illicit relationship

Chapter 30 - Thank You


The sound of someone opening the door echoed in the house.

Ye Qingyu, who was lying on the bed, instantly dashed towards the guest room. She wanted to know why her big sister and nephew were late coming home.

"Tian, what happened?" Ye Qingyu's face turned worried when he saw Xiao Tian carrying Ye Xueyin.

Xiao Tian shook his head and replied, "Don't worry. Nothing happens to mother."

"So, why did you car-" before Ye Qingyu had finished her words, she was interrupted by Ye Xueyin.

"Qingyu, I'm fine! I only want to be carried by my son. Is that wrong?" Ye Xueyin asked while glancing at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Xueyin's behavior much surprised Ye Qingyu. She didn't expect her big sister to behave like that.

Ye Qingyu found it hard to believe what she was seeing because her big sister had never behaved like that in the past. Her big sister even acted like a spoiled woman.

"Tian, hurry up and carry mother to her room. Mother is tired and wants to sleep." after saying that, Ye Xueyin looked at Ye Qingyu. "Qingyu, close the door, and don't forget to lock it."

"As you command, my princess," Xiao Tian then carried his mother to her room while Ye Qingyu still stood like a statue for several seconds before finally, she came to her senses.

When Xiao Tian stepped into his mother's room, he could smell the fragrance as he breathed. It was the same scent as his mother's fragrance.

The room was quite large with a big bed in it. The night lamp was placed on the right side of the bed, while a big cupboard was located on the other side.

Behind the bed, a picture of Ye Xueyin was hanging on the wall. The photo was quite large. It was as big as half a bed.

Two large windows with red curtains were located on the right side of the bed while the makeup table was placed in front of the bed.

On the right side of the bed, there was a door to the private bathroom.

After putting Ye Xueyin on the bed, Xiao Tian wanted to leave. However, he suddenly felt someone pulling his shirt.

For this reason, Xiao Tian turned his head and smiled. "What is it, mother?"

"Where are you going?" Ye Xueyin uttered, "Accompany mother until she falls asleep."

His face broke into a smile when he knew how spoiled she was. "Fine. But wash your face and brush your teeth first."

"Humf! I know!" Ye Xueyin then headed to the bathroom to wash her face.

Several seconds later, Ye Xueyin returned to her room with a smile on her face. Ye Xueyin immediately laid down on Xiao Tian's right side and embraced his right arm tightly.

"Thank you for today. Mother is pleased." Her face blossomed into a smile. Today, she was thrilled because she could spend time with Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian patted her hair gently and smiled softly. "Me too."

Because she was sleepy, she instantly shut her eyes. "Good night, Tian."

Xiao Tian looked at her lovingly and replied, "Good night, mother."

'I'm glad I could make you happy today.'

He added in his head.

After making sure that she was asleep, Xiao Tian kissed Ye Xueyin's forehead. "Good night, mother. I love you."

When Xiao Tian stepped into the living room, he was startled when he saw his aunt watching TV with a low volume.

He thought his aunt had returned to her room. "Aunt, why don't you go to sleep?"

Ye Qingyu turned her head toward him and replied, "I want to watch TV."

Because Xiao Tian was still not sleepy, he decided to accompany her. That was why he sat next to her.

"How was the result of the piano competition?" Ye Qingyu inquired.

Today, she returned home early on purpose because she wanted to know the result of the piano competition.

"I got first place." Xiao Tian behaved normally as if it was normal for him to get first place.

"What?! You got first place?!" Ye Qingyu said in surprise.

Previously, Xiao Tian always said that he would win the piano competition. At first, Ye Qingyu thought Xiao Tian was only bluffing. She didn't expect that he would really win the competition.

Xiao Tian took out an envelope and gave it to her, "Aunt, this is the money I borrowed from you."

He had prepared his aunt's money and put it inside the envelope before going home. Of course, he put a little bit of extra money into it.

"No, you don't need to return the money." Ye Qingyu didn't care about the money at all.

For her, the most important thing was her family. If her family needed money, she would give her money without thinking twice.

"Aunt, just take it," Xiao Tian uttered, "Oh right, I played my original song earlier, and the famous singer Yun Xin Er bought my song, so I have a lot of money right now."

"Do you think I will believe your words?" of course, Ye Qingyu did not believe his words.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched after seeing her expression. At this moment, Xiao Tian knew that Ye Qingyu didn't believe his words.

After taking his smartphone out of his pocket, he showed proof that Yun Xin Er had transferred the money to his bank account.

Ye Qingyu snatched his smartphone to check it herself. At this moment, she thought her eyes were playing a trick on her.

She rubbed her eyes and looked again. She did the same process three times before finally, she believed what she saw.

'He is telling the truth!'

The expression of deep shock bloomed on her face.

Not only did Xiao Tian win the piano competition, but even a famous singer also bought his song. Ye Qingyu did not know that his nephew was a genius at playing the piano and composing songs.

For a famous singer to buy his song, his song must be good because the famous singer didn't buy just any song.

"Tell me everything." Ye Qingyu said seriously

Xiao Tian explained everything to her, from when he played the song until he went to the company studio to do the recording.

"So that's what happened?!" Ye Qingyu uttered, "So, what do you want to do with the money?"

"I want to start a business" Xiao Tian gave an honest answer.

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