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Chapter 712 - Domestically Produced And Proud Of It

Chapter 712: Domestically Produced And Proud Of It

Su Yang was stunned. ‘My cellphone turned on the moment I got my hands on it, so I really don’t know how to set it up.

‘What should I do now?’

Just as he was thinking about this, Little Deeny’s voice rang in Su Yang’s ears. “Master, let me teach you how to operate this. Just do as I say.”

Following that, Su Yang listened to Little Deeny’s instructions while setting up a cellphone for Chu Xia.

It turned out that even though there was not any place to insert a SIM card, nor was there any opening, it had a function that far surpassed modern society, which was to register and backup within a short amount of time.

All that was needed to be done was to use a person’s fingerprint and eye pattern to have the cellphone register its owner’s identity. Then, the phone could be turned on. After that, by placing the owner’s old cellphone together with the new cellphone, the latter would automatically copy all the information, apps, pictures and so on to the new cellphone.

Other than that, the glass phone also had two sets of signal mode.

The first was to use the satellite signal that came with the glass cellphone. Otherwise, the owner could also copy their original SIM card onto the glass phone.

According to Little Deeny, the glass phone had its own scanning function. As long as the old cellphone was placed on the glass phone, the glass phone would be able to generate a replica virtual SIM card.

This was also the reason why others were able to contact Su Yang despite having changed his cellphone.

In the past, it was Little Deeny who completed the settings for him. Now, he had to teach it to others instead.

‘This function is practical and pretty good. The only problem is… We should have an installation guide included. After all, I can’t go around explaining how to have it installed one by one.’

Hence, after taking note of the required “future improvement”, Su Yang taught Chu Xia how to use the glass phone.

Chu Xia’s eyes were sparkling as she listened to Su Yang’s explanation. In fact, she was blinking her beautiful eyes, unable to conceal her fondness for Su Yang.

Little Softie was so angry that she was whining at the side. ‘I have a feeling that she might smash the cellphone in the middle of the night while Chu Xia isn’t paying attention…’

After explaining how the cellphone functioned, Su Yang returned it to Chu Xia and asked, “Do you like it?”

Chu Xia nodded repeatedly, two cute dimples appearing at the corners of her mouth. “Yes, I do.”

Su Yang looked at her smile and his eyes were filled with gentleness.

“Hmph!” At that crucial moment, Little Softie scoffed again.

Su Yang coughed and retracted his gaze before saying to Chu Xia, “Try using it again. If there’s anything you don’t understand about it, give me a call.”

Chu Xia nodded obediently, “Ok.”

After leaving the office, Su Yang greeted the receptionist and headed downstairs, where Pan Zhaodi stood beside the car. She was dressed appropriately in a formal suit. Coupled with her slightly cold face, the image of an abstinent secretary could be seen. Hence, she ended up attracting quite a lot of attention.

Especially when Pan Zhaodi used to work in an office at Technology Garden, she had quite a number of acquaintances there. Therefore, everyone’s eyes were on her as they whispered among themselves. Occasionally, those who were acquainted with her would greet her. Then, in such situations, Pan Zhaodi would nod in response.

Then, when she saw Su Yang coming down the stairs, Pan Zhaodi asked, “Mr. Su, where are you going?”

Su Yang thought for a while and said, “To the Central Building.”

Pan Zhaodi’s expression did not change as she turned around and got into the car.

After that, Su Yang got into the car and buckled up his seatbelt before Pan Zhaodi started the car. Su Yang then took out his cellphone and sent Jiang Yan a WeChat message. ‘I’m coming to meet you now. I’ve got the prototype for the cellphone.]

Jiang Yan merely sent Su Yang a cold “Ok” reply. ‘The queen’s domineering temperament is so obvious.’

Su Yang looked at the word and then at the “iceberg” next to his car. “I suddenly feel that spring this year is quite special, I can’t help but feel that it’s like winter’s here…’

On the 99th floor of the Central Building, Jiang Yan was sitting in her office, wearing a female suit and a pair of slim-fit pants. She was wearing a pair of black high heels as she sat on a high-end chair meant for executives.

Jiang Yan was obviously a very attractive beauty with her slender figure and her pretty face. However, her pair of sharp eyebrows gave off a heroic temperament, exuding an aloofness that kept people away.

After sending the message, she played with her cellphone, which was Huawei’s highest specification flagship model upon grandfather’s request. Even though local products could not be compared to foreign products, only by supporting local products could they have a better development. Therefore, most of the things in Jiang Yan’s family were domestically developed and manufactured.

This was the long-cherished wish of the older generation, which was to see China rise to the top of the world again.

However, Jiang Yan did not live in that era. She was not as noble as her grandfather, but she respected her grandfather and was willing to do things that would make him happy, which was also the reason why she was willing to help Su Yang in the past.

Another reason might be that she found Su Yang… Amusing.

Jiang Yan had seen many people who fawned over her because of her family background. She had also seen people who did the opposite of what she wanted and deliberately angered her in the hopes of being able to roleplay the love story of how the “overbearing CEO falls in love with a man… Women.’

However, she had never seen someone as interesting as Su Yang. He was very confident, but at times, very naive. He always did weird things and there were some items in his possession which Jiang Yan had never seen before.

Therefore, she was very interested in him.

However, Jiang Yan knew that interesting people were only suitable as playmates. Only useful people would be able to help each other and continue to be friends. Therefore, on that day, Jiang Yan wanted to know if Su Yang could become her friend.


Actually, it wasn’t that Jiang Yan had never seen the cellphone in Su Yang’s hand before. In fact, she had even experienced it before and thought that it was amazing. However, prototypes, products in development and mass producible cellphones were different, even if they were advanced past their time.

Therefore, Jiang Yan looked at the Huawei in her hand, put it down and picked up the landline on the table.

“Du… Du…”

In less than a second, the phone was answered and a pleasant female voice sounded. “Director Jiang, what can I do for you?”

Jiang Yan said coldly, “Get Mr. Qin over here.”


Not long after, there was a knock on the office door and a mature man’s voice sounded from outside. “Young Master Jiang, were you looking for me?”

Jiang Yan said, “Please come in.”

Hence, the office door opened and a man who looked to be in his 30s’ appeared at the door. His face was filled with vicissitudes like he had experienced many things.

When Jiang Yan saw him, she took the initiative to say, “Uncle Qin, I’m going to meet a friend later, I hope that you’re able to meet him as well.”

Perhaps the employees of the company had the same behaviour as their boss, Mr. Qin didn’t say much. Instead, he just nodded and sat on the sofa.

Then, the two of them talked about some internal company matters.

Jiang Yan asked, “Have you found any good projects recently?”

Mr. Qin was obviously a capable person. Even without the report and information, he answered clearly, “There’s a very good project recently called Juduoduo. Our company has done some research on the project and found it to be very good. However… Someone else got to it first.”

“Huh?” Jiang Yan asked, “What level is this project? Has there been an evaluation on it?”

Mr. Qin said, “S-Rank.” He hesitated and added, “Personally, I think that this project’s potential is even S+.”

Jiang Yan’s expression changed. “Which company got to it first? Did they get it through some methods?”

Mr. Qin shook his head. “It was just a normal competition. We’ve never competed against each other in terms of the tender price.”

Jiang Yan didn’t care anymore. “Then, I’ll wait to read the information and study it.”

Mr. Qin nodded. “Ok. You can pay more attention to this project. It’s attracted a lot of attention from the local capital. Gaorong and Sequoia had already made their offers, but a small company ended up gaining the upper hand over them. I think the company’s called… Jiadian or something?”

Jiang Yan’s eyes widened slightly, but then returned to normal almost immediately. Then, she said indifferently, “It seems that I made the right decision by keeping you.”

Mr. Qin was a smart man. He was stunned for a moment before he immediately understood what was happening. “Is this friend of yours from that company?”

Jiang Yan nodded. “Boss, Sole ownership.”

Mr. Qin nodded.

Silence returned to the office and the two of them fell into their own thoughts.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the office door.

Jiang Yan said, “Please come in.”

The secretary walked in and said to Jiang Yan and Mr. Qin, “Director. Jiang, Mr. Qin, a young man called Mr. Su would like to see you.”

Jiang Yan said, “Please send him…” Then, she paused for a moment and looked at Mr. Qin. “Uncle Qin, please pick him up.”

Mr. Qin nodded, stood up, adjusted his suit and followed her secretary out of the room.

After a while, there was another knock on the office door. Jiang Yan said again, “Please come in.”

The office door opened and Su Yang’s delicate face appeared.

Jiang Yan stood up and greeted, “Mr. Su.”

Su Yang smiled and said, “Director Jiang, long time no see.”

Jiang Yan nodded and tilted her head at the secretary, who tactfully closed the door.

Then Jiang Yan said directly, “Let me see your prototype.”

Her tone was as domineering as ever, giving off the feeling that she was ordering him around.

However, Su Yang, who was used to Jiang Yan’s personality, did not mind. He then opened the bag and took out six cellphones before placing them on the table.

Su Yang said, “There are fewer prototypes this time, but I thought that you would have more people on your side such as Old Master Jiang and your father, so I prepared a few more units.”

Jiang Yan took a look, picked up one and handed it to Mr. Qin. “Uncle Qin.”

Mr. Qin nodded and took it.

Su Yang wasn’t bothered by Jiang Yan’s rude behavior. He smiled and unboxed one of the cellphones. “Have a look at it first.”

Jiang Yan nodded and took the cellphone.

This was not the first time she had seen such a cellphone. The last time she saw it, she was at a bar with Su Yang. The reason why she was willing to help and invest in Su Yang was because of this very cellphone.

After verifying their fingerprint and eye pattern as per Su Yang’s instructions, a white dot appeared on the screen which rapidly expanded until it covered the entire glass screen.

Looking at the cellphone in her hand that was almost the same as the last time she saw it, she saw the bright color on the cellphone screen and the transparent screen, but she could not see through the glass to see the magical state on the other side. Hence, Jiang Yan’s eyes moved and her heart shook.

‘This cellphone has really been mass-produced?

‘How is this even manufactured?’

Jiang Yan did not pay attention to the system itself. She might have been influenced by her grandfather, so she paid more attention to the breakthrough in technology.

Then, she flipped the cellphone to get a better look at the cellphone, but… No matter how she looked at it, the cellphone still felt like it was just a piece of glass.

Moreover… After turning off the screen, it was indeed just a piece of “glass”. Jiang Yan was able to see through it without any obstructions.

At that moment, its interior was transparent. There was nothing inside, no circuit, no chips, no electronic components. In fact, there was not even a battery to be seen!

However, once it was unlocked, it became like a cellphone. It was no longer transparent and it had all kinds of apps, which was simply amazing.

Even Jiang Yan, who had seen a glass phone once, was shocked, let alone someone like Mr. Qin.

Mr. Qin’s name was Qin An. He used to work diligently with Jiang Yan’s father. Later on, he gave up his official career and focused on helping the Jiangs to deal with some business matters.

Due to his outstanding management skills and eye for investments, the Jiangs asked him to manage their family’s investment company. Although Jiang Yan was the CEO of the investment company in name, Qin An was the one handling most of the matters, except for… The investment made in Su Yang’s company.

Therefore, when Jiang Yan invited him to her office with great fanfare, Qin An guessed that Jiang Yan wanted to show him her investment foresight. Therefore, Qin An was curious about Su Yang.

But later on, Jiang Yan asked him to go out to welcome Su Yang. When he saw Su Yang, Qin An was disappointed.

Because there was a saying in the investment circle, about how venture capitals were not about the projects, but the person involved.

Whether a project was successful or not depended heavily on luck, but it was much easier to determine whether a person could succeed or not.

Or rather, success is not easy to judge, but failure is.

Su Yang, on the other hand, was the kind of person who did not look like he would succeed. He was childish, smart and had clearly not been beaten up by society yet.

Later on, when Qin An heard that Jiang Yan had invested in Su Yang’s cellphone business, his heart began to race. In China, the cell cellphone business was filled with all kinds of scammers.

It seemed like no matter who it was, they could all make a cellphone and then use the “Domestically Produced And Proud Of It” label as an excuse to advertise and harvest a wave of fans. It was completely a business which relied on “fanbase”.

Actually, the “fanbase” was not the terrifying part, but how it would slowly “evolve” into a business for online celebrities to sell “screen protectors”.

Furthermore, the cell cellphone industry could be said to be a simple one. As long as a person is able to find the factories which sells the various components for a cellphone, place an order and assemble it, they would have a cellphone of their own brand.

However, it was a difficult task as well, requring all sorts of self-developed chips, “advanced technology” and so on.

The only difference was whether this company was manufacturing cellphones or doing


From Qin An’s point of view, Su Yang was definitely the kind of person that was doing marketing. In other words, Qin An was under the impression that Su Yang was all talk.

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