illicit relationship

Chapter 32 - Announcement

In the morning at Li Entertainment company, a beautiful young man and a middle-aged man were looking at each other.

The room was big. There was a workbench, a couch, and four small trees on the corner of the room. From inside the office, anyone could see the beauty of Shanghai through the window.

"Xin Er, we can't add any more songs to your album. The launch of your album is near. It's impossible to add a new song in your album." the middle-aged man uttered. "How about we put this song in your next album?"

"No." Yun Xin Er refused instantly. "Please do something about it. We can postpone the launch of my album. I want this song to be added to my current album."

"Xin Er, we can…" before Li Wen had finished his words, he was interrupted by Yun Xin Er.

"Director, please listen to this song first." Yun Xin Er said seriously, "I'm sure you'll change your mind after hearing this song."

Yun Xin Er played the video where Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er recorded on the company studio.

After the video was played, Li Wen had the same reaction as the audience's reaction when Xiao Tian played the melody at the piano competition.

Li Wen shivered and lost all his senses. He felt as if he were inside an angel's body. He thought the composer was a genius because he could create a masterpiece song like that.

Li Wen began to have a complicated face. He was sure if they added this song to Yun Xin Er's album, she would be more popular, and it would be good for her and the company as well.

If the song was added with a video clip, it would be a perfect song, but making the video clip would take a few days or maybe a week.

Li Wen was wavering at this moment. He wanted to add the song to Yun Xin Er's album, but if they were to add the song right now, they couldn't launch the album on time.

The company had informed the mass media about the date of Yun Xin Er's album release. If they postponed the time of her album launch, what would the mass media and her fans think about them?

The Company and Yun Xin Er would be labeled as liars, and that would adversely affect the company's reputation.

"Director, what do you think?" Yun Xin Er asked as she looked at him.

"This song is a masterpiece. I'm sure you will be more popular with this song," Li Wen said as he touched his chin.

Li Wen was thinking whether he should add the song to Yun Xin Er's next album or the current album. However, Yun Xin Er's upcoming album would be at least a year from now on.

"Xin Er, where did you get this song?" Li Wen asked curiously.

Instead of answering his question, she asked, "Director, do you remember when you forced me to be a judge at the piano competition?"

Li Wen widened his eyes and answered, "Wait. Don't tell me.."

"Yes. I bought this song from one of the contestants. After hearing the song, I knew that this song is a masterpiece and can make me more popular later," Yun Xin Er said before she added. "He also won first place in the piano competition."

"Tell me about him." Li Wen wanted to know what kind of person could make a song like this.

"His name is Xiao Tian. He is nineteen years old and a college student." she replied.

Li Wen looked at Yun Xin Er and spoke, "He's still young and has made a song like this. Xin Er, you have made the right decision to buy this song. What's the price of this song?"

"100.000 Yuan," Yun Xin Er said honestly

"100.000 Yuan? That's the same price as the price we bought a song from a professional composer." Li Wen was a little shocked after hearing Yun Xin Er's word. "But this song is worth it. No! If a professional composer owns this song, I'm sure they will sell it for more than 100,000 Yuan."

"Yes, you're right" Yun Xin Er nodded her head.

".. And he is only nineteen years old. What a genius young man," Li Wen thought the composer was at least 24 years old. "I need to take risks for this kind of song."

Upon hearing Li Wen's words, Yun Xin Er was pleased because she managed to get director Li to put the song on her album. "So, you will add this song to my current album, right?"

Li Wen took his smartphone and called someone "Call the reporters. I want to announce about Yun Xin Er's album launch."

"Yes sir." a voice rang out from his smartphone

"Xin Er, I want to meet this young man. Can you arrange it for me?" Li Wen said.

"Alright. Leave it to me." Yun Xin Er said as she nodded her head.

"Get ready! We need to make a video clip today so that we can finish it as soon as possible," he said, "I will tell all the producers to make preparations."

"Yes director" Yun Xin Er said as she smiled

"Un, you can go," Li Wen said as he nodded.

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