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Chapter 710 - The Earth Flashed?

Chapter 710: The Earth Flashed?

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The two satellites flew past Earth’s orbit, allowing Su Yang to see the satellites of many other countries and showcase the entire Earth.

Looking at the blue planet, Su Yang felt a sense of respect. ‘This is the home that we depend on for survival.’

Looking at the blue ocean, the white clouds floating in the sky and the brown and green land, Su Yang was immersed in the state of “main perspective” as he admired the Earth.

Just as he was slowly studying it, he suddenly felt the Earth flash in his eyes.

Su Yang blinked and looked at the screen again. On the screen, Earth was still standing quietly in the void. Because the satellite was smaller than the Earth, even its position was changing very slowly.

Su Yang looked at Little Deeny and asked, “Little Deeny, did you see a flash just now?”

Little Deeny looked at Su Yang in confusion. “Master? What flash? Was it the interface?”

Su Yang replied, “Earth. Earth just flashed.”

Little Deeny looked even more confused. “Huh? I didn’t see anything.”

Su Yang was confused. ‘Did Little Deeny not see it?

‘Did I see wrongly?’

Then, he continued to look at the two images to see if the Earth would continue to flash. However, Su Yang did not see that flash again until the three satellites stopped where they should stop.

After the satellite stopped, the cellphone in Su Yang’s hand vibrated. Su Yang lowered his head to look at the phone and saw it slowly turning on.

The screen had a white dot surrounded by darkness as it turned on. Then, the white dot slowly expanded until it covered the entire screen, which then showed everything.

At the same time, a notification popped up on his phone. [System Upgrading].

‘This [System] is obviously the cellphone’s system.’

Su Yang looked at Little Deeny. Little Deeny explained, “Master, the phones that were produced previously were all connected to me directly. Now, we’re using the satellite link. Therefore, we need to upgrade it.

“After this, all the screens and phones will be able to reach the global signal coverage, so there is no need to use my doppelganger as a proxy anymore.”

As she said that, Little Deeny took out the glass phone that Su Yang always carried with him from his pocket and threw it on the ground. With a ‘Clang’ sound and a puff of white smoke, the cellphone turned into a girl who looked exactly like Little Deeny but was wearing purple clothes.

Su Yang knew that this was Little Deeny’s purple doppelganger, Little Purple.

Then, Little Purple bowed to Su Yang and disappeared in a flash.

Little Deeny took the phone from Su Yang’s hands. Then, data flashed across her eyes. The cellphone’s system in Su Yang’s hands became the usual interface and system he would always use.

Little Deeny explained, “Master, I still need to control the phone’s terminal. Each of my doppelgangers can control 10,000 phones. Right now, I have eight doppelgangers, which means I can control 80,000 phones.

“This should be enough in the early stage, but in the later stage, when the cellphone gets mass-produced, it will definitely not be enough.


Su Yang had an ominous feeling in his heart. “I’m going to have to spend more coins?”

Little Deeny smiled sheepishly. “Yes. We can spend some coins to build a large cloud server group.”

Su Yang did not listen to the price and said directly, “Give me some time to digest all this. I’m poor right now, so I can’t listen to these numbers.”

Little Deeny covered her mouth and laughed. “Master, your two movies are going to explode soon, so there will definitely be a lot of coins. There’s no need for you to be so stingy.”

Su Yang clutched his chest. “I already feel like I’m a profiteer, yet why do I feel like I’m much kinder in comparison to you guys? I’m only thinking about the money in other people’s pockets at most, but you guys are already thinking about the money that I haven’t even earned yet!”

Then, Su Yang asked, “Does the system have a loan function? I’ll apply for a loan!”

Little Deeny spread her hands. “Master, I can’t open your system, but I don’t think I’ve heard you mention that before. And… There really isn’t such a function in the virtual space.”

Su Yang did not give up. “In that case, do you accept yuan then? If yuan isn’t enough, I have USD as well.”

Little Deeny was amused by Su Yang. “Master, the virtual space is a separate space. Why would it need those currencies?”

Su Yang took out a piece of red coloured banknote from his pocket and said, “This thing is very useful! The entire public needs it to buy things! Furthermore, even if we don’t buy anything, we can still stick it to some walls and it would still look good too.”

Little Deeny burst out laughing. “Master, you’re too arrogant.”

After joking around, Little Deeny and Su Yang briefly explained the operation mechanism of the entire virtual space.

Based on what she said, including herself and the other little monsters’ additional functions, they were all part of the system’s rules.

In other words, in the virtual world, Su Yang could use his own efforts to build the [Snow Mountain Filled With Snow Monsters], the [Cellphone Development Factory], the [Satellite Launching Rocket Base] and other facilities using various materials and tools.

Then, the monsters that existed with certain buildings would slowly be born with time.

However, all of this required manpower, resources and time.

In order to provide convenience, the system provided a way to buy all the scenery and facilities with coins.

Su Yang listened quietly. There was only one thought in his mind after he heard that. ‘So, I even have to thank the system then?

‘Forget it, I won’t find fault with the system. After I crack it, I can do whatever I want!’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang set up a production plan for the [Cellphone Development Factory], which was 100 units.

Su Yang intended to give 100 cellphones to his friends and those related to him to see their reactions.

After all, even though Su Yang thought that his phone was from a different era, it was possible that other people might not think that it was useful. Even if they thought that it was useful, it was hard to guarantee that it would not be improved.

This phone could be set with various parameters before it appeared. Since it could not be mass-produced within a short period of time, Su Yang felt that he could use this opportunity to investigate further. ‘When it gets officially released, it will be a big hit!’

After deciding on this plan, Su Yang and Little Deeny left the [Cellphone Development Factory].

Returning to his room, Su Yang took out the glass phone that he had just produced and fiddled with it.

‘Compared to “Little Deeny”, this cellphone is slightly different. This one feels… Colder. Since Little Deeny’s doppelganger was the one who had turned into that cellphone, it was always warm and it felt like I was holding onto a girl.

‘However, this glass phone feels like a real phone and is cold.’

At that thought, Su Yang opened the system interface and took a look.

Because the concept of this cellphone was that all the information was stored in the server, and the terminal in his hand was just a screen, the interface that Su Yang saw was still the same system that he had been using all the while.

Then, Su Yang opened the app and played a video.

After that, Su Yang tried out the various functions of the cellphone, such as the external speakers and the camera which were all pretty good, far better than what was offered during that era.

When he used it, the cellphone felt light in his hand like it was a piece of plastic.

‘This feels very comfortable, but it’s easy to think that it doesn’t feel like a solid item.

‘Well then, I guess it’s going to depend on each person’s preference then.

‘Even though it was the era of smartphones, there are still many people who prefer to use functional phones. They feel that they only need to make phone calls and do not need to use that many functions. After all, I can’t change every single person.’

After looking at the external and functions of the cellphone, Su Yang decided to study the true structure of the cellphone.

Therefore, he got Little Deeny, Little Hus and Spirit Building to dismantle the cellphone together.

Perhaps the system was too clever, but even after two hours of hard work, they still could not find a way to open up the cellphone. The cellphone was like a piece of translucent plastic with no seams to be seen.

Only when Spirit Building focused her spiritual energy into her eyes did she say that she saw that the entire cellphone seemed to be bonded with some spiritual energy and there was a small amount of spiritual energy circulating inside.

Because this was related to whether Su Yang’s secret would be discovered by outsiders, Su Yang made up his mind and cut open the cellphone that he had just obtained. He wanted to see if there were any problems inside.

The material of the cellphone was not hard, but it was quite tough, so with the help of some tools, it got cut open quite easily.

After cutting open the cellphone, the interior was still normal plastic without any difference. However, Spirit Building said that the moment he cut open the cellphone, the spiritual energy circuit in the cellphone was destroyed and the spiritual energy dissipated bit by bit.

Because Su Yang did not have a clear view of spiritual energies, he could not observe…

In any case, no matter what, Su Yang did not discover anything even when he cut the cellphone into pieces.

Then, with Little Deeny’s help, Su Yang used various scientific props to examine the material and realized that it was just an ordinary polymer. It was just a piece of plastic that everyone would normally see.

Hence, Su Yang was relieved.

‘Looks like my cellphone will not be cracked by Earth’s technology after all.

‘As for whether other companies and countries would suspect the source of my technology if they can’t crack it, hmm… So be it. After all, there’s no way for them to investigate the matter. After all, I’m already prepared for it.

‘On top of that, I’ve got the protection of the Jiangs in the country and a stronghold to hide overseas. Plus, I have the governor of Hawaii backing me up, so it wouldn’t be easy for them to touch me.

‘Furthermore, if push comes to shove, I could still travel around all the other cellphones.’

After destroying one of the cellphones, Su Yang opened a few more cellphones and experimented with the teleportation Items. In the end, he received two pieces of news, a good one and a bad one.

The good news was that he discovered that as long as he installed the [Virtual Space] app on his cellphone, all items could pass through the Virtual Space.

However, other than himself, Su Yang would have to grant access to anyone else if they wanted to use an ordinary cellphone to enter the virtual space or transport items.

On top of that, only Su Yang would be able to allow someone else to install the [Virtual Space] app.

This meant that Su Yang was the only person in control of everything.

This was the good news.

However, the bad news was that when Su Yang was teleporting, he found out that there was a “free usage quota” when he teleported through the virtual cellphone. He could only teleport things that were worth less than 10,000 coins per day. After that, he had to spend half the value of the item in coins to teleport.

For example, if Su Yang wanted to transport rice, one ton of rice was worth 10 coins. Hence, Su Yang could transport 1,000 tons of rice for free.

However, if he wanted to teleport again, each ton of rice would no longer be free, but five coins instead.

Su Yang did some calculations and realized… ‘No wonder it costs 1.5 times to install a satellite or Earth trajectory cannon in space. It seems like the transportation cost has been included.

‘However, it won’t be a problem for me to transport daily necessities within 10,000 coins daily. The only problem would be that it’s going to be very troublesome if I want to open up a global transportation chain in the future.’

Therefore, he could only think of a way to see if he could level up, remove or lower this restriction.

After studying his cellphone, Su Yang asked Little Deeny and Little Hus to leave the living room, leaving Spirit Building behind.

Spirit Building’s back was hunched and the wrinkles on her face were deep and thick. Plus, her eyelids were drooping and she pouted her lips as she asked Su Yang, “You’re not having some malicious intentions, are you?”

Su Yang replied, “Don’t let your thoughts run wild. I just want you to help me check something.”

Spirit Building pouted. “Oh… I’m really disappointed.”

Su Yang ignored him.

Then, he took out a tape from his pocket and placed it on his forehead to read his memory.

That’s right, Su Yang was still obsessed with the flash from the Earth that he had accidentally seen.

He believed that since he had trained his spiritual energy, his eyes were clear and he could not have seen wrongly or hallucinated.

However, Little Deeny was a digital lifeform and her memory and everything else were data, so there was no way she could be wrong.

Logically speaking, this situation was contradictory.

However, when Su Yang was dissecting the cellphone, he had a flash of inspiration. Could it be possible that… Both of them were right?

Could Su Yang really have seen it, but Little Deeny truly could not?

In that case, the only possibility to explain that would be… Spiritual energy.

Little Deeny’s spiritual energy was not triggered, but Su Yang was already cultivating his. ‘Could it be that only those who have cultivated their spiritual energy were only able to see that?’

Hence, Su Yang decided to let Spirit Building take a look.

The way to look at it was simple… He would have her read his own memories.

Su Yang did not know if that spiritual energy scene would be left in his memory, but he had to give it a try. Hence, Su Yang took out [A Videotape To Record Good Memories].

Soon, Su Yang returned to that scene he saw of the Earth.

Plus, in his memory, he saw the “flash” on the Earth again.

Hence, Su Yang recorded the memory in surprise and opened his eyes.

After that, Su Yang played the video on the big screen.

Before he played the video, Su Yang said to Spirit Building, “Take a closer look at this memory and see if you can see the flash. I saw it earlier, but Little Deeny couldn’t see it.”

Spirit Building nodded, then slowly opened her eyes and looked at the memory fragment seriously.

As the satellite flew, the entire Earth slowly appeared. White clouds floated on the blue planet, making it look very beautiful…

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