowl of congee. Why was she so excited about it?

Meanwhile, Bai Wuchen took out a wooden box and said, “Mr. Li, my daughter took a drawing of yours the other way and it helped us tremendously. Here’s a little something to repay your kindness. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

“You’re all too polite!” Li Nianfan was surprised that they came with a gift!

It seemed that they were true art-lovers! He opened the box without hesitation and saw a sword-shaped jade stone.

He wondered what this jade stone was made of as it glowed like a source of light, emitting a white bright light that seemed rather mysterious.

Lin Qingyun covered her mouth with her hand. She stared at Bai Wuchen with a look of disbelief as her heart thumped quickly.

The Sword Immortal Jade—this was the most precious treasure of the Wanjian Immortal Sect. A piece of treasure that could turn Sword Intent into Sword Immortal! And Bai Wuchen was going to give this to Li Nanfan?

To any swordsman, this jade was a priceless treasure. Though Bai Wuchen remained calm, he had his reasons. The Wanjian Immortal Sect was saved by Li Nianfan. A simple draft drawn by Li Nianfan was worth way more than the Sword Immortal Jade.

Furthermore, the Sword Immortal Jade was no longer useful for a cultivator of the Yuan Yang realm. However, a drawing from Li Nianfan could be useful, not just for the cultivators in Yuan Yang, but also Out of Aperture, Cross Tribulation, and perhaps even the Immortals! If the jade could assure the survival of the Wanjian Immortal Sect for another ten thousand years, then a drawing from Li Nianfan could help it strive for another ten million years!

‘So, why would I need this jade for?’ thought Bai Wuchen.

Li Nianfan held the jade in his hand and looked at it closely. The jade felt cold in his hand. He nodded and smiled, “This is not bad at all, I can use it as a torch to guide my way at night.”

What an expert he was. Using the Sword Immortal Jade as a torch? But when they thought about how he used the Fallen Demon Sword to cut wood, it seemed to make perfect sense.

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