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Chapter 210 - Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental

Chapter 210: Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental

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[Although the Five Elements race was also a super-first-rate race with a Heavenly Venerate, it was still far inferior to a behemoth like the human race.

[Not to mention anything else, just any one of the three Human Heavenly Venerates was not someone that Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental could contend against.

[According to the information, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had also fought with human experts in previous great battles. However, it was not a Heavenly Venerate but Supreme Heaven Reversal who had fused with the 36 Human Daos.

[Both sides were evenly matched. In the end, Supreme Heaven Reversal won by one move.

[Therefore, you didn’t plan to sneak in here this time. Although there was a big target on the human race’s back, the human race was your most powerful backing at this time.

[Your voice was transmitted throughout the entire planet. The expressions of all the members of the Five Elements race instantly changed.

[Although the Five Elements race was ranked at the bottom among the super-first-rate races, they still had a few offensive and defensive alliances. However, they were more or less flustered when they faced the powerful human race.

[The two Elemental Supreme beings, who had been injured by your auras and were about to attack, had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

[If an ordinary Supreme being dared to provoke the Five Elements race in such a way, they would definitely attack and kill them even if they were powerful. Even if they couldn’t defeat them, more powerful Supreme beings would attack.

[At this time, you directly visited the Five Elements race as an emissary of the human race, and you even received the orders of the three Heavenly Venerates. Just this alone wasn’t something that Supreme beings like them could decide.

[As a representative of the human race, you naturally had to meet the strongest expert of the Five Elements race.

[In an instant, five Supreme beings appeared around your Prime. Two of them had unstable auras. Obviously, they were the two who had just attacked.

[You flew out of the spaceship and glanced at them indifferently. One of them was a 1st Dome and the other a 3rd Dome Elemental Supreme being.

[Since you were in battle mode, your battle prowess had increased by 10,000 times. You finally knew your combat power level—this power increase in the 2nd Order Sage Emperor realm was equivalent to the power of a 5th Dome Supreme being.

[The five Elemental Supremes around you were all dressed in red robes, and their bodies were burning with raging flames. You could immediately see the strongest one among them was an 8th Dome Supreme being.

[The strongest Elemental Supreme being said with a smile, “Haha, it’s an honor to have Supreme Alldao visit our race. I’ll send someone to inform the forefather. Please come to our planet and wait for a moment, Supreme Alldao.”

[Even the powerful races like the Ghosts, Demons, and Zergs would be very polite to the human emissary, let alone the weaker super-first-rate races like the Five Elements race.

[Because the current you didn’t represent yourself. You represented the three Human Heavenly Venerates but also the powerful human race.

[Although you were secretly delighted, your expression did not change as you said calmly, “Lead the way.”

[Your attitude greatly displeased the surrounding Elemental Supreme beings. They could also see that you were only at the 5th Dome of the Supreme realm, yet you were so arrogant. Immediately, a few of them wanted to teach you a lesson.

[You frowned slightly. There was no need for you to say anything as the 8th Dome Elemental Supreme being used his eyes to stop their actions.

[The 8th Dome Elemental Supreme being felt that your attitude was very normal. All along, the human race had always been very unyielding when it came to dealing with the other races.

[It was no exaggeration to say that your arrival had caused this Supreme being to come up with many ideas. After all, if you provoked the Five Elements race, again and again, you would die here.

[The human race had every reason to go to war with the Five Elements race for the sake of a dead Supreme being.

[Back then, when the human race fought against the Zergs, there had been a Supreme being who had disappeared without a trace after entering the Zerg race’s territory. The human race had claimed they would send people in to search for him, but the Zerg race had refused, and the two races had started a great war.

[Therefore, the 8th Dome Elemental Supreme being was well aware of the human race’s methods, so he promptly stopped his companions from making a move and respectfully led the way in front of you.

[You smiled indifferently and followed him into the planet.]

[At the Five Elements galaxy, the center of the five star systems.

[There was a Grade 8 life star here, absorbing the power of different attributes from the five star systems. At that moment, this Grade 8 life star was evolving into a Grade 9 life star.

[The universe was so big that there were all kinds of strange things. A Grade 9 life star had never been discovered before. Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental wanted to use the power of the five elements to create a Grade 9 life star.

[As time went on, the Grade 8 Five Elements star became stronger and bigger. This made Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental very excited.

[At the same time, he was very worried as everyone knew what a Grade 9 life star signified.

[When all the Heavenly Venerates gathered, they had deduced that a Grade 9 life star was related to breaking through to a higher realm.

[It was no exaggeration to say that once a Grade 9 life star appeared in the universe, it would trigger a great battle between all the Heavenly Venerates in the universe.

[No matter what race it was, they would fight for it.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had used his intelligence and strength to create a Grade 8 life star that was about to evolve. Naturally, he was very worried that his actions would be leaked.

[Therefore, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had rarely appeared in the past million years. Even the Elemental Supreme beings did not know of Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s plan.

[They only knew that their forefather was in seclusion on the Five Elements planet. Because of his cultivation, no one was allowed to approach the Five Elements planet.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental sat cross-legged at the top of the Five Elements planet. His enormous aura enveloped the entire Five Elements planet, preventing the aura that far exceeded that of a Grade 8 life star from leaking out.

[He was also absorbing the power of the Five Elements planet to strengthen himself.

[In the past, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental could only be considered a 3rd Nebula Heavenly Venerate, and his strength was the weakest. However, the current Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had astonishing battle prowess. He might not even be able to deal with Heavenly Venerate Battle, but he would be able to fight against Heavenly Venerate Virtual or Immortal. It would probably not be difficult.

“Phew… I think I can complete the evolution in more than 10,000 years…”

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental opened his eyes and let out a light breath. He felt a slight pain in his heart as he looked at the energy that was constantly flying over from the five star systems.

[One had to know that in order to generate the Five Elements star, he had transferred the power of the five star systems.

[This was the most important reason the Five Elements race had few members and possessed lackluster battle prowess.

[In order to use the power of the five elements to strengthen the Five Elements planet, he did not hesitate to let his own race almost wither.

“Sigh, time is also fate. I hope nothing unexpected will happen. When my Five Elements planet advances to a Grade 9 life star, it will be the day my Five Elements race becomes the overlord of the universe.”

[When Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental finished speaking, he sensed a familiar aura rapidly approaching the Five Elements planet.]

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