illicit relationship

Chapter 33 - I Miss You (E)

After breakfast, Xiao Tian wanted to go to Lin Xing Xue's house.

"Where do you want to go?" Ye Xueyin inquired.

"Mother, I have to go somewhere." Xiao Tian said as he waved a goodbye

"Alright." Ye Xueyin said as she smiled

After walking for a few minutes, Xiao Tian arrived at Lin Xing Xue's house.

'It's her.'

Xiao Tian wanted to surprise when he saw Lin Xing Xue closing the door.

Realizing that Xiao Tian was behind her, Lin Xing Xue turned around and spoke, "Mm... What are you doing here?"

Xiao Tian stopped his footsteps and responded, "Little Xue. I miss you."

"You came here so early only to say that?" Lin Xing Xue inquired

"Un. After not seeing you for several days, it makes every piece of me aches for you, so I immediately come to your home to see you because if I don't see you right now, I think I'm going crazy from missing you "Xiao Tian said

"It's still early in the morning, and you are already trying to seduce me?" Lin Xing Xue said as she smiled

Xiao Tian held her hands and looked into her eyes. "Little Xue, I'm not trying to seduce you, I really miss you. I miss you a lot."

"Is that so? How much do you miss me?" Lin Xing Xue asked as she giggled

"If I had a single flower for every time, I think about you, and every time I miss you, then I'd be walking forever in an endless garden," Xiao Tian said as he looked at her eyes.

"You really know how to please a lady, huh? It seems like your future girlfriend will be lucky to have you as a boyfriend." Lin Xing Xue said as she smiled

"Of course! I'm sure you'll be lucky because I'll do anything to make you happy." Xiao Tian said proudly

"Why did you bring me into this conversation?" Lin Xing Xue inquired

Xiao Tian pointed his right index finger at her and replied, "Because you're my future girlfriend."

"Are you sure I'll become your lover in the future?" Lin Xing Xue asked as she giggled

"Of cour—wait. How about we officially become lovers now?" Xiao Tian inquired

"Did you say something? Sorry, I can't hear you." Lin Xing Xue pretended as if she heard nothing.

"Can't hear me, huh." Xiao Tian spoke and paused for three seconds before he continued. "Little Xue, how about we go inside your home and do shake-shake-ah-ah thing right now. Just take a day off today."

[Note: shake-shake-ah-ah = have sex]

"Hey!" Lin Xing Xue shouted

"Hahaha. Didn't you say you can't hear me? How come you can hear me now?" Xiao Tian said as he laughed

"You… Stop bulling me!" Lin Xing Xue said as she hit him

"Hahaha. I'm joking. I'm joking," Xiao Tian said as he laughed "But, I have no idea that little Xue understands the meaning of the shake-shake-ah-ah thing that I'm talking. Wait, don't tell me... Little Xue, you……"

When Lin Xing Xue knew that Xiao Tian wanted to say something she didn't want to hear, she immediately said, "What are you thinking? I don't understand the meaning of shake-shake-ah-ah thing!"

"Really?" Xiao Tian asked with a smug face.

"Of course! I just heard it today! I heard it from you." Lin Xing Xue said as she turned her head to another side to avoid his gaze.

"If you don't know, why are you suddenly yelling when I say shake-shake-ah-ah thing?" Xiao Tian asked as he teased her.

"Did I just yell? I think you heard it wrong. Ah! Maybe it was a shout from neighbored" Lin Xing Xue denied shamelessly

"Oh! Is that so? Look like I have to say it again." Xiao Tian said.

"Xiao Tian... Stop bullying me." Lin Xing Xue pouted her lips.

After several seconds, Xiao Tian decided to stop teasing her and spoke, "Little Xue, there's something in your hair."

Lin Xing Xue touched her hair and inquired, "Where is it?"

Xiao Tian raised his right hand and touched her hair near her right ear "It's here."

"What is it?" Lin Xing Xue asked

Xiao Tian was clenching his right hand so Lin Xing Xue couldn't see anything. However, when Xiao Tian opened his fingers one by one, a beautiful necklace could be seen on his palm. The necklace had a silver heart shape.

When she saw a beautiful necklace on his right palm, Lin Xing Xue didn't know what to say. She had no idea that Xiao Tian would surprise her like that.

She thought Xiao Tian only wanted to tease her like he usually did. "It's beautiful. Is it for me?"

"Yes. A beautiful necklace for a beautiful lady." Xiao Tian said as he smiled

Lin Xing Xue took the necklace and looked at it carefully. She was fascinated by the beauty of the necklace.

After looking at the necklace for a few seconds, Lin Xing Xue immediately hugged Xiao Tian and smiled happily, "Thank you, Xiao Tian."

Xiao Tian hugged her back and responded, "I'm glad you like it"

"I like it very much. It's beautiful" Lin Xing Xue did like necklace.

Xiao Tian then stopped the embrace and spoke, "Let me help you put it on."

"Un" using her right hand, Lin Xing Xue lifted the ends of her hair so Xiao Tian could put the necklace easily.

After putting the necklace on her neck, Xiao Tian turned her body around, making her face him. "Little Xue, you're beautiful."

"Thank you," her face broke into a smile.

After that, they looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before finally, Xiao Tian brought his face closer towards hers.

When she saw his face coming closer towards hers, Lin Xing Xue knew what he wanted to do. Lin Xing Xue slowly shut her eyes, ready to welcome the kiss.

Not long after that, they kissed for about five seconds, a kiss with a full of love.

After kissing her, Xiao Tian held her right hand and uttered, "Let's go. Otherwise, you'll be late for work later."

"What? Are we going to my workplace holding hands?" Lin Xing Xue asked shyly

"Why not? We are lovers, and it's normal for lovers to hold hands, right?" Xiao Tian said as he looked at her

"But, I still haven't agreed to become your lover." Lin Xing Xue responded.

"I know. But you will become my lover soon." Xiao Tian said confidently.

"You're overconfident!" Lin Xing Xue said as she giggled.

"It's not overconfident. It's called determination." Xiao Tian shamelessly denied.

"You really can answer everything, huh?" Lin Xing Xue uttered,

"Well, if someone is talking with a beautiful lady like you, I'm sure they'll also know how to answer everything." Xiao Tian did not forget to use his sweet words.

"Oh! Is that so?" Lin Xing Xue asked

"Of course...not" Xiao Tian laughed

"Hateful!" Lin Xing Xue said as she hit him. "Alright, let's go."

Xiao Tian was happy at that moment, making him smile from ear to ear. "Little Xue, how about we have dinner tonight?"

"Why did suddenly you invite me to dinner?" Lin Xing Xue asked curiously.

"I want to spend time with you in a beautiful place so we can make beautiful memories together." Xiao Tian said as he pinched her nose.

"Why do you always pinch my nose? What if something happens to my nose later?" Lin Xing Xue said, rubbing her nose.

"Then, I will take responsibility and marry you." Xiao Tian said as he smiled

"What? You even still haven't become my boyfriend, and you want to marry me?" Lin Xing Xue said in disbelief.

"Why not? Is there a rule that I can't marry you just because I still haven't become your lover?" Xiao Tian asked

"No…. But, we need to do everything step by step," Lin Xing Xue said

"Alright, alright. We'll do everything step by step." Xiao Tian said as he smiled

"Good!" Lin Xing Xue said as she smiled

They continued walking hand in hand, and of course, Xiao Tian always teased her and tried to seduce her all the time.

Not long after that, they arrived at her workplace. Because it would be embarrassed if her co-workers saw her holding hands with a young man, she tried to let go of Xiao Tian right hand.

However, it was too late because one of Lin Xing Xue's co-workers had seen them holding hands.

"Ms. Lin, who is he? Is he your boyfriend?" one of Lin Xing Xue's co-workers asked curiously.

"What are you talking about?" Lin Xing Xue tried to hide her embarrassment.

"Eehhhhh. If he is not your boyfriend, why are you holding hands with him?" one of Lin Xing Xue's co-workers inquired.

At this moment, Xiao Tian thought it was a golden opportunity to tell Lin Xing Xue's co-workers that Lin Xing Xue already had a boyfriend. "That's right. I'm her boyfriend. Please take care of my lover at her workplace."

After saying that, Lin Xing Xue pinched Xiao Tian's waist. Lin Xing Xue wanted to explain everything, but Xiao Tian's hands were covering her mouth.

"Ms. Lin, your boyfriend is handsome, and he is also young," one of Lin Xing Xue's co-workers suddenly felt jealous of her.

Lin Xing Xue glanced at Xiao Tian, but he treated it as if he saw nothing. "Thank you, big sister."

"Ms. Lin, can you tell me your secret to get a boyfriend like him?" one of Lin Xing Xue's co-workers asked as she pointed her index finger at Xiao Tian.

Lin Xing Xue couldn't say anything and could only sigh. At this moment, Xiao Tian felt like a winner in the competitions, because with this, he managed to tell everyone that Lin Xing Xue already had a boyfriend.

"Let's not talk about this and get to work. If the manager knows, she will be angry," Lin Xing Xue dragged her co-worker to the workplace.

Xiao Tian then made 'I Love You' pose.

Lin Xing Xue sighed and said, "Alright, alright."

After Lin Xing Xue entered her workplace, Xiao Tian immediately left.

And with that, all Lin Xing Xue's co-workers knew that Lin Xing Xue had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a handsome young man. Some of the women were happy for her while others were jealous of her.

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