I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 589 - Special Item: Emotional Storage Card

Chapter 589: Special Item: Emotional Storage Card

After she said that, Tan Mei hung up the phone without hesitation.

“Du… Du…”

Su Yang was dumbfounded when he heard the busy tone.

‘What happened?

‘Yang Mei fainted?

‘Why did she faint?’

Actually, Su Yang had a deep impression of Mei Yue. The girl was a trainee in the management agency. Back then, Chu Hong had threatened her to seduce Su Yang, but Su Yang saw through it.

Then, with the use of his [Verbal Cannon], she explained the entire situation to him.

Later on, when Chu Hong was planning to resign from the agency, she was the only artist that did not leave, so Su Yang had kept her in his agency.

She was a girl who was completely different from Lin Jiali. Lin Jiali was the kind of celebrity who stood on stage and shone brightly. Although she was beautiful, her strong aura made others feel distant from her.

However, Mei Yue was different. Although her name could literally be translated to “extreme beauty”, she was not considered to be very pretty. Her round face and slightly old-fashioned and playful personality would cause others to have a good impression the moment they laid eyes on her.

In other words, it was also commonly known as being a people’s person.

Previously, Su Yang had given Little Hus a whiff of her potential. However, to his surprise, he found out that Mei Yue’s potential was much higher than Lin Jiali’s. In fact, Mei Yue was only slightly weaker than Han Yi’s.

‘Han Yi is a Quasi-A-Ranked celebrity who’s on her way to becoming an A-Ranked celebrity.

‘In that case, Mei Yue’s potential is also around the A-Ranked!

‘Yet, she’s now fainted?

‘What’s going on?’

Su Yang pondered for a moment before he picked up his phone and gave Lin Jiali a call, who was the only person he knew in the management agency other than Tan Mei.

Lin Jiali obviously did not know about the matter either. After all, it had all happened too suddenly.

However, Su Yang did not call her to ask about the matter in the first place. Instead, he asked her to call the other employees in the agency to ask about it before telling him.

Not long after, Lin Jiali sent a message over. She said that the people in the agency were not sure either. They only knew that Mei Yue had suddenly fainted while training in the dance studio on that day and was sent to the hospital by Tan Mei, but no one knew the exact situation.

Su Yang could not help but recall that when he obtained the [Danger Detecting Chopsticks], which had detected danger coming from Mei Yue. ‘Could it be because of this?

‘Regardless, now that Tan Mei is taking care of Mei Yue who has already fainted, the only thing I can do now is to patiently wait for the news.’

Therefore, he only kept the matter in mind. He planned to fly to the Imperial Capital tomorrow and the day after to see what was going on with Mei Yue and resolve it. She was another artiste in the company with the potential to become an A-Ranked celebrity, so he had to take the matter seriously!

After making his decision, the system interface appeared on the card in front of Su Yang.

Spirit Building’s eyes burned with a gold light as she stared at the card.

Su Yang took a glance at her and said, “The card’s ability is out, should I show it to you?”

The old lady did not say anything.

Su Yang walked over and squatted down.

The system interface showed the entire process from when points were being added onto the card.

[Money Box+1: Obtained special ability.]

[Money Box+2: Ability Enhancement]

[Money Box+3: Form Transformation]

Su Yang was confused.

‘Money Box? Are you kidding me?

‘The system’s note stated that it’s supposed to be a card, even the item before my eyes is a card!

‘Yet, why is it stated here that it’s a money box?’

Su Yang picked up the card. It was very thin and looked like a plastic name card that someone had given Su Yang in the past.

The cylinder that Su Yang had initially drawn on the card had not become a money box.

‘Eh? Could this be a money box disguised as a card?’

Su Yang was confused.

He clicked on the system description and took a closer look.

[Special Item: Emotion Storage Card]

Ability: This ability can convert the five types of emotions, Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Neutral, turning them into Emotional Coins and storing them in the Emotional Storage Card.

After storing five (different) emotions, you may open up the Emotional Storage Card and choose any Emotional Coin to put it into anyone’s body.

People who have Emotional Coins placed into them will gradually change their emotions into that of the Emotional Coin within two minutes.

Restriction 1: For every coin taken out, four random coins will disappear.

Restriction 2: The user will automatically generate a Neutral Emotional Coin in the Emotional Storage Card every day. The remaining four Emotional Coins can only be born when the user has these emotions.

Restriction 3: After an Emotional Coin is taken out, it may only exist for 30 seconds. Please use it as soon as possible.

Note: When you can manipulate other people’s emotions, maybe… He will fall in love with you.

Su Yang was confused.

Su Yang looked at the note. ‘Why is it a “he”?

‘Furthermore, controlling one’s emotions would cause others to fall in love with you? That;s just ridiculous. Whatever it is, I’m not believing it.’

He picked up the card and wondered what it had to do with a money box! ‘No matter how I look or touch this, even its ability’s name shouts out that it’s a “card”!’

Just as he was thinking about that, the card slowly cracked to reveal an opening, which had something like a container within.

Su Yang quickly raised the card and looked at the bottom of it. The bottom was flat and there was nothing unusual.

Su Yang raised his head to look at the front of the card. There was indeed a crack on the front of the card, where Emotional Coins could be stored inside.

‘Eh? This thing looks pretty interesting.

‘It’s like the money box has been crushed flat into a card. However, this card has the space to store money in it. This is just amazing.’

Furthermore, Su Yang took a closer look at the description of this special item. ‘[Restriction 3] states that Emotional Coins can only exist for 30 seconds after it’s been taken out.

‘If this Emotional Storage Card didn’t have its +3 to turn into a card and was just a money box, it would indeed be inconvenient to carry it around and use it. After all, it would be too eye-catching for me to take out a money box in front of others.

‘On the other hand, if I had to run a long distance to retrieve an Emotional Coin, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it in time to use it.

‘Therefore, after this Emotional Storage Card became +3, it transformed into a card and became much more convenient to carry around.

‘There’s actually the possibility of something to change its form and even become even more practical!’ Su Yang thought about the form that Little Hus took after he added points onto it and shook his head. ‘Useless dog.’

After reading the card’s ability, Su Yang looked at Spirit Building. “Old lady, how is it? Did you find anything?”

Spirit Building, the old lady shook her head, then nodded and said, “I can’t say for sure. I think I may have found something out, but because there’s nothing for me to compare with, I’m not sure if I saw wrongly. Perhaps I need you to make another special item for me to observe a little more.”

Su Yang nodded. ‘I suppose that’s normal, it would be too embarrassing for the system if its recipe item could be decrypted with just one look.

Also, aside from having to decrypt the recipe item, I also need to find a special item that can be fused with [A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog].

‘Now that I look at it, this [Emotional Storage Card] doesn’t seem to have anything to do with talent. I doubt it would be able to fuse with the printer to come up with something useful. Well then, I suppose it’s indeed time to work on the second special item!’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang started making the second special item.

The second special item was the [Liquid Of Unknown Abilities] which was +2. The materials required were all drops of something, making it easier to produce.

Hence, Su Yang rolled up his sleeves and began working.

Because it was a delicate task, Su Yanghad failed several times before he finally succeeded on his fourth try.

Su Yang looked at the notification before him. [The item creation is complete. Please submit the recipe item]. Then, he clicked [Submit].

After a while, after a bunch of notifications popped up, all the other items were taken away. Then, a small glass bottle fell from the sky and inside the bottle was a drop of golden liquid.

Su Yang examined the drop of liquid which was very pretty. ‘This looks like… Oil. Well then, I hope this isn’t just an ordinary drop of oil. If I could use it as a massage liquid, I guess I wouldn’t mind that much if it were a little ordinary.’

After completing the second special item, Su Yang looked at Spirit Building, the old lady, who was still deep in thought. She had been thinking with her head lowered for the past few hours, but Su Yang did not know if she had thought of anything. If not for the golden glow in her eyes, Su Yang would have thought that she had fallen asleep.

After waiting for a long time, Su Yang decided to go out for a stroll. Hence, he left the castle to see how the little monsters were doing.

He walked through the forest and saw the monsters playing in a circle not far away.

In the middle of the circle were Little Hus and Janet. They seemed to be confessing their love.

‘A confession?

‘That fast?’

Su Yang looked over.

Little Hus looked at Janet affectionately. “Janet! Even if you’ve become enemies with the whole world, I will always be by your side!”

Janet’s expression was cold. “Why should I be enemies with the whole world?”

Little Hus’s face was filled with smiles. “Don’t worry, to prove my sincerity, I will make you an enemy of the whole world!”

Janet was confused

After the two of them were done with their performance, the little monsters all clapped and cheered.

The two of them bowed slightly toward the little monsters as if they had just completed their performance.

Su Yang walked over curiously and poked Little Deeny. “What are they doing?”

It was only then that Little Deeny realized that Su Yang was there. She exclaimed in surprise, “Master, you’re here! They’re performing an act that’s been really popular on the Internet!”

Su Yang was speechless.

‘An act from the Internet?


‘What a drama queen, having to perform right after seeing an act.

‘Come on then, count me in!’

Su Yang was drenched in sweat after a few scenes with the little monsters.

After the performance was over, Su Yang asked Little Deeny, “Oh right, I was so immersed in acting with you guys that I forgot to ask. Have you all finished planting today’s trees?”

Little Deeny said, “We’re done planting it. With Spirit Building’s help, we’ve been able to plant very quickly. I think we can finish planting all 80,000 trees tomorrow night.”

Su Yang nodded. ‘If that’s true, then they really are pretty fast.’

Since the little monsters were done with their “work” and their acting, Su Yang brought them to the castle.

On the way there, Su Yang felt as if he was a parent who was picking up his children from school. He walked in front while the children followed behind him as they walked home.

The tall ones and the bigger ones stood in front, while the smaller one stood in the center. The ones at the end of the line were a row of Little Monster Beans while Quickgold Monsters jumped behind them.

“Dou… Doudou… Doudou…” “Hey… Ho… Hey…”

All of them chanted as they lined up to return to the castle.

After planting trees for a day, they were all dirty. Hence, after entering the castle, Su Yang urged the little monsters away to take a bath. Meanwhile, he returned to the courtyard to check if the interface for the [Liquid Of Unknown Abilities] was out.

‘I’m actually looking forward to this [Liquid].

‘After all, the first special item has no chance of fusing with [A Talent Printer That Likes To Jog]. Therefore, I can only see if this next special item could be fused instead!

‘Furthermore, based on Spirit Building’s observations, it seems like she would be able to see something if I did it again. Who knows, she might even be able to discover the secret behind the recipe items while it was being produced.

‘By then, it would only be a matter of time before I decrypt its secrets!’

With that thought in mind, Su Yang went to stand by the [Liquid Of Unknown Abilities] again. He intended to squat down and take a look at the specific abilities of this special item…

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