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Chapter 587 - Liquid with Unknown Abilities

Chapter 587: Liquid with Unknown Abilities

After Su Yang hung up the phone, his phone rang before he could put it into her pocket.

‘Eh? A WeChat message?’

Su Yang opened his WeChat and saw that it was a message from Wu Feng. ‘Brother Su, the review for our movie has passed. I plan to release it on New Year’s Day. What do you think?’

‘New Year’s Day? That’s less than a month away. Would he make it in time?’

Su Yang sent his thoughts over.

Two seconds after the message was sent, before Wu Feng could reply, an unknown number called.

Su Yang took a glance at the number. ‘Who is this? Why am I so busy today? Even an unknown number is looking for me? I still have business to attend to.’

At that thought, he hung up without hesitation.

Two seconds after hanging up, Wu Feng replied on WeChat. ‘Our movie is actually considered to be a mainstream movie. It already has a special approval channel, so it can be prioritized. Also, it just so happens that there’s a movie on New Year’s Day that needs to be taken down due to some negative news from the main lead, so we’ll be able to make it coincidentally.’

‘I saw this rare opportunity and used a lot of my connections to get this done.’

Su Yang asked. ‘Will the promotions be able to catch up?’

Wu Feng replied. ‘Don’t worry. I’ve been promoting non-stop previously. The moment after I found out that the movie was ready, I started to arrange for the promotions. Before the New Year’s Day screening, it will be just around the time that promotions will commence and carry on continuously.’

Su Yang was relieved.

He thought about the resources he had in his hands. ‘I could use my Findme app and the account I use to record my songs to help with the promotions. I believe that with both Wu Feng and myself, “Wolf Warriors” is going to be able to perform well.

‘The movie that I’ve worked so hard on for over the past few months can finally be released to the market to test my skills. Even though I already know how this movie is going to turn out through Little Hus, I’m still very excited!’

However, just as he was getting excited, the phone in his hand rang again.

Su Yang picked it up and saw that it was the unknown number from before.

‘Who is this person?

‘They’re being really annoying.

‘But, if Little Deeny didn’t filter it, it shouldn’t be an advertisement. Should I pick it up?’

The atmosphere in the dining room where the [Resignation Team] were at was extremely awkward. The Human Resource Director had called Su Yang angrily just now and everyone thought that they would witness a huge quarrel scene.

However, the show ended before it had even started.

The Human Resource Director’s had not been connected at all. Su Yang hung up on him directly.

Instantly, an awkward atmosphere filled the room.

The Human Resource Director felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head. He became even angrier as he said, “He definitely knows that it’s my number! He doesn’t have the guts to answer the phone! I’m calling him again!”

At that moment, no one said anything. They just looked at him silently.

The Human Resource Director gritted his teeth and called again.

“Du… du… du… du…”

The call was picked up soon after.

“Hello, you are?” It was Su Yang’s voice.

The Human Resource Director was finally able to hold his head high. He pressed the speaker button and looked around the room with his head held high. Then, he said, “Mr. Su, I am Lei Kun.”

Su Yang was puzzled. “Who are you?”

The Human Resource Director’s back was bent. He gritted his teeth and repeated, “Lei Kun!”

Su Yang replied, “Erm, who is Lei Kun?”

The atmosphere in the room became even weirder. The members of the [Resignation Team] held back their laughter and did not speak.

The Human Resources Director, Lei Kun’s face was as red as a pig’s liver. He gritted his teeth and said, “Su Yang! I’m your company’s Human Resources Director! How dare you say you don’t know who I am!”

“Oh?” Su Yang replied. “I’m sorry. I have a lot of companies. Which company are you from?”

Lei Kun was speechless.

He roared, “Jiadian! I’m the Human Resource Director of Jiadian E-Commerce Company!”

Su Yang was calm even though Lei Kun was irritated. “The Human Resource Director of Jiadian E-Commerce Company? There is no Human Resource Director in Jiadian E-Commerce Company. Please don’t impersonate him. Thank you.”

Su Yang hung up.

“Du… du… du… du…”

When he heard the busy tone on the other end of the phone, Lei Kun could not hold it in anymore. He slammed his phone on the table and shouted, “This f*cking Su Yang is a piece of sh*t! We have done him a great service in the past! Yet he actually doesn’t even remember who we are!”

The members looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Lei Kun had been the one to set up the meeting that day. In fact, most of their ideas had come from him. In the end, he was the one who had lost the most face.

As for contributing to Su Yang’s cause, everyone actually knew where they stood. It would have still been acceptable for them to say that they contributed to Junqing’s cause for Jiang Yan’s sake. However, after Su Yang took over, they really did not contribute much.

Therefore, no one answered him.

When Lei Kun saw that no one was paying attention to him, he said in exasperation, “No one would definitely be willing to work for a boss like Su Yang who doesn’t know how to respect his management or even people for that matter! Our position has been empty for so long, it’s definitely because no one is willing to take over!”

“I’d like to see how long Jiadian E-Commerce Company will last with a boss like Su Yang!”

Perhaps he had gone too far with his words. Wang Dong had gotten a little fed up. He pulled Lei Kun and said, “Cut it out. We’re the ones who betrayed him first, so it’s only normal that Mr. Su has something against us.”

The others also advised, “That’s right. Ol ‘Lei, don’t be angry. You shouldn’t go too far with your words either.”

“That’s right. You shouldn’t get angry with Su Yang and say such things. What if he hears it again and bans you?”

“That’s right. Let’s just keep this amongst ourselves and not spread it outside. I heard that Su Yang is very powerful in Shanghai.”

Lei Kun got even angrier when he heard that. He slammed the table. “I insist on saying it! So what! No matter how powerful he is, can he make all the companies not hire me?”

“I’m saying this now! Without us, his company will definitely fall!”

With that, Lei Kun stood up and left!

The few people sitting there shook their heads with bitter smiles. They were not in the mood to continue the conversation, so they left.

Wang Dong was the last to leave. He silently went to the front desk to settle the bill. ‘Although today’s meeting is organized by Lei Kun, I doubt he would be in the mood to foot the bill after whatever that’s just happened. So, I suppose it’d be better if I settle the bill.’

After settling the bill and leaving the restaurant, Wang Dong raised his head and looked at the sky of Shanghai. It was gray and filled with dark clouds without a trace of sunlight, just like the situation they were in at that moment…

Of course, Su Yang had taken in everything that Lei Kun had just said. His Silver Ability, [Space Traversing Eyes], was not for show. The moment Lei Kun called out his name, he saw the scene of everyone chatting and heard Lei Kun’s clamor.

Su Yang thought about it and called for Little Deeny. He told Little Deeny to keep an eye on Lei Kun and see which company he would go to. When he went to apply for a job, he would call that company in the name of Jiadian Group and tell them that there was something wrong with Lei Kun and he hoped that the company would consider whether to hire Lei Kun.

‘I believe that with a phone call from Jiadian E-Commerce Company, those companies would be extremely cautious about hiring Lei Kun.

‘I’m no saint. Since Lei Kun dared to provoke me and said that I wouldn’t be able to ban him, I might as well try and ban him for real then.

‘With Jiadian Group’s current reputation in Shanghai, it’s still possible for me to decide a person’s fate with one phone call.’

Su Yang did not care about those little ants after making the arrangements. After all, if Lei Kun had not scolded him, he would not have remembered Lei Kun’s name in the first place.

However, Lei Kun’s cursing of Su Yang gave Su Yang a reminder. ‘Now that there are no executives at Jia Dian, there are many things that need to go through either myself or Li Zijun about, which is very troublesome.

‘It’s time to get those positions filled.’

Unlike many companies who believed in hiring outsiders to bring in fresh ideas, Su Yang was a more emotional person and believed in those who worked hard under him. Therefore, he gave a call to the Human Resource department and asked them to produce a list of candidates suitable for promotion.

He planned to promote all other positions internally apart from Wang Dong’s Vice President position, giving more opportunities to his own people.

As for Wang Dong’s position, Su Yang already had a rough idea, the [Burning Reincarnation Circus].

Ever since the [Burning Reincarnation Circus] could be materialized in the real world, it had an additional function. Su Yang could activate [Guest Mode] and place it outside to attract “souls” and make them part of the circus.

At that time, it was displayed on the note of [Burning Reincarnation Circus] that this would be Su Yang’s “strategy” to gather a pool of talents globally.

‘I wonder if he could use the [Burning Reincarnation Circus] to recruit some experienced talents to manage my company.

‘This way, I will no longer lack talents!

‘However… The only question is, how am I supposed to know if the attracted soul is a talent?

‘The only special item that allows me to judge talents is [A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog]. However, there is a limit to how many times I could use it. Also, I will need those people to send me their resume.

‘Obviously, souls can’t submit their resumes.

‘What should I do then?’

Su Yang squatted on the flower bed and pondered.

‘Why don’t I… Try the [Fusion] function today and see if I can use [A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog] to create a new special item for assessing talents?

‘However, if he wanted to fuse this kind of item, I’m going to need as many special items as possible for Little Hus to sniff and try to combine them.

‘It would be best if I could obtain a few more special items!’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang opened the System Shop and looked at the special items for this week.

Random Point*12

Bronze Point*1

Guardian Talisman*0

Recipe Item: Card Of Unknown Abilities (+3) / Liquid Of Unknown Abilities (+2)

Random Prize Voucher: Empty

Lucky Stone: 47

‘It’s the new month, the [Bronze Point] and [Lucky Stone] have been refreshed, but there aren’t as many as there were last month.

‘Ever since I created [Basa Fish Of Unknown Abilities], a new item has been refreshed for the second week, [Liquid Of Unknown Abilities (+2)].

‘A +2 item and a +3 item… I think I should be able first create them first and see what their abilities are and whether they are useful or not. Then, I’ll be able to find out if they can be fused with [A Talent Printer That Like To Jog].’

Su Yang was elated at the thought of making two new special items!

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