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Chapter 705 - Who Is the Male Lead?

Chapter 705: Who Is the Male Lead?

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Wu Feng did not say it directly and even kept him in suspense. “Guess.”

Su Yang had just gotten out of bed and was still in a daze. Hence, for a moment, he did not know whether to laugh or cry after being invited to such a “game”. However, after thinking about it, he felt that since Wu Feng had mentioned it, it must be someone he knew or someone with a certain amount of fame.

Therefore, after some consideration, he asked, “Zhang Yishan?”

Zhang Yishan was one of Su Yang’s favorite actors. His acting skills were pretty good, and he had a good reputation as well. So, Su Yang felt that it would be a good choice for him to act in “Wandering Planet”.

However, Wu Feng said, “No. Guess again.”

Su Yang pondered for a while and guessed, “Could it be Liu Haoran?”

Liu Haoran was also a rising star in recent years. His acting skills could only be said to be passable, but he was one of the few young and handsome celebrities who did not follow the trends and focused on acting. Therefore, Su Yang thought that he was a fine choice as well.

Once again, Wu Feng smiled and said, “Wrong again.”

Su Yang was speechless.

“Brother Wu, you’re becoming more and more like a troublemaking little devil. Can you not keep me in suspense and tell me who he is?”

Wu Feng said, “I can swear that you’re very familiar with this person.”

Su Yang was confused. “Who…?”

Wu Feng said, “You.”

Su Yang was stunned. “What about me?”

Wu Feng said, “I mean, you’re the male lead.”

Su Yang was confused.

‘What the heck?!

‘How did it end up being me?’

At that thought, Su Yang woke up instantly and was no longer sleepy. He exclaimed, “Brother Wu, stop joking around! How have I suddenly become the male lead?”

Wu Feng cleared his throat and said in a serious tone, “Actor Su Yang, I would like to officially invite you to be the male lead selection for the “Wandering Planet” project. Please make preparations within a week and come to the production team for the audition. If you pass, the male lead will be yours.”

With that, Wu Feng hung up, leaving Su Yang confused.

‘What the heck!?

‘Either I’ve gone crazy or Wu Feng has gone crazy because of the casting selection!’

Then, Su Yang pondered for a while and decided to ask Guo Fan about it.

With that thought, he picked up the glass screen and called Guo Fan, who then told Su Yang the entire story.

It turned out that Wu Feng and Guo Fan had been selecting actors for the movie. The other actors were quickly selected and they had already started to join the group and were receiving training. In fact, they had even started to film some simple scenes.

Wu Feng was the best example. Most of his scenes were independent and the special effects had already been prepared, so other than dealing with the crew, he had been filming his scenes.

However, he was already halfway through filming, yet the male lead was still undecided, which ended up giving Wu Feng a headache.

He and Guo Fan had selected quite a few actors, but they had all failed due to various reasons. Wu Feng felt like the few remaining actors were not much different from extras!

Therefore, when Guo Fan and Su Yang called yesterday, they joked that Wu Feng was trying to pull someone from the streets!

In the end… What the others thought was a joke had actually ended up being taken seriously by Wu Feng.

Hence, last night, when the two of them finished filming the movie and were discussing the actors, Wu Feng got anxious and said that he should let Su Yang act since he could find anyone he wanted! Plus, there were not many scenes for the male lead and he did not need to have good acting skills, nor did he need to be handsome. Most importantly, Wu Feng had run out of choices. That was why Wu Feng thought of letting an insider do the job rather than giving it to someone else!

When Guo Fan heard this, he was stunned and his first reaction was to suspect that Wu Feng was out of his mind. Putting aside whether the big boss agreed or not, bringing the big boss into the movie was no different from finding a passerby!

Furthermore, even though Wu Feng had said that even a passerby could compete with these few remaining candidates, that was supposed to just be an exaggeration. The professionalism of an actor was not something that a normal person could do. Just the act of not looking at the camera would take a long time for a layman to adjust.

Therefore, Guo Fan immediately raised his doubts.

In the end, Wu Feng told Guo Fan that Su Yang actually knew how to act. Not only did Su Yang have a guest appearance in “Wolf Warriors”, he was also training his acting skills and preparing to act in “Wolf Warriors 2”.

He even told Guo Fan about his bet with Su Yang, how as long as Su Yang’s acting skills are good enough, Wu Feng would let Su Yang act as the second male lead in “Wolf Warriors 2”.

Thus, this immediately shut Guo Fan up.

After that, Wu Feng persuaded Guo Fan that Su Yang had another advantage over the other backup actors: Su Yang was a big boss who had invested hundreds of millions in the movie, and now that he was the main lead, he had to put in all his effort to act well. Otherwise, wouldn’t all his money go to waste? Therefore, Su Yang’s subjectivity was not something that the backup actors could compare to.

Hearing Wu Feng’s words, Guo Fan actually felt that… He made sense.

To be honest, giving the male protagonist tens of thousands of yuan in remuneration would be better than letting the male protagonist bear the pressure of a few hundred million yuan…

Therefore, the two of them decided on this happily, thus the reason why Wu Feng called Su Yang early in the morning.

As Su Yang listened to Guo Fan speechlessly. There was only one thought in his mind. ‘Am I going to make my debut?’

Then, he had a second reaction. ‘No… I’m not going to be making my debut. I’m going to be the male lead of a movie with a box office of 5 billion yuan?’

The moment this thought popped up in his head, Su Yang hesitated. ‘But, can I do it well? I shouldn’t ruin this project!’

He then recalled the script for this movie. ‘Although the male lead doesn’t have a strong presence in this movie, he’s still a key figure! So, there might be a possibility that this huge blockbuster gets ruined because I didn’t act well!’

After much consideration, Su Yang felt that he had to be more cautious!

Therefore, after he ended the call with Guo Fan, he did not give an immediate reply. Instead, he returned to the virtual space and asked Little Hus to verify the information.

After Little Hus was called down, it sniffed at the project proposal and thought about it. Then, it said that there were no changes to the project.

‘Based on this, from the looks of it… The male lead is really not important.

‘Then again, it makes sense. According to the revised script, this movie is mainly focused on emotions and special effects, plus the pillar of support of the movie has already been taken up by Wu Feng. So, strictly speaking, Wu Feng’s the main pillar of support who’s also the core of this movie, while the male lead and the protagonist team are actually just a way to promote the plot and showcase the worldview.’

So, after getting Little Hus’s approval, Su Yang was relieved.

Of course, he was not someone who would be overly cautious!

‘Since Wu Feng and the rest believe in me and they don’t have a better choice, I should take up the role then! At most, I could work overtime and finish the shoot earlier. After all, I have my “Three Days Without Sleep Halo”, so I don’t need much sleep.’

Su Yang then replied to Wu Feng and Guo Fan to confirm that he would be participating in the audition for the male lead.

Because of this sudden incident, Su Yang could not accompany Chu Xia anymore. He told Chu Xia that he was going to be busy recently and asked her to write her novel in his office.

Plus, if her legs were inconvenient, she could bring home the [Squid That Didn’t Like To Dive], throw it into a washbasin, and have her buffs.

After a while, Chu Xia replied obediently, ‘No need, Mr. CEO. It’s going to be too weird to raise a squid in a washbasin. I’d better go to the company. You go ahead and do your own things. Come visit me when you’re free.’

Su Yang nodded in agreement. ‘Chu Xia’s such a good girl.’

Earlier that day at Chu Xia’s house, perhaps it was because of the ginseng water, but Chu Xia had woken up early that day, before 6am for that matter.

Then, the first thing Chu Xia did when she woke up was to look at her bed, wanting to see the person in her heart.

However, of course she did not see him.

Although she knew that Su Yang wouldn’t be by her bedside for the night, she still felt a little disappointed.

Of course, even though she was disappointed, the optimist forgot about it instantly because she was concerned about something else… How her injury was.

At that thought, she lifted the blanket and carefully moved her feet to step on the ground. Chu Xia took two light steps and felt like she had completely recovered. In fact, she even tried twisting her ankle again and jumped a few times, but she realized that there was no pain at all.

‘I’ve actually recovered in just one night!

‘I feel so blessed to have a superhuman by my side!’

Just as she was fumbling around in her pajamas, the door to her room opened and Chu Xia’s mother poked her head in. She then sized up Chu Xia and asked, “Darling, what are you doing so early in the morning?”

Chu Xia quickly said, “Oh, nothing. Just stretching.”

Chu Xia’s mother looked suspiciously at Chu Xia and then asked, “Has your leg recovered?”

Chu Xia nodded. “Yes, it has.”

Chu Xia’s mother nagged at her, “See, I told you that you’d be fine after getting a good rest, didn’t I? You even insisted on going to the hospital yesterday, such a pampered child.

“Alright, come out and eat in a while.” With that, Chu Xia’s mother closed the door and left.

After the door closed, Chu Xia made a face behind her mother. She wrinkled her nose and said, “It’s not because I rested well, but because Mr. CEO cured me, boohoo.”

After saying that, she thought about it and started pondering again. “Mr. CEO came so late to treat my illness last night, should I repay him? Should I make him a small gift? Or should I give him a small surprise?”

After thinking for a while, Chu Xia’s eyes lit up. “Why don’t I make lunch for him?”

As a result, Chu Xia’s thoughts coincided with Su Yang’s yesterday.

This was probably because when the two of them were together, they would not have a nice lunch…

Hence, Chu Xia quickly got changed and rushed to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Chu Xia’s mother was making chicken soup.

Chu Xia moved closer to her mother. Her nose twitched slightly and she said coquettishly, “It smells so good, Mom.”

Chu Xia’s mother smiled and said, “Of course. I’ve been cooking for you all night. How can it not be fragrant? You can have another bowl later.”

Chu Xia looked at the pot and estimated the amount of soup. Then, she said, “I won’t be drinking at home. I’ll bring it with me later instead and have it for lunch.”

Then, Chu Xia asked again, “Mommy, is there anything we cook at home? I want to bring lunch with me.”

Chu Xia’s mother looked suspiciously at Chu Xia, “Why are you suddenly bringing food?”

Chu Xia held her mother’s arm and acted coquettishly as she wriggled and rubbed against her. “There’s no reason. I just want to eat…”

Sometimes, beauty is a woman’s greatest weapon. Even if she was her own child, Chu Xia’s mother could not handle Chu Xia as she smiled and said, “Okay, okay, okay. I’ll make it for you.”

Chu Xia quickly said, “No need! I’ll do it myself!”

Chu Xia’s mother was stunned for a moment. Then, she looked Chu Xia up and down with a thoughtful expression on her face. But in the end, she still agreed.

Following that, Chu Xia’s mother began to help Chu Xia look for ingredients. Meanwhile, Chu Xia herself began to use her phone to search for recipes online. She actually didn’t know how to cook and that would be her first time cooking, so she had to study hard.

Just as she was checking the recipe, a WeChat message popped up on her phone.

Chu Xia opened it and realized that it was from the person she had been longing for.

‘Chu Xia, I have something on recently so I won’t be going to the office to accompany you. If you’re bored in the office or your ankle still feels uncomfortable, bring the squid home and put it in the washbasin.’

Chu Xia looked at the WeChat message on her phone and froze for a few seconds before she recovered. The smile on her face slowly dimmed. The corners of her lips stopped moving upwards and her eyelashes drooped.

“Busy again… You’re so busy everyday.” Chu Xia looked at her phone and pouted. She mumbled softly, “I was going to bring you a lunchbox, guess that’s cancelled again.”

After muttering, Chu Xia typed a line on her phone screen: “Then when are you coming back to accompany me?”

After she was done typing, Chu Xia pressed the send button. However, after some hesitation, she thought about it and deleted everything.

She bit her lips and thought for a while. Then, she squeezed out a smile and replied obediently, ‘No need, Mr. CEO, it’s going to be weird to raise a squid in the washbasin. I’ll go to the company. Go do your own things. Come visit me when you’re free.’

After replying to his WeChat message, Chu Xia saw that Su Yang had replied with ‘Okay’. She sighed softly and threw her phone down as she laid on the sofa and looked up at the kitchen, shouting, “Mom, you don’t have to help me look for food. I thought about it and have decided to eat takeaway for lunch!”

After a while, Chu Xia’s mother’s grumbling came from the kitchen, “Don’t eat takeout every day! Takeout is unhygienic and filthy. It’s all…”

Just like the other boys, Su Yang did not know that the good girl’s words were filled with hesitation and unhappiness. Instead, he was still immersed in his practice.

Previously, for the sake of “Wolf Warriors 2”, Su Yang had taken the opportunity to add a Bronze Point to himself. That Bronze Ability was [Action Movie Acting Ability].

In fact, because it was done during his lucky period, three similar abilities were randomly selected and he was rewarded with the talent [The Immortal Cockroach (Fake)], where his acting skills would not be affected by injuries. In fact, any injury suffered would cause Su Yang’s acting skills to soar. Hence, the more injured he is, the stronger his acting skills would be. On top of that, no one would be able to tell that he was injured.

With this ability and talent, Su Yang was definitely a veteran actor (trained in acting and had been acting for seven to eight years). In fact, he would also be considered to be a normal actor if the movie was of a general genre.

Based on Su Yang’s own estimations, in the current entertainment industry, with his standard as an actor, his acting skills should be able to surpass the young and handsome celebrities by a long shot…

Coupled with the basics of the lines that he had learned from his [Verbal Canon] ability, there was nothing wrong with choosing him as the male lead.

However, his acting skills were something that had to be “activated” if unused over a long period of time. Therefore, Su Yang planned to practice well that day before going for the audition the next day. After the audition, he would hurry up and get started to film the movie! In fact, he wanted to finish filming his movie before “Wolf Warriors 2” was released. That way, his Platinum Mission would be completed!

Hence, the day soon ended and Su Yang had familiarized himself with all the acting skills given by the system. At first, he was a little rusty, but he became more and more relaxed, so much that Su Yang felt that he had done it perfectly.

‘Besides… Even if it’s not perfect, don’t I still have [The Unkillable Cockroach]? This talent increases the standard of all performances, so it’s my trump card!’

At night, Su Yang took a break and read his book as usual to recover the energy he had lost during his acting training.

Just as he was engrossed in reading, his phone rang.

“Ding Ling Ling.”

Su Yang did not take his eyes off the book and asked, “Who’s calling?”

Little Deeny’s voice rang in Su Yang’s ears. “Master, it’s from the Clown Sea Serpent.”

Su Yang was stunned. ‘The Clown Sea Serpent? Why is he looking for me? Could it be that… They’ve resolved the rocket launch issue?

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