I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 704 - Coaxing Chu Xia to Sleep

Chapter 704: Coaxing Chu Xia to Sleep

Especially under the dim lights and how close the two of them to each other, coupled with the ambiguous scene, Su Yang felt even more restless.

At that moment, he could not help but recall a passage in Zhang Xiaoxian’s book.

‘The most beautiful moment in love is the time when the both of you are playing hard to get. You know that he likes you and you like him too. The days of flirting and being intimate with each other everyday is the sweetest. When you wake up in the morning, you will have a smile on your face, yearning to hear his voice and eager to see him very much. The moment before your relationship is confirmed is the happiest of all.

‘Chu Xia and I seem to be at that stage right now.

‘Though I’m not entirely sure if I love Chu Xia or not, but… I think that I do, maybe? At the very least, I’ve never met a woman who can move my heart like her.

‘As for those other women who have an intimate relationship with me, Tang Jing gives him the motherly kind of care and concern. In fact, she’s like a big sister who can take care of me in times of need.

‘Then, what Xu Lu gives me is a kind of excitement, the kind that would keep me high for the entire night like an indispensable passion in life.

‘As for Lin Jiali, she gives me the kind of care between friends, playing and teasing each other, but would also care for each other.

‘Only Chu Xia… Seems different.

‘There’s a faint heartthrob and an urge to want to live together with her for the rest of my life.

‘However, I’ve never been in a relationship before, plus I’ve met so many outstanding women at the same time. So, I can’t differentiate the various feelings I have, thus hindering me from making a quick decision.

‘This is especially so because it’s in human nature to be greedy. There’s no one who doesn’t want to monopolize all those beautiful affairs at the same time and I’m no exception. This is why I’m confused about my feelings for Chu Xia, it’s because of all my hesitation, conflict and indecisiveness…

‘On the other hand, does Chu Xia like me?

‘I feel she definitely does.

‘Chu Xia hasn’t been bothered by a girl’s usual shyness, embarrassment, and reservation as she bravely stands by my side. On top of that, her every move, her thoughtfulness and her gaze… If you can’t define that as love, then I’m literally clueless about relationships.’

Therefore, now that both of them had each other in their hearts, it was not an exaggeration to say that they were in love, which was the best moment during the entire process.

After putting behind his thoughts, Su Yang took a look at Chu Xia. Under the light, Chu Xia was beautiful with her small face, big eyes and long eyelashes. In fact, she literally looked like an angel.

Then, Su Yang averted his gaze and looked at Chu Xia’s calf once again and reached out to touch it. Chu Xia’s leg was very slippery, so he slid all the way to Chu Xia’s swollen ankle.

As Su Yang touched it lightly, there was a soft “Hiss” sound.

Su Yang turned around and saw Chu Xia’s face scrunched up as she gasped.

Hence, Su Yang asked, “Does it hurt?”

Chu Xia gritted her teeth and said softly, “No.”

Su Yang smiled. “If it’s not painful, I’ll continue then.”

After saying that, Su Yang suddenly felt that this conversation was a little weird… ‘Why does this seem like some scene that makes people’s imaginations run wild?’

At that thought, Su Yang took a glance at Chu Xia and saw that she had yet to react. Hence, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he roughly checked Chu Xia’s ankle, touched it and pressed it. ‘She should not have any broken bones, but this is quite a serious sprain she’s got here.’

Therefore, he thought about it and took out two of Sanque’s ginseng roots from his pocket. Then, he took out a glass of water from his pocket and said to Chu Xia, “Little Chu Xia, allow me to perform a magic trick for you.”

Chu Xia looked at Su Yang and blinked. “What magic trick?”

Su Yang waved his left hand. “Look, there are two ginseng roots here.”

Chu Xia nodded.

Su Yang waved his right hand again. “Now look here, there’s a cup of water.”

Chu Xia nodded again.

Then, Su Yang threw the ginseng roots into the cup and it melted immediately after entering the water, turning into a glass of clear yellow water. “Abracadabra! Look, the magic trick is done.”

Chu Xia was silent for a while.

Then, she looked at Su Yang with her big eyes. “Mr. CEO, the tea my mom brews would do this as well. Just that it takes longer.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘How could it possibly be the same?! That’s tea! This is ginseng water! Just the price alone is already different! Hello?!’

Su Yang felt that he was being looked down upon, so he shoved the cup into Chu Xia’s hands. “Drink it.”

Chu Xia looked at Su Yang and stuck out her tongue cutely before she obediently took the ginseng water and gulped it down.

When she was done, she looked at Su Yang and asked cutely, “Is this an aphrodisiac?”

Su Yang was so infuriated by Chu Xia that he laughed. “If it is, it wouldn’t change the fact that you’ve already drank it!”

Chu Xia thought about it and nodded. “You’re right.”

After drinking the ginseng water, Su Yang kept the cup and walked to the bed. He asked Chu Xia, “How is it? Do you feel anything?”

Chu Xia thought about it. “My ankle feels itchy.”

Su Yang nodded. “That’s right. If it’s itchy, that means that it’s healing. It’ll pass very soon.”

Chu Xia lifted her ankle. Her legs were long to begin with, so when she lifted it, her entire leg looked like a landing strip. Then, she tilted her head to look at her ankle and realized that the swelling was visibly decreasing.

Chu Xia beamed with joy. She put down her legs and smiled at Su Yang. “Thank you, Mr. CEO.”

Su Yang sat by the bed and covered her with the blanket. “You’re welcome.”

Looking at Su Yang’s gentle actions, Chu Xia seemed to have something in her eyes. She turned her body and gently leaned on Su Yang’s shoulder. Then, she said softly, “Su Yang, hug me.”

Perhaps it was because Chu Xia was too close to him, or perhaps it was because of the gentle fragrance emanating from Chu Xia’s body, or perhaps it was because Chu Xia wanted him to hug her. In any case, at that moment, Su Yang felt as if his heart was racing.

Swallowing his saliva, he lifted his hand gently, wrapped it around Chu Xia’s shoulder, and lowered it.

Chu Xia trembled slightly before moving closer to Su Yang.

Su Yang then lowered his head to look at Chu Xia. He noticed that Chu Xia’s hands were gently fiddling on the blanket. Her eyes were closed and her long eyelashes were fluttering like two mischievous little wings.

Su Yang smiled and patted Chu Xia’s shoulders as if he was coaxing a child to sleep…

She did not know how much time had passed. It seemed like twenty minutes, maybe half an hour. However, Chu Xia’s breathing gradually calmed down and her eyelashes stopped moving.

Su Yang looked at her. After confirming that she was asleep, he carefully placed her on the bed.

Throughout the process, Chu Xia did not wake up and was still sleeping softly.

Su Yang looked at her sleeping face. The more he looked at her, the cuter she looked. Then, he slowly lowered his head and gently kissed Chu Xia’s lips.

Chu Xia’s lips were soft and smooth, with a hint of sweetness.

After Su Yang very lightly pecked on her lips, he got up and left her bedside.

Arriving at the end of the bed, Su Yang lifted the blanket at Chu Xia’s feet and looked at Chu Xia’s injured ankle under the dim light, which had already recovered to its original state. Other than the faint red mark, there was no other difference between that ankle and her other one. ‘It looks like it will be completely healed tomorrow morning.’

Relieved, Su Yang covered Chu Xia with a blanket and tucked her in. Then, he turned off the lights and left Chu Xia’s house with his [Hands Of Fate].

Back at the villa, Su Yang was lying on his bed with his hands behind his head. Looking at the ceiling, his mind was filled with Chu Xia’s image.

Perhaps it was because people tend to be emotional at night, Su Yang started to let his imagination run wild.

Even though he had just returned from Chu Xia’s house and had made some progress with her, Su Yang was actually still a little confused.

He was not an ordinary person. He had superpowers and many little monsters and secrets. These things gave him a special sense of mission.

‘I wanted to change the world. I want people to live better and I want to make my life better. But… It seems that by doing so, I’d be standing up against a lot of people.

‘There were so many capitalists and vested interests in this world. So, when I use my superpowers to smash up their plans with my special items one day, would they really be able to tolerate it?

‘When that happens, would I become the entire world’s enemy?

‘If I really do become the enemy of the entire world, would Chu Xia still be willing to stay by my side?

‘Would she be able to accept such a life?

‘Would I end up giving her a life that she doesn’t like?

‘I’m a little confused.’

After some time, a muffled voice came from the darkness. “You’re in love.”

Su Yang was shocked. “Who’s there?”

Su Yang quickly covered his eyes with his hands and squinted his eyes.

And then he realized that… It was the lightbulb above him that had spoken.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief. “Old Tungsten. You scared me.”

The little monster who spoke was the light bulb that Su Yang had enlightened earlier, Old Tungsten.

After being enlightened, Old Tungsten did not like to stay in the virtual world anymore. Instead, it would pretend to be a light bulb in Su Yang’s villa everyday.

Then, Old Tungsten light slowly dimmed and then it recited a poem, “What is love in the world? It teaches you to live and die together.”

Su Yang snapped, “Change.”

In fact, Old Tungsten really did change. “I hope that the two of you would be a pair of love birds in heaven, or two branches of a tree on Earth.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Then, he sat up and said, “Old Tungsten, can you not recite love poems? Do you even understand love?”

Old Tungsten spoke like a sentimental poet. “Why don’t I understand love? I’ve just experienced an unforgettable love.”

Su Yang was shocked. “When did this happen?”

“Just a few days ago. At night.”

Su Yang looked around and asked curiously, “Who are you dating? The lamp in our house? The headlights? The tube light? Or the incandescent lamp?”

Old Tungsten said slowly, “Neither.”

Its voice seemed to come from afar, distant and sad. “It’s a moth.”

Su Yang was confused.

‘I’m confused. Did I hear wrongly? A lightbulb and a moth in a relationship?

‘It seems as if all of the little monsters in my family are following Little Hus’s footsteps. Not only have they to cross the boundaries of gender, they’re also crossing the boundaries of species?

Old Tungsten said, “A few days ago, I crawled to the toilet and twisted myself inside.

“Beside the toilet, there is a small window that connects to the outside world.

“Every night, I would turn on the lights and look at the scenery outside, reminiscing about my life.

“And just as I was feeling sentimental, she suddenly appeared. She flew to the window and looked at me. She stared at me with deep affection, telling me how much she loved me.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Although Old Tungsten sounds quite poetic, why does it feel so strange?’

Su Yang asked, “And then?”

Old Tungsten said, “Then, she flapped her wings, wanting to fly in and become one with me.”

Su Yang asked again, “And then?”

Old Tungsten said, “And then… There was nothing. I didn’t open the window for her.”

Su Yang was confused.

Su Yang said, “That’s your definition of love? Where is the love? Where is the relationship? Plus… That just sounds like the story of a moth being attracted to a light.

“Besides, you don’t even have hands! How were you going to open the window for her?”

“Neigh, good sir.” said Old Tungsten. “You don’t understand our love.”

Su Yang was speechless.

“What is your love then?”

“Letting go. Letting go defines our love for each other.”

Su Yang felt that Old Tungsten was getting more and more reasonable (strange). He could not help but ask, “Why did you let go?”

Old Tungsten asked, “Let me ask you, what is the first thing you think of in the idiom that is related to moths?”

Su Yang pondered for a moment. “Like moths to a flame?”

Old Tungsten. “Correct. Like moths to a flame. So she wants fire, but I… Am not. I’m just a lightbulb, so she’s got the wrong person. I knew I wasn’t what she wanted, so I turned her down.”

Su Yang was silent for a while.

Suddenly, he felt like Old Tungsten was implying something.

Su Yang pondered for a while before looking up at Old Tungsten. “Are you trying to use that story to reason things out with me?”

Old Tungsten did not admit or deny it. “Consider it yourself.”

Su Yang lowered his head in silence.

This time, he was silent for a very long time.

An hour later, Su Yang raised his head and scoffed. “I feel that your view on love is completely wrong. You think that she needs fire, but how do you know that she doesn’t want light?

“I will acknowledge that you did have love, but you’ve missed it. And I… Won’t.”

After saying that, Su Yang did not intend to continue arguing with Old Tungsten. Instead, he tossed it into the virtual space.

‘Out of sight, out of mind. After quarreling, out you go! Awesome!’

However, after discussing their relationship with Old Tungsten, Su Yang felt that he had gotten over it.

‘F*ck those capitalists, I want to make the world better!

‘As for Chu Xia… I’ll let her decide.

‘I will never use “for her own good” as an excuse and give up on her. This would be the greatest disrespect to a girl.’

After figuring everything out, Su Yang went to bed and slept soundly. ‘I’ll go play with Chu Xia tomorrow!’

The next morning, Su Yang was woken up by his phone ringing. Su Yang knew that Little Deeny must have received an important call at that time, so he got up, rubbed his eyes and answered the call.

“Hello? Brother Su! Are you awake?”

It was a familiar voice, and the familiar manliness of a person from the Imperial Capital. Hence, it was obviously Wu Feng.

Su Yang was already very familiar with Wu Feng, so he joked, “I am now.”

Wu Feng laughed. “I’m sorry. I was just too excited, so I called you early in the morning.”

Su Yang yawned and replied, “That’s fine. Is something the matter?”

Wu Feng said, “Of course it’s a big deal for me to look for you personally. Get this, the male lead for our movie has been confirmed!”

Su Yang sobered up immediately. “Who is it?”

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