I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 586 - Su Insults

Chapter 586: Su Insults

Su Yang had a speechless expression on his face.

‘What do they take my company for?

‘A waste recycling station?

‘Or a hotel?

‘Did they think they could come and go as they please. Are they even thinking about coming back after they’ve left?

‘I’m actually finding it a little hard to believe that they’ve had a falling out with their current company after finding out about their conspiracy…

‘It wasn’t as if I hadn’t talked to Wang Dong about this matter back then. If he really fell out with his current company because of this matter, then he would definitely have hesitated or reconsidered his actions back then.

‘However, he didn’t at the time.’

Therefore, Su Yang gave it a little thought and suspected that something was amiss.

However, he did not expose them. Instead, he pretended to be surprised and teased them. “Is that so? My goodness, you guys are really being too kind! I thought you guys were the kind of people who have no plans for the future, who have no confidence in my company, people who could share joys but not pains. In fact, I even thought that you lot are just ungrateful people who only have money in your eyes. Now, it seems like I was overthinking it.”

Su Yang may seem to be complimenting them on the surface, but the barrage of mocking words were like countless slaps to Wang Dong’s face. Wang Dong’s face had become so red from embarrassment.

For the past few days, he and his [Resignation Team] had been looking for a job, but things were not going well for them.

The only companies that were willing to hire him were either too small or the position and treatment offered was too low.

On the other hand, the companies that he wanted to go to thought that he was not capable enough.

In the end, the few of them chatted in the group chat and realized that everyone was in a similar situation. The highest salary the newly hiring company was able to offer was only half or a third of their original salaries, while their positions would be dropped by two ranks.

For example, one of them was originally a financial director, but he could only be the financial manager or vice director with a much lower salary at that moment.

Moreover, this was the best result out of everyone within the [Resignation Team]. After all, he had some capabilities.

Another example, there was another person who used to be a business manager. However, he could not even be a manager after that. That was because his previous achievements in Junqing and Jiadian were all thanks to Jiang Yan and Su Yang’s influence. He himself did not have much capabilities.

In fact, the one who suffered the most was Wang Dong. His ability was originally only that of an employee. Later on, because he followed Su Yang, he jumped seven or eight ranks in a row and was promoted from being an employee to Vice President.

As a result, now… Although he was more experienced, he did not have much management experience or abilities. Therefore, after numerous applications, he was only offered a managerial position in the business department at best.

From manager, deputy director, director, vice president to general manager, Wang Dong would have to drop five levels consecutively. Wang Dong was about to go mad during that time.

And according to an ancient saying, when one door gets closed, another one opens up. Hence, since Wang Dong’s career was not going smoothly, his relationship should be doing better, shouldn’t it?

However, that was not the case. When he had wanted to jump ship previously, his girlfriend was against the idea.

His girlfriend felt that Su Yang treated Wang Dong well and he should not be so ungrateful. Furthermore, the two of them were going to get married soon, so what they needed was stability, not a gamble.

However, Wang Dong felt that he had developed so quickly because he had the ability. Furthermore, he was not even thirty years old yet, which was considered to be the golden period during a man’s career. Therefore, he thought that his future might end up completely different if he took a gamble.

There are many differences between men and women when it comes to planning for their future. Women want stability, but men want to fight for their career…

This “confrontation” ended with Wang Dong emerging victorious, thus making him resign finally.

As a result, he was soon defeated utterly…

A poor couple would usually have tonnes of worries. When their living conditions were good, all their conflicts would be covered up by happiness. But when their lives took a turn for the worse, those conflicts would emerge like the calm after the storm…

Ever since Wang Dong could not find a job, the two of them quarreled every day because of their initial decision. Wang Dong smoked one cigarette after another, even the wrinkles on his face had increased.

He truly regretted leaving the company like he was bewitched at the time, he regretted betraying Su Yang at that crucial moment.

Wang Dong then recalled how he had slowly built up his business with Su Yang from the ground up. He thought about how Su Yang had created miracles one after another. He also thought about how Su Yang treated him so well before. At the thought of all these, he wished he could smash his own head open to see what he was actually thinking!

At that time, someone from the [Resignation Team] asked their ex-colleagues from Jiadian E-Commerce Company. They realized that Jiadian E-Commerce Company had yet to recruit new managers. The positions that they had left behind were still there, managed by their other colleagues during their absence.

As a result, the group chat became lively. No one wanted their salaries to be lowered and no one wanted to be demoted. Especially after they’ve been rejected everywhere, they finally remembered how good Jiadian E-Commerce Company was and how good Su Yang was.

‘Su Yang is truly a good leader. Our salaries would regularly be raised every half a year and we would receive benefits during the holidays. There was no need for us to work overtime, plus we had meal and transportation allowances to cover our expenses. Also, regardless of whether we were on personal leave or sick leave, as long as we had a legitimate reason, he would approve it without any deductions to our salary.

‘Su Yang would rarely appear in the company. Even if he did, he would only praise everyone and motivate us. He did not take up the employees’ personal time or force us to do any work we didn’t want to do. Everyone’s jobs were very relaxed and free.’

They had not been able to cherish that kind of job back then. However, now that they were in deep trouble, they began to miss it.

Therefore, they started to discuss how they could return to the company in the group chat.

After discussing it for a long time, they felt that Su Yang would look down on them if they told him that they had no job and wanted to return to his company.

Therefore, after a long discussion, they decided to come up with a suitable excuse. They would say that they had seen through the schemes of those few companies and left their jobs in order to return to Jiadian.

Furthermore, there would be no problems even if they were investigated. Other than the two companies being shut down, the people from the other three companies had left voluntarily because the funds of those companies had been frozen and their salaries could not be paid.

After discussing how to persuade Su Yang, they began discussion to decide who should be the one who approached Su Yang.

After thinking about it, everyone finally decided that Wang Dong should be the one for the job.

After all, Wang Dong had the highest position amongst everyone in the group and was also the closest to Su Yang. In the past, Su Yang was often not in the company, hence Wang Dong was no different from being the general manager.

In terms of ranking, seniority and relationship, Wang Dong was the most suitable person for the task.

Wang Dong actually really did not want to make this call, so he kept refusing.

Even though he was already at the end of his rope, he still had some dignity. He knew that he was no longer worth much when he resigned. Therefore, what would it say about him if he were to return again?

However, after being met with rejection from various companies, his girlfriend mentioned breaking up with him and his ex-colleagues who kept on pestering him, Wang Dong gave in and compromised. ‘Life is difficult at the moment, so what’s the point of saving my dignity… Will I be able to become rich by keeping my dignity?’

Therefore, the people who had left the team arranged to meet up for a meal.

The meal was extremely bitter. They raised their heads to look at the people around them, and they felt like the word ‘bitter’ was written all over their faces.

After their meal and teaching Wang Dong what he should say in detail, Wang Dong finally called Su Yang.

To his surprise, when he called, he was first scolded and then ridiculed.

Hearing Su Yang’s sarcastic words, the people who left the team looked at each other. They could all see the anger and humiliation on their faces.

Wang Dong was the only one who did not have that many emotions. He felt that it was his own fault in the first place, so it was only normal for Su Yang to lose his temper. Furthermore, he had already humiliated himself the moment he took the initiative to call Su Yang, hence it was only… Deserving for him to be scolded by Su Yang.

With that thought in mind, he laughed bitterly and said, “President Su, please don’t tease me anymore. I know what we did was wrong, it was really bad of us to resign at that time…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the Human Resource Director beside him waved his hand in front of him. He took out a piece of paper anxiously and wrote a line of words on it. ‘Don’t apologize. Even if we go back, we have to go back with our dignity intact. Otherwise, we won’t be able to manage the company anymore.’

Wang Dong smiled bitterly once again. ‘These people seriously have no idea what Su Yang is like. Won’t we look like ret*rds if we’re still planning on being high and mighty while wanting to return?’

However, Wang Dong’s character had always been rather weak. The only time he had been stubborn was when he left his job. Later on, it also proved that he failed. Therefore, he could only silently keep his thoughts to himself.

Following that, the Human Resource Director wrote another note. ‘Tell him that we’re able to help him with the predicament Jiadian E-Commerce Company is currently in.’

Wang Dong sighed in his heart. Then, he said according to the original plan, “Mr. Su, we really want to return and help you. Actually, we’ve been worried about our company recently. According to our understanding, our company’s vacant position has yet to recruit anyone. We…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Su Yang interrupted him. Su Yang said, “Wang Dong, it’s not that I haven’t managed to recruit anyone. I just feel that even with all of you gone and your posts empty, there really isn’t any effect to my company’s operations.”

Hearing Su Yang’s rude words, everyone’s faces turned red.

‘If operations aren’t affected without us being there, wouldn’t that be the same as him saying that we’re useless? Doesn’t he mean that we’re just taking salaries for free with no contributions at all!?!

‘Su Yang is a really sharp-tongued and spiteful person.’

Just as they were rendered speechless by Su Yang’s words, Su Yang continued, “Oh, right. Also, I’m really grateful that you’re willing to tell me about the conspiracy from those few companies after you found out about it.”

“However, this matter is already in the past from my end. I’ve already reconciled with those companies, so you should continue to work hard at your new companies and not have any psychological concerns. Now that you’ve all left Jiadian, you can also contribute from your new positions. I wish all of you the best as you climb up the ranks like grasshoppers after autumn.”

With that, Su Yang hung up. “Du… Du… Du…”

As they listened to the beeping sound from the phone, the [Resignation Team] was furious!

‘He even said that he wishes for us to climb up the ranks like grasshoppers after autumn! Would grasshoppers be able to climb up high after autumn?! Wouldn’t they just fall over and die within a few days?!

‘Su Yang is being extremely sarcastic!’

To them, Su Yang was the big boss of the company, so he had to be humble and restrained to the public. ‘Even if Su Yang is unwilling to accept us, he did not have to go as far as to embarrass us.

‘In the end… Su Yang didn’t play his cards by the book at all. He directly insulted us! He shot us with a barrage of insults! He might as well just be called Su Insults!

‘Furthermore, he even said that he has reconciled with those few companies and we should do our best to contribute to our new company!

‘Those companies have all been shut down! What kind of f*cking reconciliation are you on about?!

‘What the heck are we supposed to contribute?!’

Therefore, the more the people from the [Resignation Team] thought about it, the angrier they got! The Human Resource Director beside Wang Dong slammed the table in anger and scolded, “This is too much! He isn’t even giving us any face!”

“Since he doesn’t care about his face anymore! Neither should we! I’m going to insult him back! I’m going to curse him to death!”

As he spoke, he picked up his phone and dialed Su Yang’s number, ignoring everyone’s attempts to stop him.

The phone rang. “Du… du… du…”

The others from the [Resignation Team] initially wanted to stop him, but when they saw that the call had been made, they could only watch the situation unfold.

Actually, they had their own plans in mind. ‘Since Su Yang doesn’t want us to go back, I guess it wouldn’t matter much if we anger him now.

‘Now matter how bad it can get, could it get any worse than where we are currently?

‘Furthermore, we’re also angry. Everything has been going wrong recently. Even when we want to return to Jiadian E-Commerce Company, we’ve been insulted.

‘It’s only strange if we’re not angry.

‘So, it’s not a bad idea for Lei Kun to scold Su Yang and vent his anger on behalf of everyone.

‘After all… It’s not like we’re the ones who are doing the scoldings.’

With that thought in mind, they decided to wait for things to develop.

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