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Chapter 588 - Decrypting The Production Process of Recipe Items

Chapter 588: Decrypting The Production Process of Recipe Items

Spirit Building, the old lady, looked at him with drooping eyelids. She asked in an old tone, “What are you laughing at?”

Su Yang looked at Spirit Building and his eyes lit up. “Old lady, have you never seen me make recipe items before?”

Spirit Building supported herself with the walking stick, her wrinkled face pouting as she rolled her eyes at him. She said in a mature manner, “I don’t even know what a recipe item is.”

Su Yang explained, “Recipe items are special items that can be made using recipes from the system store. As long as I follow the system’s instructions and make the items bit by bit and submit them to the system, the system will give me a special item in return.”

“I’ve always suspected that the special item that the system gives me is actually the ones that I made. Furthermore, I suspect that during the process of making the recipe item, the specific item might have undergone a strange transformation in between.

“I was unable to monitor these changes before, so I was unable to verify my thoughts. However, now, you can monitor it.”

“Record the changes in my spiritual energy while I’m creating the item, see if there’s any pattern.”

“Who knows, we might be able to mass-produce special items after we’re done researching it!”

Spirit Building, the old lady, nodded and said weakly, “Okay.”

Su Yang recalled Spirit Building’s ability to light up her eyes and asked, “Oh yes, what is that ability of yours that causes your eyes to light up?”

Spirit Building, the old lady, explained, “It’s not really an ability. It’s just some basic utilization of spiritual energy. If I focus my spiritual energy in my eyes, I can see the spiritual energy on other items.”

Su Yang pondered for a moment and came to a realization. “Since you have this ability, why did you touch me the other day?”

Spirit Building was speechless

Su Yang looked at her.

‘You old pervert.’

The atmosphere between the two of them had become pretty awkward as they conversed, but to outsiders, it was like a happy conversation between a grandmother and a grandson. Therefore, a passerby looked at the two of them and sighed. “In this day and age, it’s really rare to see a grandson bringing his grandmother out for a walk and even patiently chatting with her. What a filial boy.”

Su Yang was speechless

‘You’re the one who’s her grandson! Your whole family is her grandson! F*cking hell… She’s 16 years old!

Su Yang did not continue to walk on the street to let others “admire” him. He dragged Spirit Building back to the car and opened the system shop to look at the recipe for both special items.

Out of both recipes, [Card Of Unknown Abilities] required less materials. All that was needed was just a pile of paper.

‘From the looks of it, this seems similar to the [Shape-Shifting Vellum] where I have to create my own paper pulp.

‘[Liquid of Unknown Abilities], on the other hand, is much more troublesome. It requires a lot of items. 1 drop of liquid gold, 1 drop of water, 1 drop of milk, 1 drop of vinegar, 1 drop of soluble salt, 1 drop of gasoline… And some others.

‘They’re all just drops of something.

‘It feels like I’m writing a poem.

‘However, in general, the materials needed for these two recipes are relatively simple.’

Therefore, Su Yang found a secluded corner and placed the old lady into the virtual space. He sent her away to continue planting trees to complete the Platinum Mission while he went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the recipe items.

After buying the items, Su Yang returned home. He played with Tang Xiaomi for a while before entering the virtual space to create the special items.

Su Yang opened the system shop and clicked on the [Card Of Unknown Abilities]. Instantly, the video guide of the production of the special item popped up.

Su Yang studied the video.

‘This seems different from what I had been expecting, this video isn’t just asking me to turn the paper into cards, but to turn the paper and the Little Monster Bean fragments into paper pulp first.

‘After that, I’ll be making cards using the paper pulp.’

Su Yang studied it for a while. After confirming that he had memorized every step, he called Little Deeny and asked her to bring Spirit Building back to him.

Not long after, Little Deeny’s pet rabbit, Fei Fei, tied itself with hemp rope as it dragged a carriage into the yard.

‘Little Deeny is treating it like a horse on a carriage!’

Su Yang was dumbfounded.

‘This monster is really obedient to Little Deeny. It will do whatever Little Deeny tells it to do. If I were to have the guts to order it to do something for me, it would probably use its fat butt to kill me first!’

Spirit Building sat in the carriage with a wrinkled face as usual.

When she saw that the rabbit carriage had stopped, she slowly stood up from the carriage. Then, she gathered the tattered linen clothes on her body. With a forceful kick of her legs, she jumped high into the air. Then, with a loud thud, she fell to the ground…

Su Yang looked at her speechlessly. ‘She’s already so old, yet she still does such difficult feats. I wonder why she’s trying to do such a silly thing…’

However, Su Yang still went over to help her up, seeing as to how his motto was to respect the elderly and children.

After Spirit Building got out of the carriage, Fei Fei pulled its rabbit carriage and roared out of the castle, disappearing like a hurricane.

Spirit Building, the old lady, was helped up by Su Yang, but she was still not convinced of her age. She said weakly, “I just helped everyone create thousands of tree pits and have exhausted my spiritual energy! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have fallen.”

Su Yang replied, “Alright, alright. It’s exactly like you’ve just said.”

Spirit Building was speechless

The two of them arrived at the courtyard. Su Yang moved a stool for Spirit Building and asked her to sit down. Then, he asked, “Since you’ve already exhausted your spiritual energy, can you still observe the changes in my spiritual energy during the production process?”

Spirit Building nodded. “Once the spiritual energy is cultivated, the total amount will never change. Even after it’s completely spent, it will slowly recover. In fact, I’ve already recovered a little just now.”

Su Yang was relieved.

He looked at the video guide of the production of [Card Of Unknown Abilities] carefully again. After confirming that there were no problems, he clicked on [Produce].

As Su Yang clicked on [Produce], there was a loud bang in the courtyard. A wok the size of a door appeared before Su Yang.

There was also a stirring rod in the wok, a garlic mortar and some other ingredients.

Su Yang, who had already seen the video, was not surprised at all. He followed the steps and took out the stirring rod and the mortar. Then, he took out the paper that he had prepared beforehand and threw it inside. Then, he poured some water and started a fire to boil the paper pulp.

As the water boiled, the paper in the wok slowly moistened, boiled and disintegrated. At that moment, Su Yang picked up the stirring stick and started stirring.

After stirring for about half an hour, the paper in the pot turned into a thin layer of pulp. Su Yang stopped stirring and took out the Little Monster Bean fragments that he had prepared beforehand.

When she saw Su Yang taking out the Little Monster Bean fragments, Spirit Building, who had been acting nonchalant and unresponsive, narrowed her eyes. A golden light burned in her eyes as she raised her head to observe everything.

Su Yang put the Little Monster Bean fragments into the garlic mortar and started grinding.

He kept on grinding for ten minutes. After confirming that the pieces of the Little Monster Bean fragments had turned into tiny pieces, he poured all the powder and pieces into the pot.

As the Little Monster Bean fragments fell into the pot, the thin layer of paper pulp in the pot suddenly retracted and the water level dropped by a large portion. It immediately became much thicker.

Su Yang picked up the stirring rod and continued stirring.

Spirit Building, the old lady, stood up as well. Her eyes were burning with golden light as she stared intently.

Su Yang stirred for another half an hour before he picked up the sieve and started to scoop the pulp. He then placed it on the shelf to dry.

The process of creating this item was a little complicated, but it was almost complete.

Su Yang wiped the sweat off his forehead and took out the hairdryer. As he blew on the paper and dried it, he asked Spirit Building, “How is it? Did you see anything?”

The golden light in Spirit Building’s eyes slowly faded and a thoughtful expression appeared on her face. She said, “I saw something, but I couldn’t quite understand it yet. I might have to continue observing.”

Su Yang nodded. ‘I didn’t expect for Spirit Building to be able to understand everything after only seeing it once. If that were the case, the system would be too simple already.

‘Now that she’s made some discoveries, I’d consider that a win already.’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang continued to dry the paper pulp.

He blew for an hour before the paper pulp was completely dried.

Then he cut the crumpled paper. Following the steps on the video, he picked up the paintbrush provided by the system and drew a cylindrical object on it. It seemed to look like a cup, but it also looked like a bucket at the same time.

Actually, Su Yang did not know what it was either because the image in the video was very simple.

When Spirit Building saw this, she had already stood up. She stood quietly beside Su Yang, watching his every move.

After a while, Su Yang put away the pen and completed all the steps. A system notification finally popped up in front of him. [Item creation completed. Please submit the recipe item.]

Su Yang took a glance at Spirit Building. When he saw that she did not show any signs of wanting to take another look, Su Yang looked at the system interface in front of him and clicked [Submit].

Three notifications popped up in front of him.

[Incomplete Materials detected]

[More precious materials detected.]

[Special items will give birth to additional abilities, talents, or more unknown changes. Confirm to submit?]

Su Yang clicked [Confirm].

As Su Yang clicked [Confirm], the card, all the tools and the remaining ingredients disappeared.

A moment later, the air twisted, and a thin card appeared out of thin air. Then, it floated down gently.

Spirit Building reached out to catch the card. The golden light in her eyes was burning so brightly that it was about to burst out.

Su Yang wanted to stop her, but he did not have the time to do so. Therefore, he could only remind her as he said, “The abilities of these special items are completely random. Therefore, do not touch them before the system notification appears. Otherwise, you’ll land yourself into trouble easily.”

Spirit Building, the old lady, nodded and silently placed the card on the chair. The golden light in her eyes disappeared and she returned to her old woman appearance. However, a contemplative look appeared on her face.

Su Yang asked, “Did you see anything?”

Spirit Building shook her head. “No.”

Su Yang asked, “Then, I’ll carry on and make the second special item. Can you continue to have a look?”

Spirit Building shook her head again. “Let’s wait for a while. I still need to think about it. Furthermore, I have discovered many suspicious points, so I’ll need to see the abilities of this special item before making a decision.”

“Alright then.” ‘One of the main reasons for making this special item was to let Spirit Building see if she could discover the secrets of special items anyway. So, I’ll just let her come up with the plans.

‘Since I won’t be able to make the second special item and there’s still some time before the “card’s” interface appears… I’ll just have to find something else to do then!

‘What should I do then?’

Su Yang pondered for a while and felt that he had already finished most of his work.

‘Should I ask Han Yi how she’s doing?

‘I’ve gotten this female celebrity for more than a month now. Since something had happened to me as soon as I got her, I haven’t had the time to ask about her arrangements yet.

‘Now that everything’s over, Han Yi should be done with the handover of her existing jobs. I suppose it’s time I ask the management agency about what their next plan for her is.’

At that thought, Su Yang gave Tan Mei, the managing director of the management agency, a call.

“Du… Du… Du… Du…”

After a while, the call got through. Su Yang was just about to Tan Mei when…

Unexpectedly, Tan Mei said anxiously, “Mr. Su! I’ll call you back in a moment! Mei Yue has fainted! I’m sending her to the hospital now!”

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