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Chapter 702 - Visiting Chu Xia In Her Home?

Chapter 702: Visiting Chu Xia In Her Home?

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As the phone was in Su Yang’s hands, he took a glance and saw that it was a phone call from Chu Xia.

Since Chu Xia did not go to his office in the morning, Su Yang felt a little worried… Alright, fine, he did not feel worried. In fact, he felt that he was filled with freedom.

However, this did not mean that he did not like Chu Xia. The feeling he had at that moment was the refreshing feeling when a girlfriend, who would usually glue herself to your side all the time had suddenly gone out to work one fine day! At that moment, you would realize how precious freedom was! In fact, you would probably wish that you could transform into a husky that had lost its leash and run around the house freely…

Hence, Su Yang picked up the phone and casually asked, “Hello, Ms. Group Secretary. What’s the matter?”

Chu Xia’s sobbing voice came through the earpiece. “Su Yang… I hurt myself. It hurts.”

Su Yang was no longer relaxed and his heart skipped a beat as he asked, “What happened?”

Chu Xia said softly, “I woke up late today and went out with a piece of bread in my mouth. In the end, my mother called out to me through the window, so I was too busy talking to her and accidentally fell.”

At this point, she was on the verge of tears. “My bread ended up falling onto the ground, it’s all filthy now.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘Hello, is that really the main issue here? Is that the main issue?! Is a piece of bread that important?! Is it more important than your injury?!’

So, Su Yang asked, “Did you pick up the bread in the end then? Pfft! Are you hurt anywhere?”

Chu Xia let out a muffled sound through her nose. “I twisted my ankle. It hurts so much. I think it’s swollen as well.”

Su Yang asked, “Have you not gone to the hospital?”

Chu Xia said aggrievedly, “My mom said I’ll be fine with just some rest.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘She really is your biological mom.

‘Biological moms are comparable to boyfriends. A boyfriend would always say “drink more hot water”, while biological moms would say “rest more”.

‘For mom, they would think that resting would be enough to recover from a cold, a fall, or even vomiting.

‘In fact, I’ve been suspecting that “rest” might just be an all-powerful medicine that hasn’t been discovered by the medical world.

‘It might even be on par with “hot water” and be ranked No. 1 in the world’s most magical medicine!

‘Of course, this is also proof that Chu Xia is definitely her mom’s biological daughter since she would not use this “wonder drug” if she was her stepdaughter instead…’

Even though Su Yang was lamenting, he was still concerned about her. “Are you feeling unwell?”

Chu Xia responded with an “mmhm” and felt aggrieved.

Su Yang said, “Let’s do this then, give me your address, Chu Xia. I’ll come over tonight to treat you.”

“Huh?” Chu Xia cried out in surprise. “That won’t be a good idea, would it? I’d be disturbing your rest time and you’d have to come all the way here as well.”

Su Yang replied, “It’s fine. Your health is the most important.”

These words seemed to have moved Chu Xia and she felt so sweet that it was as if she had just had the sweetest pot of honey. Hence, she said obediently, “Alright. I’ll let you know tonight after my parents are asleep.”

Su Yang replied, “Sure. Right, you should rest more today and move around less.”

“Okay.” Chu Xia obediently agreed.

Relieved, Su Yang hung up the phone.

In the end… In Chu Xia’s room…

The moment the call ended, Chu Xia threw her phone aside. “Ah!” She screamed and jumped out of bed.

She had already changed into her pajamas. Her right leg was swollen, red and puffy, obviously her fall had been quite severe.

However, she did not seem to notice that she was injured as she jumped out of bed, stood on one foot, squatted down and started to clean up her room!

In fact, behind her, there was a little mess laying around. Some things are piled up, others are thrown on the floor. Obviously… She was not a particularly neat girl in private.

Chu Xia was actually a little flustered at that moment. As she tidied up her things, she kept mumbling to herself, “Chu Xia, oh my Chu Xia, why did you agree to let him come? Your room is so messy. If he sees this, it’s going to be so awkward!

“What if he thinks you’re sloppy and lazy?”

The more she said, the more flustered Chu Xia became. She even wanted to change her mind and stop Su Yang from going over.

Just as Chu Xia was packing up, someone came knocking on her door.

Chu Xia turned around in a panic and saw the door open. Then, her mother walked in with a small bowl and a pair of chopsticks.

When she entered Chu Xia’s room, she saw Chu Xia squatting on the floor and tidying her things. Hence, she was stunned for a moment before asking, “What are you doing, dear? Why are you still tidying up your room when you’re injured? Is someone coming?”

Her mother’s sharp intuition immediately made Chu Xia panic as she quickly said, “No, no. I was just cleaning up.”

Chu Xia’s mother looked suspiciously at Chu Xia. Then, she narrowed her eyes and looked down at Chu Xia. “Is it the young man I saw in the cafe the last time?”

Chu Xia was completely flustered this time. She waved her hand, “N… No. There’s no such thing, really.”

Chu Xia’s mother smiled. Then, she looked as if she had seen through her daughter’s lie but didn’t want to expose her. Hence, Chu Xia’s mother said, “Alright, stop cleaning up and get back into bed. I made you some fried fish maw, eat it and your swelling will subside.”

Chu Xia said a little aggrievedly, “Mom, I don’t want to eat fish maw.”

Chu Xia’s mother’s face drooped. “What? You don’t want to eat?! Just look at you. You’re 1.7 meters tall, yet do you even weigh 50 kilograms?

“When you walk on the streets like this, you’re as skinny as a bamboo pole. Others might think that I’m mistreating you if they see you like this.

“You’re embarrassing me!”

As she spoke, Chu Xia’s mother even stroked her face as if Chu Xia had really embarrassed her.

Chu Xia was a little unconvinced as she said, “But you’re not heavy either. You’re only about 50 kilograms too.”

However, Chu Xia’s mother always had her reasons. “So what if I’m not heavy? I’m just maintaining my figure.”

Chu Xia wrinkled her nose and coquettishly said, “I’m also maintaining my figure.”

Chu Xia’s mother pretended to hit her and said, “Maintaining my foot! You’re still growing! So you should eat more!”

As she spoke, she walked over and stuffed the bowl into Chu Xia’s hands. “Eat it! I’ll be coming over in five minutes. If you don’t eat it, I’ll pry your mouth open and shove it in.”

With that, Chu Xia’s mother turned around and left.

Chu Xia pouted and made a few faces behind her mother to vent her “resentment” from being bullied at home.

After her mother left, Chu Xia looked at the fish maw in her bowl and mumbled, “This is fried, imagine the amount of calories in this.


Although she said that, she had no choice since it was something her mother insisted that she ate. Hence, in order to be able to tidy up more stuff in these five minutes, Chu Xia could only eat the fish maw in the bowl quickly and then squat down to continue tidying up her room.

Needless to say, the fish maw was crispy and delicious. If not for the high calorie content, Chu Xia would have loved it.

After eating the fish maw, Chu Xia looked around with her lively eyes. Then, she laid on the ground and lifted her injured foot and used both her hands and legs to jump forward as she tidied up the books on the ground.

In order to tidy up faster, she held a book in her hand, a book in her mouth and a book around her neck as she crawled towards her bookshelf.

Just as she was crawling, the door opened again and Chu Xia’s mother walked in with another bowl of food. Then, she said as she walked in, “I’ve made you a bowl of chicken soup as well, dear. Drink it up as well.”

As she said that, she opened the door, lowered her head and locked eyes with Chu Xia, who had a book in her hand and mouth.

Seeing her daughter lying on the ground with a book in her mouth and a leg raised, Chu Xia’s mother was petrified.

On the other hand, Chu Xia wished she could find a hole to hide in.

After a while, she forced a smile on her face and waved her hand like a fortune cat. Then, she held the book in her mouth and called out in embarrassment, “Meow…”

Chu Xia’s mother was speechless.

‘Is my daughter a fool? Why didn’t I realize it over the past decade?

‘Right, she’s definitely picked that up from her father!

‘After all, there’s no way she’s inherited that from me since I’m so smart!’

On the other hand, Su Yang had no idea that Chu Xia was fighting with her mother at home as the former was tidying up her room to welcome him later. This was because at that moment, he had a guest in his office.

This guest was none other than Tong Bingqing, the bank employee who had called him in the morning.

When he saw Tong Bingqing, Su Yang was diligently reading his book to accumulate his virtual servers. Hence, when he heard the knock on the door, he merely said “Come in” before he continued to immerse himself in his sea of books.

When Tong Bingqing entered the office, her gaze naturally landed on Su Yang.

‘He’s much younger than I expected. Even though I’ve read up on the bank’s internal information and even called Su Yang, I would never have been able to imagine such a young boy to be a millionaire.’

That’s right, she thought of Su Yang as a boy.

Perhaps it was because Su Yang was wearing casual clothes that day, or perhaps it was because he looked too delicate. In any case, he looked very young.

‘Guys are always like that, looking as if they’re in their teens even when they’re in their 20s’, or seeming like 16 or 17 years old even when they’re actually 18 or 19 years old.’

However, although Tong Bingqing was surprised by Su Yang’s young age, she did not belittle him. After all, he was young and accomplished. ‘Either he has a good family background or he’s very capable.

‘Either way, I can’t afford to offend him.’

Hence, she crossed her arms and stood upright, patiently waiting for Su Yang.

Su Yang was engrossed in his book as well, so it took him almost an hour to finish reading.

After Su Yang was done, he placed the book aside. When he raised his head, he recalled that he had let someone into his office.

Hence, Su Yang looked up and the first impression he got was… Professionalism.

Tong Bingqing was wearing a fitting bank uniform and black stockings. Her beautiful figure as she stood up straight made her seem more like a stewardess than a bank employee.

Then, Su Yang said, “I’m sorry. I was too immersed in my book.”

Tong Bingqing’s sweet voice said, “It’s okay, Mr.t Su. Do you like Shakespeare’s works?”

Su Yang lightly tapped the “King Lear” book on the table and casually said, “Not really. I was just bored.”

After that, he did not continue to dwell on that topic. Instead, he said, “You came to find me because your branch is interested in my savings, haven’t you?”

Tong Bingqing did not deny it and nodded, “Yes, that’s right. Currently, you have a total of 700 million yuan in cash in our bank. So, if we can have this amount deposited into our bank, we will have a much better sales report this year.”

Su Yang laid on the chair and looked at her before he casually asked, “But, why should I deposit my money in your bank?

“You’re going to have to give me a reasonable explanation.”

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