illicit relationship

Chapter 31 - Good Night, Love You

"I want to start a business." Xiao Tian gave an honest answer.

"What?! You want to start a business?!" like before, his words much surprised her. "What kind of business do you want to do?"

"Clothes" After taking over Xiao Tian's body, there were many things that he wanted to do, and one of them was to open a clothing business.

"Oh! So, you want to start a clothing business, huh? That's good!" in her view, it was not a bad idea for a beginner like Xiao Tian, because clothes could last a long time, so it didn't matter if he couldn't sell it for a month or so. As long as he took care of the clothes, he could sell it again, even after a few months.

Unlike restaurants, if the food was not sold at the end of the day, almost all the food could not be sold again the next day.

That was why Xiao Tian decided to start a clothing business. "I want to sell my designer clothes."

Ye Qingyu was unhappy with his words. Ye Qingyu thought Xiao Tian only wanted to start a business to make him look cool.

"Tian, do you think designing clothes is easy? Your major is not even in design. Do you want to waste your money?" Ye Qingyu tried her best to hold back her anger.

Xiao Tian knew why Ye Qingyu was furious, so he said with a serious face, "Aunt, I know what to do, and I'm sure I can become a successful person later. "

"I disagree! If you want to start a clothing business, sell clothes from famous brands." Ye Qingyu knew that designing clothes was not an easy thing to do.

Not only that but designing clothes needed a lot of money too. If he failed to sell his clothing designs later, all his money would be wasted later, and Ye Qingyu didn't want that.

"Aunt, did you forget that I met Yun Xin Er today?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"What are you trying to say?" Ye Qingyu didn't know why he suddenly talked about Yun Xin Er.

"I asked her to wear my clothing design at her next live concert, and she agreed if she liked my clothing design." Xiao Tian explained to his aunt that he had planned everything. "So you don't have to worry. If Yun Xin Er wears my clothing designs, I'm sure there will be a lot of orders after her live concert is over."

Like before, his words much surprised her.

Today, her nephew gave her lots of shocking news, from how he could play the piano well, got first place until a famous singer bought his song.

Not only that, her nephew even wanted to start a clothing business. And what surprised her most was that her nephew told her that he already had an agreement with a famous singer to wear his clothing designs.

Ye Qingyu felt like she didn't know her nephew anymore after returning to Shanghai.

Her nephew also changed a lot, from a shy young man to a beast. Her nephew also became smarter and braver in taking action. He didn't waste a single opportunity in front of him.

"Is that so? Now tell me, do you really know how to design clothes?" Ye Qingyu asked curiously

"Of course," Xiao Tian answered instantly, "If I didn't know, I wouldn't dare to do it."

"Where did you learn it?" Ye Qingyu inquired.

"At university and the internet." Xiao Tian held her shoulders and looked at his aunt. "Aunt, I want to be a successful person, so I can make you and mother happy. If I become a successful person, both you and mother don't need to work anymore. You two only need to go shopping or something like that."

Ye Qingyu was touched by his words, so she decided to give him a chance. "Fine! I will wait for you to become a successful person."

Xiao Tian was pleased when his aunt agreed with his idea. "Don't worry. I will become a successful person and make both of you happy."

Ye Qingyu leaned her head on his left shoulder. "Un."

Not long after that, she fell asleep. When Xiao Tian noticed his aunt was sleeping, he turned off the TV and carried her to her room.

'As I thought, her room has the same fragrance as hers.'

When Xiao Tian stepped into his aunt's room, he smiled softly.

Her room was almost the same as Ye Xueyin's bedroom, but the difference was that there was no bathroom in her room.

After putting Ye Qingyu on the bed, Xiao Tian kissed her forehead and smiled, "Good night, aunt. I Love you."

What Xiao Tian didn't know was that she was already awake, but she pretended to be asleep. So when he carried her to her room and kissed her forehead, a tiny smile appeared on her face. It was a pity that Xiao Tian didn't know about it.

Xiao Tian then headed to his bedroom and laid down on the bed.

When he recalled what happened today, a smile appeared on his face because the first step for him to become a successful person was already in his hands. He only needed to do it thoughtfully and carefully.

In his previous life, his father's clothing design always became hit news, and many famous people bought it from actresses, actors, businessmen, and other important people.

Xiao Tian raised his right arm and said, "I can do it!"

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