I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 707 - I’m Here With The Company’s Hopes

Chapter 707: I’m Here With The Company’s Hopes

Soon, a researcher replied, “No.”

“Strange. Monitor the surveillance.”

In the United states… “We’ve detected something, it’s suspected to be a missile launch somewhere in Hawaii.”

“Where is it headed for?”

“We can’t determine it.”

In Japan… “There is a suspected missile or rocket coming from the direction of Hawaii.”

“Inquire about it.”

In an instant, Su Yang’s rocket launch attracted the attention of various countries.

After all, on Earth, there were only a handful of countries that had the ability to launch rockets and satellites. Therefore, the sky was practically a “blue sea”. On top of that, since intercontinental missiles were also operating in the sky, every country would monitor this area. Hence, the sudden launch of a rocket attracted countless gazes.

Even though Su Yang did not know about this, he had already expected it from his plan with Little Deeny. Furthermore, he had recruited Smith as a cover.

So, very quickly, documents were sent out from the Hawaiian governor’s desk to answer the questions sent by the US Congress. With the governor’s help to cover up the incident, the military quickly defined it as a rocket experiment by the Hawaiian firearms dealers.

Within the Federation, each state was very autonomous and independent, so even if they had doubts, they could only accept it without being able to continue investigating.

After the United States investigated the matter, they responded to the various countries’ inquiries and said that it was just a normal rocket launch experiment.

Other countries were easy to fool, but countries like the Five Rogue States were hard to fool since everyone had satellites and super long-distance surveillance capabilities. Therefore, they could clearly see what was going on.

Hence, they were basically watching Su Yang’s rocket launch the entire time all the way from firing three miniaturized satellites, the rocket returning to the atmosphere and its retrieval.

Moreover, such technology where a rocket could be both launched and retrieved, which was different from modern countries, immediately attracted speculation from several countries.

However, the interesting part was that Smith had already concocted a plan beforehand.

Due to his arrangement, the United States did not pay much attention to the rocket. Even though some technicians discovered the advancement of this technology, they did not pay much attention to it because the higher-ups had already given the order that it was a matter within the state.

On the other hand, because the United States had stepped forward to explain the matter, the other four countries naturally pinned this latest technology on the United States. They believed that this was a new rocket launching technology that the United States was experimenting with.

Therefore, even though this incident had attracted a certain amount of attention from various countries, it only left a few records before it was put behind.

Thus, this clearly gave Su Yang a chance to develop.

In fact, it was only after he launched the rocket and chatted with Little Deeny that Su Yang realized how crucial this step was.

After the rocket was launched, the ground gradually calmed. Su Yang looked at Little Deeny, wanting to ask how long it would take to retrieve the rocket. However, he realized that Little Deeny was frozen on the spot. The data in her eyes were flashing non-stop as if she was processing a huge amount of information.

Since Su Yang knew that every time this happened, it would be a critical time for Little Deeny, he did not disturb her. Instead, he found a rock beside the rocket launch site and sat down on it.

After sitting down, Su Yang waited patiently for Little Deeny to regain her consciousness.

This time, Little Deeny stayed still for quite a long time, taking her almost half an hour to recover. Su Yang felt that based on Little Deeny’s current computational ability, the amount of data she was processing was a little terrifying.

After regaining her consciousness, Little Deeny looked at Su Yang with a surprised expression. “Master, I have one good news and one bad news for you. Which one would you like to hear first?”

Su Yang thought about it. “Tell me the bad news first.”

Little Deeny smiled and said, “The coins you spent to retrieve the rocket might be wasted!”

Su Yang was shocked! ‘I’ve spent 50,000 coins to have the rocket retrieved! Why is it wasted?’

At that thought, Su Yang could not help but ask, “Why?”

Little Deeny did not answer but asked, “Master, do you want to know what the good news is?”

Su Yang replied, “Go ahead.”

“The good news is… I’ve just received a lot of information about satellites, rockets and cellphones. I’ve discovered that the satellites also come with glass screen panels that allow for material and data conversion.

“In other words, after these three satellites reach the sky, we won’t need to launch rockets anymore and will be able to install all sorts of things in space instead.”

Su Yang asked curiously, “Things such as?”

Little Deeny said, “Such as Earth trajectory cannons, intercontinental missiles, other satellites and so on. There are lots of possibilities. In fact, we could even build a space station.”

An ominous feeling rose in Su Yang’s heart as he cautiously asked, “Those are… Going to cost me coins, right?”

Little Deeny nodded obediently. “Yes, Master, you would need to spend coins. However, there are some projects that don’t require coins.”

Su Yang gave her a thumbs up. “I like it when I don’t have to spend coins. Come, tell me more about it.”

However, instead of explaining the free projects directly, Little Deeny gave Su Yang a brief on the costs.

For example, the Earth trajectory cannon, if launched using a rocket, Su Yang was going to have to pay 10,000,000 coins. However, having it assembled in the sky directly would cost 15,000,000 coins.

However, these were all projects that required payments.

Other than this one, there was one project that was free, which was to set up a small production station in space and start the production slowly. Of course, this was not without a price. Instead, Su Yang would have to watch advertisements everyday and would even have to watch advertisements in order for the production to proceed.

If Su Yang wanted to omit the advertisements, he could spend some coins to have them removed. In addition, if the production speed was too slow, he could also spend some coins or complete some missions on the station to increase the production speed.

Su Yang was dumbfounded after listening to Little Deeny’s explanation.

After a while, he only asked one question. “This crappy production station actually has advertisements? What advertisements are they? From the system? Or aliens?”

Little Deeny spread his hands. “I don’t know either, Master. It might be… Some weird advertisement.”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘This thing doesn’t seem reliable.

‘Furthermore, I’ve always remembered this saying in our country… Free stuff is always the most expensive.

‘Does this system have such a good conscience? It’s clearly able to cheat me of my coins, but you’re telling me that it’s free?

‘I don’t want to be harassed by this stupid advertisement everyday just because of somethingthat’s free. It’s going to be extremely troublesome if I end up getting tortured relentlessly.’

Hence, Su Yang felt that at that moment, he should not think about receiving a free meal for the time being and should choose the safest option instead.

‘After all, I don’t plan to destroy the world. If I only want a satellite, I can still afford it if it’s only going to cost me 30,000 coins, which isn’t a lot.’

Therefore, Su Yang rejected Little Deeny’s idea of giving the free project a try.

Even though he had rejected the offer, Su Yang felt that the information Little Deeny received was not completely useless. For example, if he could build something in the sky, Su Yang felt that it would be very useful.

Actually, he had been worried before. Even though he could ask Smith to help cover up the fact that he had launched the rocket, it was only going to be easy to have it done once or twice. Any more and it would most likely attract the attention of various countries.

Hence, now that Su Yang had other options, he felt that it was much safer and more concealed to have it produced through the glass screen.

‘As for the 50,000 coins spent to retrieve the rocket… I guess it’s not a loss. After all, when I have the qualifications to launch a private rocket in the future, it’s going to be cheaper than to use a rocket.’

Just as Su Yang was thinking about this, there was a loud “Boom” in the sky. Hence, Su Yang, Little Deeny, Janet and Little Hus all looked up and saw the rocket slowly descending from the sky.

The bottom of the rocket was still on fire, but the fire that was gushing out when it was taking off was much more ferocious. On the other hand, the fire it had when it was descending at that moment was much milder, allowing it to land slowly onto the rocket base.

Then, the moment it landed, there was a loud “Boom” and thick smoke sprayed out from its bottom.

After that, Su Yang and the other little monsters quickly left the peak of the mountain to avoid the thick smoke.

Then, the thick smoke quickly dispersed and everything returned to normal.

Su Yang and Little Deeny went up to check after that. After confirming that there were no problems, they went down the mountain.

Since the satellite was in the sky, Su Yang and Little Deeny had to keep track and observe it.

After that, the two returned to the living room. Little Deeny waved her hand and a large virtual screen appeared in the living room, showing the scene in space, where three satellites were “bound” together, quietly revolving along with Earth.

‘According to Little Deeny, the three satellites are still absorbing energy. After they absorb enough, they will gradually set themselves up on the eastern and western hemisphere within a day and start operating.

‘So… it’s going to take at least another 24 hours to use the glass screen cellphone.’

At that moment, Su Yang felt like his heartstrings were being pulled as he struggled to control himself from spending tens of thousands of coins to have the satellite absorb energy faster.

However, he was not loaded at the time and did not have any coins on hand, so he could only give up on the idea for the time being.

After that, Su Yang got Little Deeny to inform the Clown Sea Serpent to clean up the mess and not leave any clues behind. Meanwhile, he went back to his room to rest. He still had an interview for the male lead of “Wandering Planet” the next afternoon.

Thus, the night passed uneventfully… The next day, Su Yang got up and took his time to wash up before continuing to practice his acting skills.

After Su Yang trained the abilities given to him by the system more, Su Yang was able to have a much better control over his abilities, allowing him to become more proficient at it.

While he was practicing, he did not forget to inform Wu Feng and Guo Fan that he would be going for the interview that afternoon.

There were probably not many actors like Su Yang who could inform the production team about what time he wanted to be interviewed. After all, he was the person investing in the project.

While he was practicing, Little Deeny’s voice rang in Su Yang’s ears. “Master, I think you might be interested in this.”

Su Yang asked, “What is it?”

Little Deeny said, “I’ll project it in front of you.”

As Little Deeny spoke, a virtual screen appeared before Su Yang. Then, the screen started to play and a familiar round face appeared on the screen, which belonged to Yang Meiyue.

She was wearing a girl group’s outfit and a pink dress as she stood on stage and introduced herself.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Yang Meiyue from the Jiadian Agency.”

The screen cut to the other female players. “Jiadian? My God… The same as Sister Han Yi.”

“Wow, that’s the company that Sister Han Yi joined.”

“That’s right. It seems like that company is very big. They even have a film company within their group.”

“That’s right, “Wolf Warriors” was produced by them.”

After introducing Jiadian Agency through the other contestant’s mouths, the screen switched to the teacher.

The male coach looked at Meiyue and smiled as he asked, “Are you a little nervous?”

Meiyue nodded quickly like a frightened rabbit. “Yes, I’m a little scared. I’ve never been on such a big stage before.”

The female coach looked down and asked, “But, you seem like you’ve had two years of experience practically.”

Meiyue nodded and said weakly, “Yes, but I’ve always been practicing with my other senior sisters in the company. The agency knows about my situation and how slow my progress is, so they don’t have high expectations of me.”

These words made a few coaches and other contestants laugh. Then, the male coach asked, “Then, why have you joined “Produce 101″?”

Meiyue looked confused for a moment, then said, “I don’t know…

“One day, my boss came to me and said that he thought highly of me and wanted me to participate in this women’s talent show.”

Then, Meiyue said weakly, “He said that I’ve already been working for the company for two years, so it’s time for me to try my luck since I’m the only one who hasn’t debuted in the agency at the moment. Then, he said that he believes in me and wants me to work hard, so I’ve come with the entire agency’s hopes.”

Meiyue’s words made everyone burst into laughter again.

It had to be said that Meiyue had a strange affinity to her. It made one feel like she was someone in their lives.

No matter how beautiful and attractive the female celebrities were on screen, they would always make others feel distant, causing them to feel that these celebrities were people whom they would never be able to see in their lives.

However, the affinity that Meiyue had could pull others closer towards her.

As he watched this clip, Su Yang suddenly felt that the producer and director of “Produce 101” were indeed capable since they were able to pick Meiyue. After all, with Meiyue’s natural affinity, the other trainees on the show would also be drawn closer to the audience.

‘How could a program with 101 beauties not be popular when they were young and beautiful, yet felt approachable?’

As he thought about that, Su Yang continued watching.

The female coach asked, “Then, since you’ve said that you’re here with the entire company’s hopes. Have they given you any expectations? A debut? Or even fame?”

Meiyue thought for a while and stuttered as she said timidly, “I don’t think so. But Sister Tan told me that the boss thinks that I can become a pillar of the company like Sister Han Yi, so she hopes that I won’t let him down.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

‘Han Yi? The A-list celebrity in our country who’s one of the most popular female celebrities in recent years. This girl is giving me the impression like she’s the girl next door, but she doesn’t have any specialties. Yet, she can actually become someone who’s on par with Han Yi. How brainless could the boss of this agency be?

‘On top of that, this girl actually dares to say that? Isn’t she just being ambitious?’

Just as they were guessing, Meiyue suddenly started to cry. Her tears started to fall and as she cried, she said, “Actually, I’m scared too. I don’t know what to do. The boss suddenly said that to me and it’s so scary. I haven’t been able to sleep well since I’ve been on this show. I’m scared every day.

“I’m so stressed.”

Meiyue’s sudden cry immediately caused a commotion. The female coach quickly went forward and took out a piece of tissue to comfort her. On the other hand, the other contestants also smiled kindly and even started clapping of their own accord.

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