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Chapter 706 - God Is a Girl

Chapter 706: God Is a Girl

Hence, Su Yang said to Little Deeny, “Answer it.”

“Yes, Master.”

A moment later, the Clown Sea Serpent’s voice came from the receiver. “Master, it’s me, the Clown Sea Serpent.”

Su Yang went straight to the point. “How is it going? Have you gotten some results?”

The Clown Sea Serpent said obediently, “Yes. I’ve taken control over the leader of the organization. He can indeed cover up what we want to do with the excuse of carrying out a weapons test.”

Su Yang frowned and asked three times in a row, “How is that called controlling him? Can he connect directly with the American government? A rocket being launched into space is different from a weapon’s test, isn’t it? How do you cover that up?”

The Clown Sea Serpent was not in a hurry. Instead, it slowly explained the whole story to Su Yang.

It turned out that he had indeed thought of a good way to control this organization that day, but the method was indeed as he had told Janet, slightly risky.

However, the Clown Sea Serpent was a person who liked to take risks, so he did not inform Su Yang in advance and went to meet the leader of King Latin alone.

When the leader of the organization first saw him, he was terrified and thought that the Clown Sea Serpent was there to kill him.

However, the Clown Sea Serpent was a man who knew how to read people’s minds, so he did not defend himself. Instead, he just acted as if he was really a killer and made the leader misunderstand.

Then, the leader of the organization played his various trump cards, such as the shotgun that he had hidden under the table, the highly professional bodyguard that was lying in ambush next door and so on.

However, all his trump cards were useless in front of the Clown Sea Serpent who had the [Shape Shifting Liquid Metal].

As his trump cards unraveled one by one, the leader went from being fearful to hopeful and finally turning into despair.

After despairing, the leader watched the Clown Sea Serpent slowly approach and had completely given up any hope of survival. Only then did the Clown Sea Serpent tell him that he was not there to kill him, but to invite him to work together.

As for what the job was…

The Clown Sea Serpent had whipped up a story long ago… To maintain world peace and to spread the light of God across the world.

Needless to say, the American really believed this. Although the leader was skeptical, there was an indescribable belief in his eyes.

After that, the Clown Sea Serpent told the leader that they were the spokesmen of God in the human world, angels, so they all had extraordinary abilities.

In order to gain his trust, the Clown Sea Serpent showed him his superpower and even transformed into a pair of angel wings to trick him.

In the end… he really succeeded!

Therefore, what happened after that was simple. The Clown Sea Serpent used this leader’s moment of joy and sorrow to brainwash him, turning the latter into one of his own.

After the brainwashing, the Clown Sea Serpent asked the leader to introduce his organization.

In fact, the Clown Sea Serpent did not know about the organization at first, but once he was introduced, he was shocked. It turned out that this leader was not a simple man. Ten years ago, he had started to set up his base in Hawaii and for the past 10 years, he had been supporting a member of parliament in Hawaii, providing the latter with money, contributions and help in the election.

In the last Hawaii state election, this member of parliament was elected governor.

In the United States, one had to do repay the favour after receiving money. Therefore, the governor had been helping King Latin to develop rapidly during his term.

Although the leader was from an organization, he knew that there was no future in being an organization. Therefore, he made use of the governor’s connections to build a relationship with the military and started the firearms and mercenary business, clearing off any illegal matters he had gradually.

Therefore, this organization was definitely not omniscient, but it could still influence some of the policies of a state over the past two years.

After Su Yang heard that, he was pleasantly surprised. ‘With the help of this leader, I will be able to influence the governor of Hawaii. Then, it would be much more convenient for me to launch my rockets or even do anything in the future.’

However, what surprised Su Yang even more was the method used by the Clown Sea Serpent.

Previously, Su Yang had never thought of using his special ability to control people, nor had he thought of using his superpower to pretend to be a “God”. However, looking at it now, this was a good way to deal with the enemy.

‘Treat my friends kindly and… Lay waste to my enemies.

‘The Clown Sea Serpent has certainly developed a “sustainable development” plan for me.

‘Not bad, not bad at all.’

With the Clown Sea Serpent clearing up his concerns, Su Yang checked his coins.

After a week of accumulation, coupled with the short increase in the number of viewers after the live broadcast that day, Su Yang now had more than 110,000 coins, thus reaching the lowest amount required for Su Yang’s rocket launch.

‘3 satellites + 1 rocket launch + 1 rocket retrieval… Exactly 110,000 coins.’

Hence, Su Yang did not delay any further. He chatted with the Clown Sea Serpent for a while and asked him to bring the leader back to Socot Island to do a check before hanging up.

The reason why he wanted to conduct a check was not because Su Yang did not believe in the ability of the Clown Sea Serpent to control people’s hearts. It was just that Su Yang felt that it was better to be more cautious when it came to situations that could attract the attention of national forces.

Using [Space Traversing Eyes], he arrived at Socot Island. Before the Clown Sea Serpent arrived, Su Yang was walking on the beach alone.

The pitch-black sea was like a gigantic beast that could swallow everything, opening its fangs and spraying out its “breath”. Su Yang then stood on the reef by the sea and looked into the distance.

‘The attack by King Latin feels like it had just happened yesterday, but all traces of it have already been taken away by the sea.

For a planet like Earth that has been around for hundreds of millions of years, a few days is really too short. And for the entire planet, humans are just miniatures…’

Just as Su Yang was lost in his own thoughts, a rumbling sound came from the sky. A moment later, a helicopter came from afar and landed on the empty space on the island.

However, Su Yang did not get up because he was getting used to his current status and position.

As expected, in less than two minutes, the Clown Sea Serpent led a westerner who looked to be about 1.8 meters tall and was wearing a suit towards Su Yang.

After arriving in front of Su Yang, the Clown Sea Serpent knelt down on one knee and called out, “Master!”

The westerner glanced at the Clown Sea Serpent. After some thought, he knelt on one knee as well, but did not address hkm.

Su Yang turned around and looked down at the two of them. After a while, he asked, “Where’s Janet?”

The Clown Sea Serpent said, “Janet said that he would go home and get ready. Sister Little Deeny seems to be looking for him for something.”

Su Yang nodded and looked at the westerner before he asked, “What’s your name?”

The westerner cautiously raised his head and looked at Su Yang. “My name is Smith.”


‘It’s a rather common name, comparable to Zhang Wei in China.’

Then, Su Yang asked, “Was everything you told the Clown Sea Serpent true?”

Smith nodded quickly. “Yes, it’s true.”

At the same time, a notification popped up on [Space Traversing Eyes]. [False].

Su Yang looked at the Clown Sea Serpent and said slowly, “He’s lying.”

Immediately, Smith panicked.

At the same time, the Clown Sea Serpent froze for a moment and then shot a cold glare at Smith.

Smith hurriedly said, “I’m really not lying, sir. I’m not lying.”

The Clown Sea Serpent glared at Smith and his eyes grew colder and colder. “How dare you quibble! This is the Master. The Master has the power to see through people’s hearts. He knows best whether you’re lying or not.”

Hence, Smith became frightened.

He wanted to explain, but Su Yang looked at the Clown Sea Serpent and said slowly, “He talked to you about the governor before, didn’t he? Actually, he isn’t that close to the governor. He did support the governor before and has also donated money to the governor’s government. However, after the governor succeeded in the election, he actually wanted to keep a distance from Smith here.

“However, Smith was already well-prepared and had possession of the governor’s weakness, which is why the governor had no choice but to cooperate.”

Smith’s eyes widened, because… What Su Yang said was true.

However, even though it was true, he really did not want to lie to the messenger in his heart, the Clown Sea Serpent.

However, this was the most secret thing in his heart. Furthermore, the Clown Sea Serpent had not asked him how he was controlling the governor, so he did not say anything.

After the “messenger” revealed his divine powers, he had already fallen at the feet of the Clown Sea Serpent, so he did not dare have any disloyalty.

Thus, people with money and power were actually the most afraid of death.

They are forever studying the secrets of longevity, studying the power of the mystical realm and science. Therefore, when this power appeared before them one day, they would feel like their life had finally found its direction.

On top of that, the Clown Sea Serpent did not disappoint him. After Smith handed over enough proof of his allegiance, the Clown Sea Serpent said that he was willing to take him to the “Master”.

Hence, Smith became excited and personally flew the helicopter to Socot Island.

However, when he boarded the plane and arrived at the beach, something unexpected happened. He did not expect for the “Master” before him to be so young and… An asian.

In fact, he could understand why he was young. After all, God was immortal. But an asian… since when was God an asian?

Therefore, Smith had some doubts.

However, when the “Master” before him saw through all his secrets with just one glance, Smith’s fear and respect for the person before him peaked and he did not dare doubt Su Yang anymore.

When he saw that Smith now respected him, Su Yang said calmly, “Why can’t God be an Asian? God can even be a girl.”

Smith’s eyes widened because he did not expect Su Yang to see through his thoughts. Hence, he lowered his head even more…

Then, Su Yang said to the Clown Sea Serpent, “I’ll leave him to you. You can decide how to deal with the lie that he told you, but don’t let it affect my plan. I’ll be launching the rocket later and it needs to be covered up.”

The Clown Sea Serpent hurriedly replied, “Yes, Master!”

After Su Yang gave his instructions, he left the beach. Behind him, the Clown Sea Serpent gave Smith a few tight slaps and said sternly, “Do something for Master first! I’ll deal with you later!”

Smith said fearfully, “Yes, yes, messenger.”

Then, he took out a satellite phone from his pocket and started his plan.

An hour later, Su Yang received news that the Clown Sea Serpent had arranged everything.

Hence, Su Yang, Little Deeny, Janet, Little Hus and a few other monsters arrived at the [Satellite Launching Rocket Base].

This time, there was no need for Su Yang to do anything. Little Deeny placed her hand on the glass screen, her eyes widened and the lines of data flashed across her eyes.

A moment later, a notification popped up in front of Su Yang.

[Are you sure you want to purchase two satellites?]

Su Yang replied, “Yes.”

[40,000 coins deducted.]

A moment later, Su Yang received another notification.

[Are you sure you want to purchase a rocket launching and retrieval function (one-time-use)]

Su Yang replied, “Yes.”

[70,000 coins successfully deducted.]

When everything was over, Little Deeny’s eyes regained their clarity and she said to Su Yang, “Master, the three satellites I’ve set up will launch into the sky all at once, but they will gradually change their trajectory. The two satellites will correspondingly be launched to the east and west hemispheres, while the third satellite will be used to replenish and strengthen the first two’s signals.”

Su Yang replied, “Sure, I’ll leave the arrangements to you.”

Little Deeny said, “Alright.”

A moment later, a few large mechanical arms slowly emerged from the [Satellite Launching Rocket Base]. Those mechanical arms grabbed the two satellites and began to modify the rockets.

They worked very fast. In less than half an hour, everything was done.

A moment later, Little Deeny brought the glass screen in front of Su Yang. There was only a red [Launch] button on the screen and Little Deeny said to Su Yang, “Master, you may launch it.”

Su Yang held onto the glass screen. Although he did not show it on his face, he was feeling excited.

‘Whatever it is, this will be my first step out of Earth.

‘As a Chinese, who doesn’t have a dream of flying in the sky? In ancient times, Chang ‘er flew up to the moon was the legacy of this dream. Now, I can actually participate in this personally.’

Su Yang suppressed his excitement. He looked at the rocket in the middle of the rocket launch site and pressed the [Launch] button.

As he pressed the button, the ground around him started to shake. Even the ground beneath Su Yang’s feet started to tremble.

Su Yang looked at Little Deeny and the data flashed across her eyes. A moment later, she said, “Master! This should be a normal phenomenon.”

Following her words, fierce flames suddenly erupted from the base of the rocket. With a boom, it turned into a streak of fire and shot into the sky!

The huge shockwave and the downward force caused the entire mountain to shake and compress. Su Yang even felt like he could hear the sound of the steel bars that were fixed to the base of the rocket.

The mountain was on the verge of collapse as a rocket soared into the sky.

The rocket that shot into the sky instantly attracted the world’s attention.

The American military had spotted the rocket immediately. “Attention, unknown flying object flying at high speed coming from the direction of Hawaii… Into the sky?”

“Is it a guided missile?”

“I don’t… Think so. It’s a rocket.”

“Was it reported?”

“Let me check.”

A moment later… “It’s been reported. The area and the location match, but… It’s a weapons test.”

“Okay, continue observing.”

In China… “There is a suspected rocket launch somewhere in Hawaii.”

“Hawaii? Is there an American base there?”

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