I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 711 - The Little Softie Who Loves To Be Jealous

Chapter 711: The Little Softie Who Loves To Be Jealous

Then, as the viewpoint slowly moved forwards, the Earth in the video suddenly flashed.

Su Yang joyfully pointed at the moment Earth flashed and said to Spirit Building, “Did you see that? Can you see that flash?”

Spirit Building was silent for a while, her eyes shining brightly.

After a while, she looked at Su Yang and said, “Play it again.”

Hence, Su Yang clicked on the [Replay] button.

Soon, the video was played once again. When Earth flashed once again, Spirit Building watched it silently. Then… She looked at Su Yang like she was looking at a fool and said to the air, “Little Deeny, come here please.”

WIth a “Poof”, Little Deeny instantly appeared in front of them.

Su Yang then looked at the two of them in confusion as Spirit Building asked Little Deeny, “Little Deeny, take a look at this video.”

Little Deeny covered her mouth and giggled. “I saw it just now.”

Su Yang did not know what the two of them were up to, so he asked, “What’s the meaning of all this…”

Spirit Building sighed and said weakly, “This video of yours was extracted from your memory, so it’s also playing the images in your memory. So, since the Earth in your memory was flashing, it’s flashing here as well.”

Su Yang was confused.

‘Is that so?

‘I’ve once seen someone else’s memories which they themselves couldn’t even remember. That’s why I’ve always thought that the memories would be recorded as it was. Hmm… So it seems like that’s not the case.

‘In this case, it would seem that this tape will only record images that exist in my memory. Some things that my subconscious has “heard” or “seen” would also be shown. However, if it’s something that not even my subconscious could not “see” or “hear”, then there’s no way to record it.’

Hence, Su Yang’s attempt to make Spirit Building confirm that Earth was flashing through the memory tape came to an abrupt end.

However, Su Yang was not the kind of person who would give up after failing. When his plan failed, he immediately thought of another plan before he said to Little Deeny, “Can we monitor the satellites all the time?”

Little Deeny nodded. “Yes, Master.”

Su Yang then looked at Spirit Building. “Old lady, you’re going to have to work hard for the next few days to monitor the surveillance camera, alright?”

Spirit Building thumped her own waist and pouted. “You really do want to take this old lady’s life…”

Su Yang said softly, “If you complete the mission, I’ll get you some signed photos of handsome celebrities.”

Instantly, Spirit Building’s eyes lit up and she lowered her head to cough. “Actually, I’m not after those handsome autographed pictures. I mainly just want to see what a satellite looks like these few days.”

Su Yang extended his hand. “Deal?”

Spirit Building extended her hand and shook Su Yang’s. “Deal.”

After sending Spirit Building off, Su Yang looked at Little Deeny and instructed, “Little Deeny, send out a doppelganger to take a look at this video as well. Then, record the entire video and compare it with the old lady’s.”

Little Deeny, who had never seen Su Yang being so serious before, nodded immediately. “Yes, Master.”

Actually, Su Yang was really serious this time because he had a feeling that the matter was very important and… Related to him.

After delegating everything he could, all he could do after that was wait patiently.

Hence, the night passed uneventfully. The next day, just as Su Yang put down the “Lord Of Mysteries (1)” that he was reading and added another special effects server for himself, he heard a “Ding Dong” sound beside his ear to indicate that he had just received a WeChat message.

Hence, Su Yang picked up his cellphone and took a look. It was a WeChat message from Shasha’s mother. ‘Mr. Su, I have good news for you. The list of winners for the Public Service Announcement has been released. You’ve come first and have received a reward of 1,000,000 yuan!’

Su Yang was stunned for a moment and almost did not understand what was going on. In fact, it took him about three to four seconds before he recalled that he had participated in the Public Service Announcement Competition on television.

‘I actually won?’

Su Yang thought for a while before typing to Shasha’s mother. ‘Since this money was earned from a charity video, I would like to donate it. Do you think that’s alright?’

Shasha’s mother was a little surprised. “Are you really going to donate it?”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Well, I guess I can’t blame Shasha’s mother for having such thoughts. After all, there are a lot of people who are faking their donations now.’ Hence, Su Yang said, “Yes, I’m really going to donate it.

‘When the time comes, I will record a video saying that I plan to donate this money. So, I’m going to need the television station’s help to get this done.’

Then, Shasha’s mother replied. ‘I’ll have to discuss this with the production team first. However, I think that it’s a good thing.’

‘Thank you.’

Back then, Su Yang made this video to complete his mission, not to earn money. Hence, Su Yang felt that it was a good idea to return the money to society.

After making that decision, Su Yang got up from the bed, washed up and tidied himself. He even called Little Deeny to the toilet to… Style his hair for him.

Needless to say, after more than a year of study, Little Deeny really knew how to do everything, even managing to do a good job with Su Yang’s hair. ‘I wonder how many times she trained her skills using her doppelgangers…’

The reason why Su Yang wanted to look so handsome was because he was going to deliver his cellphone to his friends and business partners that day.

Since the 100 units of cellphones had been successfully mass produced last night, he planned to have them all distributed that day.

To start off, it was only obvious that Su Yang delivered the cellphones to his own people first. Hence, after Su Yang left the villa, he got Pan Zhaodi to drive him to the office.

When he reached the office, Su Yang went upstairs and met the receptionist. The receptionist smiled sweetly and said to Su Yang, “Mr. Su, you haven’t been here for a few days already.”

Su Yang replied, “That’s right, I’ve been a little busy recently.”

Then, Su Yang added, “By the way, “Produce 101″ has started broadcasting. If it wasn’t for your reminder, I would’ve forgotten about it already.”

The receptionist then said, “It was you who told me about this wonderful variety show, that’s why I’ve started watching it.”

Su Yang asked, “By the way, why would a girl like you love watching these kinds of female talent shows?”

The receptionist said, “Because I’m able to project myself into the show. I feel like I’m growing up with these trainees and becoming a celebrity together with them.”

Su Yang nodded and asked, “Which trainee do you like the most?”

The receptionist did not hesitate and said, “Meiyue! Meiyue’s so cute! Plus, I find that she’s very genuine!”

Su Yang smiled and nodded in satisfaction.

‘It seems that Meiyue is indeed popular. Let’s hope she becomes famous from this then!’

After bidding farewell to the receptionist, Su Yang walked into the office and went to his own office. At that moment, the office was filled with the sound of someone typing. Then, he opened the door quietly and saw Chu Xia sitting in front of her computer, typing away on the keyboard.

To Chu Xia’s left, there was a fish tank with a squid in it. To her right, there was a red 100 yuan banknote that was folded into a heart.

Su Yang instantly remembered that it was [The RMB Who Loves To Be Jealous] that he had given to Chu Xia.

‘Now that I think about it, [The RMB Who Loves To Be Jealous] seems to have been with Chu Xia for a long time now. I wonder if Chu Xia has… Become soft already or not?’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang crept towards Chu Xia.

Chu Xia didn’t seem to notice that Su Yang was here as she was still typing seriously.

Actually, Su Yang wanted to scare her when he saw how focused she was. However, at that moment, a coquettish yet angry voice rang in his ears. “What are you trying to do?!”

Su Yang jumped in shock and looked towards the direction of the voice.

In the end, he saw that the banknote that had been folded into a heart had turned into a coquettish little girl. She looked like a little fairy, but was only the size of a thumb. She was wearing a red tutu skirt at the time, upon closer inspection, it was a picture of renminbi…

Then, Su Yang looked at her, who was also looking at him angrily. Su Yang wanted to reach out to touch her out of curiosity, but she did not want to let him do it at all. In fact, she even grabbed her skirt and jumped to the side.

At that moment, Su Yang heard a very familiar voice. “Mr. CEO, why are you teasing Little Softie?”

Su Yang was confused.

‘Little Softie? What Little Softie?’

At that thought, he turned to ask Chu Xia, “You’ve given her a name?”

Chu Xia looked as beautiful as the sun when she smiled and her eyes curved into two rainbows. Then, she reached out and gently placed Little Softie in her hands before saying, “That’s right. Don’t you think she’s very cute and soft?”

Su Yang looked at the little girl in Chu Xia’s hands. ‘To be honest… She isn’t. Especially when I just saw her puffing her cheeks as she looked at me like I’m her enemy… I can’t think of her as cute and soft anymore.’

Just as he was about to poke her, she suddenly opened her mouth wide and bit Su Yang’s finger.

Hence, Su Yang howled in pain and took a few steps back.

Chu Xia was shocked and quickly asked, “Are you okay?”

Su Yang pinched his hand and it hurt a little. He looked down and realized that it was swollen. Then, he looked at the girl angrily and said, “Why did you bite me?”

The girl stuck out her tongue and made a face. “I want to protect my Chu Xia. No one is allowed to bully her! I am her guardian angel!”

Su Yang clicked his tongue. ‘How dare she say that she’s going to protect Chu Xia when she herself can’t even be compared to Dagger Girl?’

At that thought, Su Yang asked bluntly, “How are you going to protect her then?”

The girl said proudly, “I can do anything! Try me if you don’t believe me!”

‘What the f*ck? You’re really arrogant!’

Su Yang replied, “Sure, let’s give it a try then.”

As he spoke, he was just about to hug Chu Xia.

However, at that moment, he suddenly felt his leg slip uncontrollably and he lost his balance before falling onto the ground with a “Thud”.

On the other hand, Chu Xia started to panic as well as she hurried over to try and help her up. However, just as she stood up and took a step, she tripped over the chair’s leg.

Under normal circumstances, she would have tripped over a chair and fallen. However, Chu Xia did not know why, but when she kicked the chair, it flew out and landed on Su Yang’s face.

“Ouch!” Su Yang wailed and covered his face.

Su Yang and Chu Xia would be fools if they still did not understand what had just happened.

The two of them did not dare to move and looked at Little Softie, who was looking at Su Yang smugly as she said, “Do you believe me now?”

Su Yang asked Chu Xia, “Was she like this a few days ago?”

Chu Xia shook her head. “No…”

Su Yang asked again, “By the way, why wasn’t she there the night I looked for you?”

Chu Xia thought for a while before saying, “I think she became Little Softie after that night. She was just a banknote before that.”

‘I don’t get it…’

Then, he recalled the introduction of [The RMB Who Loves To Be Jealous]. ‘There seems to have been the word “owner” on it. Could it be that… She wouldn’t recognize her owner instantly? Instead, she has to be held for a certain period of time before she would recognize someone as her owner?’

After thinking about it, Su Yang felt that it made sense.

‘Those movies and novels where something would recognize a person as their owner just by picking it up or dropping their own blood onto it was just too casual.’

At the thought of this, Su Yang coughed twice and asked Chu Xia, “By the way… Did you notice that you’ve become softer these few days?”

“Softer?” Chu Xia blinked her cute eyes and looked confused. “What do you mean?”

Su Yang coughed once more. “Why don’t you lower your waist?”

The moment Su Yang finished his sentence, Little Softie pounced on him. “You pervert! I’ll beat you to death!”

Right now, Su Yang was afraid of Little Softie who was dressed in “money”. Hence, he quickly got up and ran out of the office.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief after closing the office door and locking Little Softie inside.

He pondered for a moment. ‘With Little Softie by her side, I can be rest assured of Chu Xia’s safety. After all, with this crazy child who wouldn’t even let me get close to her, other men would be in trouble if they even tried to get close to Chu Xia.

‘But… Other than that, there’s something I still need to confirm.’

Therefore, he called a male employee and brought him to the office to talk about work.

After that, Su Yang checked the male employee’s memory and confirmed his assumption. ‘There’s no trace of Little Softie in his memories.’

Hence, this confirmed two of Su Yang’s thoughts. One, others could not see Little Softie. Two, anything that anyone else could not see would not be recorded in their memories.

Hence, after verifying his thoughts about Little Softie, Su Yang passed the cellphone to Chu Xia for her to test it.

Whilst maintaining a certain distance with Su Yang and under Little Softie’s fierce glare, Chu Xia opened the packaging of her cellphone and took it out. Then, her eyes lit up. “Wow, it’s so beautiful!”

“Grr…!!” Little Softie let out a cute, jealous nasal voice.

Chu Xia hurriedly looked at Little Softie, whose face had already turned red as she angrily looked at the glass phone.

Su Yang was rendered speechless.

‘Something’s wrong with this little girl… She’s even jealous of a cellphone? Is it possible that she’s mutated?’

Chu Xia quickly patted Little Softie’s head. “Good girl. You’re prettier…”

At that moment, a smile instantly blossomed on Little Softie’s face.

Su Yang was speechless once again.

‘She’s abnormal indeed.

‘I’m going to throw her for Little Hus to eat one fine day.’

Then, Chu Xia fiddled with her cellphone. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

However, after looking at it for a while, she suddenly raised her head and looked at Su Yang. “Su Yang, how do you operate this cellphone? Why isn’t there a switch to turn it on or a slot to insert my SIM card?”

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