I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 703 - Chu Xia: Is It Soft?

Chapter 703: Chu Xia: Is It Soft?

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Tong Bingqing looked at Su Yang and remained silent for a long time.

After a while, she stood up and closed the blinds on the only window in Su Yang’s office. She then walked to the door and locked it before returning to Su Yang.

Su Yang looked at her with interest and guessed what Tong Bingqing wanted to do.

Tong Bingqing did not make Su Yang wait too long. She walked to Su Yang’s table and stood up straight. She reached for the buttons on her uniform and started to unbutton them one by one.

Her movements were gentle and beautiful, but for some reason, Su Yang did not feel anything.

He watched calmly as Tong Bingqing removed her uniform, placed it on the sofa, and started to unbutton her shirt.

As the shirt was slowly unbuttoned, Tong Bingqing’s fair skin was slowly revealed before Su Yang. Her flat stomach, deep cleavage, and black lingerie were like a gift to Su Yang.

Any man would not be able to resist such a scene, but Su Yang did not feel anything.

Lying on the chair, he looked at Tong Bingqing, reflecting on his own condition.

‘Based on the incident with Xu Lu, I know that I’m not a strong-willed person. So, normally speaking, a hot-blooded young man like myself would have my blood pumping in this kind of situation.

‘But… Why do I feel nothing at all?

‘Could it be because…

‘This is too much like a business deal?’

At the thought of this, Su Yang looked at Tong Bingqing again as he sized her up. She was 23 or 24 years old with a pretty face and a good figure. The thing that stood out was that she always had a determined expression on her face, as if her willpower was so strong that nothing could defeat her.

‘This isn’t a simple woman…’

Su Yang’s gaze landed on Tong Bingqing’s “already revealed yet indescribable papaya-shaped parts” and paused for a moment before confirming his judgment once again. ‘Sure enough, she isn’t simple at all. That size she has is almost comparable to a certain dance teacher’s.’

While Su Yang was letting his imagination run wild, Tong Bingqing did not stop there. She was now removing her bra and continued to remove her stockings.

Seeing that she was about to become completely naked, Su Yang quickly tapped his fingers on the table and interrupted her. “That’s enough.”

Su Yang’s voice resounded in the office, causing Tong Bingqing, who had already lifted her legs and removed her socks, to pause and look at Su Yang.

Then, Su Yang raised his hand and gestured. “Please put your clothes back on. You might have misunderstood, but this isn’t the explanation I want.”

Although Su Yang’s actions were a little humiliating, Tong Bingqing acted as if she did not mind it at all. Instead, she nodded her head and put on her clothes quietly.

Her every move was slow, like she did not care that she was in a strange office, stripping herself down before a complete stranger.

After she was dressed, Su Yang asked, “Did the bank ask you to do this?”

Tong Bingqing shook her head, “No, I myself decided to do this.”

Su Yang asked again, “Do you… Do this often?”

Tong Bingqing shook her head again, “No. First time.”

Su Yang was confused. “Then why did you do it?”

Tong Bingqing still had a brave expression on her face. “Although the bank didn’t ask me to do so, my director did give me a hint. He even told me that as long as you agree to deposit your money into our bank, I will be promoted as the manager and will be given a huge bonus.

“Plus, through both of my interactions with you, you hinted at me as well, so it was obvious. So, if I give myself to you, you’ll fulfill your promise and the bank will give me a promotion and a raise.”

Su Yang felt a little awkward because the first time he said that, it was just a misunderstanding. Then, during the second time, he wanted to see what the woman would do. ‘I never thought you’d actually take it so seriously!’

Hence, Su Yang changed the topic. “Then why do I feel that you’re very familiar with the ins and outs? Have you done it before?”

Tong Bingqing glanced at Su Yang. “No. The others aren’t worth it. They’re just normal business partners.”

“As for being proficient… Who doesn’t put on and remove clothes everyday?”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Strangely enough, it does make sense.’

Then, Su Yang changed his posture and asked curiously, “Is what I’m offering that great?”

Tong Bingqing nodded without hesitation. “Yes. With 700 million yuan, a single branch of the bank will be able to bring in tens or even hundreds of millions of yuan in profits to the branch every year. On top of that, I’ll also receive a one-time commission of several million yuan as well. How could that not be great?”

Su Yang was shocked.

‘I really didn’t expect the bank to profit so much from just a deposit. No wonder this woman was willing to give up everything.

‘To put it bluntly, if she does it once, she’ll be able to buy a house in Shanghai. So, any normal person would hesitate or be tempted at such an offer.

‘Moreover, this woman’s face has ambition written all over it, so it ‘s even more understandable.

‘However… A few million yuan for doing it once…

‘Even though I’ve never done anything like this before, I still feel that this price is… D*mn high.

‘Furthermore, I think that I will only feel something when I have a deeper connection with the person emotionally. Otherwise, how’s it any different from a business deal?’

In the end, Su Yang said, “I don’t need this deal of yours. What I need is for someone to be responsible for my savings.”

“I do have a large amount of savings right now and I might even have more in the future. However, I hope that my money can appreciate in value as much as possible with a guaranteed capital.”

At this point, Su Yang continued, “If you can help me plan my finances, I can consider putting my money in your bank and making it a structural deposit.”

Actually, Su Yang and Little Deeny had been thinking about it for the past few days. Su Yang’s company had the ability to earn cash flow, so the cash flow would only increase.

Other than keeping the money for the company to operate normally, there would be a lot of money left.

Therefore, if the remaining money was only used for living expenses, it would be a waste.

Thus, the best way to deal with that money was to convert it into structural deposits, earning far more interest than spending it on living expenses.

Hence, that was why Su Yang was willing to chat with Tong Bingqing.

When Tong Bingqing heard Su Yang’s words, a look of surprise flashed across her face because she had not expected that Su Yang would give up on a piece of meat that was literally placed right in front of his mouth.

However, who in their right mind would be willing to give up their own body? Hence, she said to Su Yang, “Alright, Mr. Su. Let me show you the plan then.”

As she spoke, she took out a few documents from her bag and walked to Su Yang. Bending down, she placed the documents down and started explaining.

‘I must say… There’s a reason behind this woman’s ambitiousness. She really is capable and I’m quite satisfied with how she explained her plan.’ In fact, Su Yang almost wanted to nod his head and agree for her to go ahead.

However, Su Yang’s habitual cautiousness did not allow him to make such a rash decision. Hence, he pondered for a moment before saying, “Alright, we’ll stop here for today, I’ll consider this matter for the time being and will contact you after I’ve thought it through.”

Tong Bingqing did not continue to pester him and nodded as she placed the document on the table. Then, she said, “Okay, Mr. Su. If you need anything, I’ll be at your service.”

With that, she bowed slightly and left the office.

As Su Yang watched her leave, he was deep in thought… ‘Why do I feel that there was some hidden meaning behind her words just now? Or am I too dirty-minded?’

Thus, the day passed by quickly as Su Yang took out a few more books and accumulated a few more virtual servers.

After work, Su Yang contacted the Clown Sea Serpent and asked about the progress of the rocket, which the latter then said that he was still coming up with a solution.

Since Su Yang knew that this was a tricky matter, he did not rush him.

Then, when he reached home, Su Yang gave Wu Feng and Guo Fan a call. The casting for “Wandering Planet” had already reached the final stage with all the actors chosen except for the male lead.

All the backup actors either did not have good acting skills or were not able to fit into their schedule, or they were suspicious of this project.

This was especially so for young male actors nowadays who wanted to follow the path of being a young and handsome celebrity. They wanted to be popular, so they were not interested in a movie that did not have much pay and could not highlight their “handsome” persona. Furthermore, it was a movie that was likely to fail.

On the other hand, the ones who were interested were not famous and were not trained in acting. Despite having some acting skills, they were not very outstanding, so Wu Feng and Guo Fan did not like them.

According to Wu Feng’s honest and straightforward words, he claimed that he would even be able to pick out someone with those conditions from the streets!

Actually, Guo Fan did not complain so much when he was on the phone with Su Yang. In fact, he was even talking about Wu Feng’s interesting stories, saying how angry Wu Feng got when the young male actors could not be contacted. Then, Wu Feng had even said that if he was not that old, he would have acted as “his own son”!

When Su Yang heard that, he could not help but laugh. ‘Wu Feng really is a true man in the Imperial Capital. Interesting.’

However, Su Yang could not help them with the cast no matter how much he laughed. Hence, he could only let them continue working hard.

After that, Su Yang went through his daily routine of eating, reading and playing games.

In the blink of an eye, it was already 8pm.

Su Yang took out his phone to take a look and realized that Chu Xia had yet to send him her address.

Hence, he sent a WeChat message to Chu Xia. ‘Ms. Group Secretary, how’s your leg?’

A moment later, Chu Xia replied. ‘It still hurts, Mr. CEO.’ Beside that message, there was a pitiful emoji.

Su Yang then asked. ‘Has your mom not sent you to the hospital yet?’

Chu Xia replied. ‘No. She says I’ll be fine after taking a nap.’

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Hmm, another famous phrase from Mommy.’

Su Yang replied. ‘Then I’ll come meet you tonight to treat your illness.’

This time, Chu Xia took a long time before replying. ‘Alright. Thank you, Mr. CEO.’

After that, an address was sent on WeChat.

Finally, when he got Chu Xia’s address. Su Yang had a look of satisfaction on his face. ‘Hmph! I know your address now! If you provoke me in the future, I’ll… I’ll hang Little Hus on your front door!’

After receiving Chu Xia’s address, Su Yang picked up the book and continued reading. Shortly after, it was 10 pm and Su Yang received a WeChat message on his phone.

Su Yang picked it up and saw that it was from Chu Xia. ‘Mr. CEO, my parents are asleep already, you can come over.’

Su Yang replied. ‘Okay.’

After he sent that message, Su Yang put down his book and raised his hands up high before slowly putting them down.

Hence, darkness surged over and the ability took effect. In a moment, Su Yang was above the entire Shanghai.

After a while, he arrived at the window of Chu Xia’s house, which was closed and its curtains drawn. Even with the dim lights, Su Yang could not see what was happening inside.

With a thought, Su Yang’s body phased through and entered Chu Xia’s room.

Chu Xia’s room was not big, about six to seven square meters, so there was only a small bed and a 2-in-1 desk and bookcase.

The room was decorated in a heartwarming manner, there were pictures of Chu Xia hanging on the wall and the bookcase was filled with books and dolls. On the desk were some small dolls and a figurine

On the whole, it was very clean and tidy. It could not be said to be spotless, but everything was neatly arranged.

‘Chu Xia must be a diligent and neat girl. If I marry her… Pui! Pui! Pui! What am I thinking about? Why am I thinking about that already?’

Retracting his thoughts, Su Yang walked to the bed and deactivated his ability.

Then, time returned to normal. Chu Xia was still lying on the bed, holding her phone and typing, the contents were… ‘Be quieter when you come. My mom’s a light sleeper. Don’t let her find out…’


The WeChat message was sent successfully.

And then…

“Ding Dong.”

A WeChat notification rang through the room.

Chu Xia scrambled to her feet in fear, looking in the direction of the sound and saw that the person she had sent the WeChat message to was right beside her bed.

This scene was absolutely terrifying. Even though she had asked Su Yang to be quieter on WeChat, she could not help but call out, “Su!”

Immediately, Su Yang covered her mouth and shushed her.

Hence, Chu Xia opened her mouth but still closed it in the end. However, her big eyes seemed to be able to speak as she stared at Su Yang and blinked.

Looking at Chu Xia’s cute face, Su Yang started to have fun. He gently pinched Chu Xia’s face, which was very soft. Plus, when he pinched it, it puffed up like a steamed bun.

However, the lady did not resist and merely rolled her eyes at Su Yang.

Su Yang chuckled before letting go of Chu Xia’s face.

Then, Chu Xia looked at Su Yang and asked coquettishly, “Is it soft?”

Su Yang nodded and touched it again.

Chu Xia angrily slapped his hand away and said, “Are you here to pinch my face or to treat me?”

Su Yang smiled awkwardly. “Right, I’m here to treat you.

“Where are you feeling unwell?”

Chu Xia was speechless.

Su Yang smacked his own head immediately. ‘I must’ve been reading too much today. Or, I must’ve had too much fun with Chu Xia earlier and am too high. Otherwise, how could I possibly ask such a silly question?’

After slapping his head, Su Yang said awkwardly, “My brain’s acting up a little. Come, let me take a look at your feet.”

Chu Xia looked at Su Yang’s silly expression and burst out laughing. She said, “You’re indeed a little silly. Perhaps your brain is filled with water.”

Su Yang rolled his eyes at her. As he lifted her blanket, he said, “That’s right, my mind is completely filled with you.”

Su Yang paused for a moment, feeling that he had said something wrong. Hence, he stole a glance at Chu Xia.

Then, he saw that Chu Xia’s face was red and she was looking up at the ceiling as if trying to ease her embarrassment.

Perhaps it was because she was looking up, but Su Yang realized that she was blushing all the way to her neck. ‘She looks so cute.’

At that thought, Su Yang smiled and looked at Chu Xia’s feet.

Instantly, he saw a pair of long, fair legs, which were as beautiful as a sculpture made of white jade. Even the most demanding person would not be able to find any fault with them.

Su Yang, who did not have any feelings for Tong Bingqing during the day, felt his heart beating faster this time as he could not help but swallow his saliva.

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