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Chapter 211 - "Forefather! Something big has happened!"

Chapter 211: “Forefather! Something big has happened!”

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“Forefather, Forefather! Something big has happened! Something big has happened!”

[An Elemental Supreme being sent a voice transmission from the outer perimeter of the Five Elements planet.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental frowned slightly. He had instructed that even the Supreme beings of his race were not allowed to look for him unless it was an extremely urgent matter.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental pondered for a moment, and his figure appeared outside the Five Elements planet.

[The Elemental Supreme being bowed and said to his ancestor, “Forefather, the human race has sent an emissary here, saying that the three Human Heavenly Venerates have ordered him to see you.”

[Upon saying that, the Elemental Supreme being could feel the dissatisfaction from his ancestor’s body language.

[When Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental heard that the human emissary had come, he immediately frowned.

[One had to know that in order to hide the fact that the Five Elements planet had advanced, he had not traveled in the universe for millions of years. Ordinary races would not come to find trouble with the Five Elements race.

[After all, their race did not have many members, and their galaxy did not have many resources. There was really no need to offend a Heavenly Venerate for the sake of the five star systems.

[However, it was a little strange that there was a human emissary here today.

[Logically speaking, the human race should have some enmity with the Five Elements race. After all, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had fought with Supreme Heaven Reversal back then.

[But now, they had sent an emissary openly. What was the meaning of this?

[For a moment, even though Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental was extraordinarily talented and intelligent, he could not think of a reason.

[After a moment, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental spoke. “Bring that Human Supreme being over here. I want to see what the humans are up to. Just stay in the outer area. There’s no need to enter the Five Elements planet.”

[After saying this, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental disappeared.

[The Elemental Supreme being was surprised. No Elemental Supreme being had been to the Five Elements planet for many years.

[When they heard that the ancestor was doing some research, they naturally didn’t dare to ask.

[Thus, the Supreme being hurriedly returned to the Mars star system and led the other Elemental Supreme beings to the Five Elements planet.]

[You showed no fear as the group of Elemental Supreme beings escorted you.

[On the contrary, you discovered something very interesting.

[Because you were in combat mode, your cultivation base had been maintained at the 5th Dome of the Supreme realm. You could sense the power of all the Supreme beings around you.

[However, your Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes discovered a big problem.

Name: Heavy Fire

Race: Five Elements

Cultivation: Supreme/9th Dome (Current true strength: Supreme/6th Dome)

Description: He is a Fire Elemental Supreme being and the master of the Mars star system. As Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had extracted a large amount of origin and strengthened the Five Elements planet, Supreme Heavy Fire’s true combat strength dropped to the 6th Dome of the Supreme realm.

Name: Fire Extinguisher

Race: Five Elements

Cultivation: Supreme/1st Dome (Current true strength: Sage Emperor/9th Order)

Introduction: He is a Fire Elemental Supreme being, and the last his race gave birth to millions of years ago. Since then, the Five Elements race no longer produced a Supreme being. As Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had extracted a large amount of origin and strengthened the Five Elements planet, Supreme Fire Extinguisher’s true combat strength dropped to the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm. This had caused him to cultivate bitterly for many years, yet his cultivation base had not been able to advance even half a step.

[All the Elemental Supreme beings in the surroundings actually had their own appearances. Although you could not sense any problems from their auras, their true strength would be revealed once they made a move.

‘He extracted so many essences from his own race to strengthen a planet? What does Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental want to do?

‘The Five Elements planet is the Grade 8 life star that the Heavenly Venerate lives on… Could it be that this old fellow wants to evolve its grade!?’

[You frowned and began to analyze the clues you obtained. Soon, you came to a conclusion.

[For a moment, a smile appeared on your face, causing the Elemental Supreme beings who had been observing you in secret to tremble.

[As they were all Supreme beings, their speed was naturally very fast. Soon, you all arrived at the center of the Five Elements galaxy.

[From afar, you could see a huge life star slowly rotating not far away. However, a great formation was clearly covering it, preventing you from seeing its true appearance.

[This kind of formation could fool others, but it was powerless against you. You used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes.

Planet: Five Elements

Grade: 8+

Description: Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental lives on this planet and has been refining it for millions of years. 90% of the Five Elements race’s power was extracted to strengthen the Five Elements planet.

: After 10,000 years, the planet will evolve to a Grade 9 life star, and Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental will enter the ranks of top-tier Heavenly Venerates with its advancement.

: After successfully absorbing the power of a Grade 9 life star, he will break past the Heavenly Venerate realm, reaching the Heavenly Lord realm.

[Your eyes could not help but widen. As expected, there were talented people emerging in every generation. Each of them had been in the limelight for hundreds of years.

[You did not expect Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental to have such a grand plan. He almost ruined the future of the entire Five Elements race to strengthen this Grade 8 life star.

[However, if Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental really succeeded, the price the race paid would be worth it.

[One had to know that the strongest person in the entire universe was only a Heavenly Venerate. When Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental became a Heavenly Lord, it would be possible for him to rule the entire universe.

[For a moment, your heart was filled with countless thoughts. This piece of information was very important, and you had no choice but to change your original plan.

[When you arrived at the periphery of the Five Elements planet, you suddenly felt a powerful aura assaulting you, causing your hair to stand on end. Your entire body was unable to move.

[A humanoid figure slowly appeared in front of you. The Elemental Supreme beings had humanoid appearances, but they also carried traces of elements.

[As for Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental, he was completely like a normal person. He looked extremely ordinary, but regardless of whether it was his aura or the information you obtained, this Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental was an absolutely powerful existence.

[It was very obvious that Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental was only giving you a show of force and did not have the intention to attack you.

[You did not represent yourself now, but the three Human Heavenly Venerates.

[After a while, the pressure on your body disappeared instantly.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental spoke slowly in front of you. “Who is the Human Heavenly Venerate you serve? Do you have any keepsake proof?”

[It was not that Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had doubts about your identity. He just wanted to find out more about you so that he could make some judgments.

[You were in a very awkward position. You were supposed to be an emissary of the human race. Where could you find proof of your identity?

[Fortunately, you had various encounters and even met a powerful existence like Heavenly Venerate Virtual, let alone a mere Heavenly Venerate from another race.

[You made up your mind on the spot!]

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