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Chapter 709 - Separation Of The Satellites

Chapter 709: Separation Of The Satellites

After all, as a member of the film crew, everyone knew that there was only one person whom Guo Fan would address as “Mr. Su”—The big boss of the film crew, Su Yang.

As for Su Yang’s “legend”, it had already spread throughout the circle.

For example, the first online movie that he had invested in had taken first place on the box office rankings, breaking a series of records.

As another example, the second movie that he had invested in, which was also the first cinema movie, was the most popular movie of the year, which was ranked 18th in the history of the domestic cinema box office, and 8th in the domestically produced movie industry.

On top of that, Su Yang had poached Han Yi, directly using a large sum of money to poach her from Sister Mi’s agency to his own.

Moreover, he had gone against Big Beard Liu and then tortured him until his family was completely destroyed, where his wife and children had ended up leaving him.

All of this news, be it genuine or fake, had ended up enshrouding Su Yang with a veil of mystery. Thus, the production crew were curious about what kind of person Su Yang was.

Therefore, when the crew heard that Su Yang had arrived, they stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of Guo Fan’s voice, wanting to see what kind of person Su Yang was.

Hence, everyone’s first impression was surprisingly the same. ‘He’s so small.’

However, they were not saying that Su Yang had a small stature, but a young age.

After all, Su Yang did not seem like his age to begin with, seeming like a 16 year old despite actually being 18 or 19 years old. Hence, the crew was shocked.

Even though everyone had heard that Su Yang was young, they were still surprised when they actually saw him.

The second impression that came after that was… ‘He’s got such a good temperament.

‘He’s calm, confident and filled with the vigor of a young man, I can’t help but have a good impression of him.’

Combined with Su Yang’s delicate and pretty face, the film crew ended up having a good first impression of Su Yang.

When Guo Fan walked over to chat with Su Yang, the crew members also gathered in groups and started chatting quietly.

“Is he our investor? He’s so young.”

“You think so too, don’t you? I was still in university at his age.”

“It’s already good enough that you managed to go to university. I ran away to join the film crew after I graduated from high school.”

Other than those who were talking about Su Yang’s age, there were also people who were concerned about the other sentence that Guo Fan said.

“Oh, right. Director Guo asked Mr. Su if he was ready… What is he supposed to be ready for?”

Then, an insider said, “I heard that it’s an audition for the male lead?”


“Mr. Su, of course.”

The surrounding crew members became speechless at this point and the topic started to change.

“Really? Mr. Su is going to act?”

“That can’t be true. I think it’s just a rumor.”

“I think so too. He’s both a big boss and a student, so how could he possibly have the time to learn acting?”

“Maybe… He’s majoring in acting?”

Someone immediately retorted, “Mr. Su is a liberal arts major.”

“Do you think… This is his hobby? Why do I feel uneasy about this?”

Just like how the director hated investors interfering with the production, the other employees were also afraid that investors would invest in the production team just for the fun of it.

Strictly speaking, filming was just a job. However, if the movie became popular, all the crew members would be heavily credited with their experience. Thus, their future salary, treatment and status in the industry would be greatly improved.

Hence, there was no one in the film industry who did not want to achieve instant success. Therefore, it was definitely not a good thing for investors to make a guest appearance or even act as the male lead. In fact, it would make others feel like they did not value the production team.

All of a sudden, the film crew’s attitude towards Su Yang changed. Everyone started to look on with concern and suspicion.

At the same time, Guo Fan and Wu Feng were chatting with Su Yang about his acting.

Guo Fan asked, “Mr. Su, are you sure one day of preparation is enough for you?”

Compared to Guo Fan, Wu Feng was closer to Su Yang and was more direct with his words. “Brother Su, I told Director Guo that you can do it, so don’t you embarrass me now.”

As he said that, he probably felt that it was inconvenient for Guo Fan to say it, so he took the initiative to hint jokingly, “Director Guo and I will watch your acting together. So, if it doesn’t work out, we won’t use you. We can’t risk ruining the movie.”

Su Yang was impressed by Guo Fan and Wu Feng’s professional attitude. With such a huge investment in the movie, no one was willing to take any risks. Not only would they lose money, they would also become a laughingstock. Hence, they could not be emotional and accommodating.

However, Su Yang was confident in his acting skills, so he said, “Don’t worry. If I can’t do it, no one else can.”

It had to be said that Su Yang’s confidence was infectious. Wu Feng and Guo Fan nodded their heads and brought Su Yang to an office to watch Su Yang’s performance.

Their actions attracted the attention of the rest of the crew. Those who were free would sneak to the door and peek inside.

Their actions could not be hidden from Wu Feng’s group. Immediately, they wanted to get up and chase away the onlookers.

In their eyes, no matter whether Su Yang was an investor or producer, it would not be good if he did not perform well and ended up being seen by the production team.

However, before they could get up, Su Yang stopped them and waved his hand casually. “Leave them be.”

Su Yang had the [Space Traversing Eyes], so when he arrived at the set, he had already noticed their gazes and roughly guessed their thoughts.

Su Yang’s thoughts were simple. Since he could do it himself, there was no need to hide it. He wanted to let everyone know that he was not fooling around or throwing his money just to make himself known. Instead, he was truly capable.

With that thought in mind, Su Yang started his performance.

Since there were not many action scenes in the movie, Su Yang did not choose a suitable scene for himself. Instead, he took the two scenes that the male lead appeared in and started his performance.

As soon as the performance started, Su Yang was immersed in his role. The room was no longer in his eyes, including Wu Feng, Guo Fan and everything else. Instead, he just sat on the chair and looked ahead, seeming to be reminiscing and struggling.

As soon as an expert made his move, one could tell whether he was actually an expert or not. When Su Yang expressed the protagonist’s feelings with just a glance, Wu Feng and Guo Fan’s eyes lit up. They exchanged glances and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Su Yang acted as if he did not see all of this and continued with his performance. He sat there for a while and his gaze moved imperceptibly. In the end, it turned into determination. Then, he picked up the things on the table cleanly and put them into his bag. One, two, he put everything into his bag.

Then, he slung his bag over his shoulder and leaned on the table. After that, he picked up a pen and started writing.

As he wrote, Su Yang said in a firm voice, “Grandpa, I’ve decided to leave. Don’t miss me, Liu Qi.”

After he finished writing, Su Yang “slammed the pen on the table” in the air. Then, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He adjusted his cap and walked out of the room with firm steps.

Other than a chair, there was nothing else during the entire performance, so Su Yang had imagined everything to be there as he acted, which stunned everyone.

Su Yang had a delicate and pretty face, but the main character he was going to perform was someone who had his own views. Normally, Su Yang’s appearance would not be compatible with the main lead and it was easy for others to get out of character.

However, Su Yang used his micro-expressions to express his character very well. The overall effect was that of a “young, immature young man with a conviction”!

Instead, it coincided with the movie’s goal of “only by working together can we save the Earth”.

Therefore, whether it was Wu Feng, Guo Fan, or the other members of the film crew who were watching from outside, they could not help but exclaim internally.

Su Yang used his outstanding acting skills to prove that he was not some layman.

After Su Yang left the room, Wu Feng picked up the script and exchanged lines with Su Yang. “Where are the goods?”

Su Yang switched the scene seamlessly. He took out something from his bag and passed it to Wu Feng. With confidence, he said, “70% new. I’ve checked it thoroughly, it can be used.”

Wu Feng took a glance at Su Yang’s hand. Before he could say anything, Su Yang put on a familiar smile and reached out his other hand. “I brought you a skewer as well. It’s insanely spicy, eat it while it’s hot.”

Su Yang extended his hand towards Wu Feng.

The two of them went through the movie lines one by one.

Initially, some of the crew members thought that Su Yang’s initial performance was just a flash of inspiration. However, when they saw that, they gave up on the idea.

At the start, they were doubtful, but later on, they praised Su Yang. That completely changed their view of Su Yang fooling around with the movie.

When the performance ended, the crew members quietly returned to their workstations. They did their work and did it diligently. Of course, they did not forget to share Su Yang’s performance with the rest of the crew.

“Mr. Su was amazing. His acting skills are pretty good.”

“Really? How good was it?”

“Hmm… I think he’s almost better than some of the younger actors in the new generation. If you insist on comparing him to experienced actors, he’s definitely no match for them, but he’s not worse than those who have been acting seriously for four to five years. Of course, he’s also much better than the other actors who have been auditioning so far.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Now that’s the definition of a young and capable man.”

Meanwhile, in the office, Wu Feng and Guo Fan were praising Su Yang as well. “Brother Su, your acting skills are not bad. If you’re so capable, I should have arranged a supporting role for you in “Wolf Warriors”.”

Su Yang smiled and said, “If I were to become a supporting role in “Wolf Warriors”, wouldn’t I be unable to participate in “Wolf Warriors 2″ then?”

Wu Feng thought about it and realized that it made sense.

Guo Fan was even more direct. He said excitedly, “Mr. Su! I feel like you’re the main character I’m looking for!”

Su Yang patted him on the shoulder and said, “Cut it out. Your main character is the planet, everything that hasn’t been filmed yet. Plus, I’m not the one who’s worked hard for the planet. In this movie, all the famous characters, other than Wu Feng, are just tools.”

Guo Fan smiled and said, “Yes, but at least you’re the main character in name.”

Su Yang nodded.

That’s right. He was the main character in a movie with a box office of 4 to five billion yuan. However, Su Yang did not feel proud. After all, he felt that if others worked hard for ten years, they would be able to reach his level. Hence, it was nothing to be proud of.

After the matter was settled, Su Yang did not disturb the progress of the movie. Instead, he took the filming plan that Guo Fan had given him, got into Pan Zhaodi’s car and returned to the villa.

After returning to the villa, Su Yang laid down on the sofa and started to study the filming plan. ‘The schedule for the entire plan is very tight, my scenes are literally being focused to be completed within half a month. I’m guessing Guo Fan must have especially arranged for it to be like this.

‘I have to say… Old Guo is a really nice guy.

‘I feel that Old Guo is a talented person. He may seem gentle and decent, but he’s very considerate when it comes to various matters. Furthermore, he’s always able to flatter others without batting an eyelid.

‘That’s a pretty good trait.

‘Since Guo Fan has worked so hard, I shouldn’t be holding him back now.’ Hence, after familiarizing himself with the filming plan, Su Yang started to read books.

Soon, the afternoon passed.

At night, Su Yang put down the “Sacred Text Of Taoism” in his hand and rubbed his eyes before yawning. ‘I’ve been a little busy these past few days, so I’m actually a little tired.’

At that moment, Little Deeny’s voice rang in Su Yang’s ears. “Master, please take care of your eyes. Don’t rub your eyes with your hands.”

Su Yang quickly replied, “Alright. I’ll go wash up later.”

Little Deeny said, “By the way, Master. There are still five minutes before the satellite’s cooldown time is up. Do you want to come and take a look or produce a few cellphones in advance?”

Su Yang thought that it made sense.

Therefore, he stood up, closed the book and entered the virtual space.

When they arrived at the virtual space, Little Deeny was already waiting there. Then, Su Yang went to the [Cellphone Development Factory] with her and spent five minutes producing five cellphones.

A unit costs 10 coins, totalling up to 50 coins. However, this amount was as if Su Yang was spending close to nothing… Hence, he did not feel bothered about it at all.

Therefore, he felt like he was on cloud nine.

After the cellphone was ready, Little Deeny waved her hand and a screen appeared before the two of them. On the screen were three satellites in outer space.

In outer space, the three satellites were leaning against each other, which were the size of a freezer and were spherical. Apart from that, there were many patterns on their surfaces.

Perhaps it was because they had absorbed enough energy, the three satellites suddenly separated one by one and some parts extended out from their bodies like wings.

After extending their wings, the three of them immediately started to move along the Earth’s overall arc. One of the three satellites stayed where it was, one headed east and one headed west. All of them moving forwards rapidly.

The screen split into three, showing the status of the three satellites respectively.

While the satellites were moving, Su Yang realized that there were many other satellites surrounding Earth. Based on the words and letters on the satellites, he could tell that most of them belonged to the United States, China and Russia.

In addition to the satellites, there were also many spacecraft that had lost their functionalities.

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