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Chapter 209 - Heading to the Five Elements Race

Chapter 209: Heading to the Five Elements Race

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[Only now did you understand why the Medicinal Spark was sold for such a high price.

[This type of flame was extremely difficult to find. You couldn’t even find it in the entire transaction hall. Left with no choice, you could only ask Akator where you could find the best flame to concoct pills.

[He told you it was the Five Elemental Flame from the Five Elements race.

[You had to kill five Elemental Sage Emperors, take their crystal cores, and fuse them into a fire.

[Thinking of the Five Elements race, which was one of the super-first-rate races that you had planned to destroy, you decided to go and investigate first before making a decision.]

[On the 235th day, a gorgeous spaceship slowly flew out of the Ancient Burial star and headed into the depths of the universe.

Spaceship Name: Prime

Class: Emperor-class

Strength: Sage Emperor/9th Order

Introduction: The Cosmic Human Army built it. It has a full-service AI and uses the most advanced engine technology in the world. It possesses unparalleled speed and exaggerated strength. Due to the rare materials, a total of 15 spaceships were produced, with a strong collection value.

[Sitting on Prime, you looked at the starry sky and felt a sense of loss. You had bought this Emperor-class spaceship at the exchange hall.

[Prime’s previous owner should be a collector. He had not used this Emperor-class spaceship before. You were very satisfied with this because in the exchange hall, Emperor-class spaceships were mostly old products. Some of them couldn’t even be compared to your previous Star-class spaceship.

[Of course, you also spent a lot on this. Normally, the price of an Emperor-class spaceship was around 10,000,000, but your Prime cost 15,000,000 Yuan.

[You didn’t have any regrets about this. It was worth it and not a loss.

[To ensure your safety, you also purchased two Supreme artifacts. One of them was a heart-protecting mirror. When activated, it could block an attack from a Supreme being. It could even block an attack from a 9th Dome Supreme being when filled with energy.

[The other one was a crystal. Although it looked ordinary, it was something that many Supreme beings coveted—the Space Shuttle Crystal.

[It could directly travel through space. Even if Supreme beings tried to block it, they wouldn’t be able to stop it. Unless a Supreme being spent a lot of time, only then would they be able to stop it.

[An Emperor-class spaceship traveling in the universe was the trademark of a strong person. Many Supreme beings’ vehicles were Emperor-class spaceships.

[No one dared to approach an Emperor-class spaceship that traveled in the universe. Firstly, they were not sure what race the warrior was from. Secondly, those who could own an Emperor-class spaceship were definitely not simple people.

[Therefore, when one encountered an Emperor-class spaceship in the universe, they would consciously stay away no matter what race they were from.

[Of course, if you encountered a Supreme being, there would most likely not be any friction. Those who could cultivate to the Supreme realm were experienced individuals. If there were not enough profits involved, a Supreme being would not put themselves in unnecessary trouble.

[Therefore, you piloted Prime and rampaged all the way without encountering any danger.]

[On the 241st day, the speed of the Emperor-class spaceship was extremely fast. In just six days, you arrived at the Five Elements galaxy.

[Although the Five Elements race was nominally a top-tier race in the universe with a Heavenly Venerate overseeing it, its actual domain covered only five star systems.

[It wasn’t that they weren’t strong enough to plunder more galaxies. It was completely because they didn’t have enough people. Currently, there were a large number of life stars in the five star systems that didn’t have any living creatures or were occupied by other races.

“One Heavenly Venerate, 12 Supreme beings, and more than 700 Sage Emperors?”

[You checked the information on the Five Elements race you had purchased from the Virtualverse. However, since the Five Elements race posed almost no threat to the human race, the information you had on the Five Elements race was the information that had been collected more than 3,000,000 years ago.

“A race with a population of only a few million actually gave birth to so many experts. I have to say, the Elementals are the favored children of the universe.”

[The Five Elements race only had a population of a few million, but they had given birth to a Heavenly Venerate and more than 10 Supreme beings. The proportion of experts was much higher than that of the human race.

[One had to know that the human race had an unknown population base to be able to give birth to so many experts.

[On the other hand, the Elementals were born with Sage cultivation and could become Sagekings after cultivating for a few years. There was really no way to compare.

[Looking at the Five Elements galaxy in front of you, your eyes flickered slightly. After hesitating for a while, you finally piloted Prime and flew toward the red-colored star system.

[The five star systems of the Five Elements galaxy resembled the five elements—Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

[Since you wanted to obtain a Sage Emperor flame, you naturally chose the red-colored star system.

[After traveling in the red-colored star system for two days in a row, you did not encounter any Elemental. Instead, you encountered many life stars. When you entered and checked, you found that they were either occupied by some newly born elemental creatures.

[These newly born elemental creatures had yet to awaken their intelligence. If they were lucky enough and cultivated diligently, they could barely be considered members of the Five Elements race after they became Sages.

[You were very regretful. You could only speed up the spaceship and head toward the center of the star system.

[Soon, you saw a large life star standing right in front of your spaceship. It was a Grade 7 life star.

[It was also the main star of the red-colored star system, Mars.

[The moment you saw this planet, two powerful wills locked onto your spaceship.

[Most Elementals in the red-colored star system lived on Mars, so the security here was naturally very tight.

“Two Supreme beings?”

[The moment you were locked onto, your Time Hunter talent automatically determined that you regarded those two Supreme beings as your enemies. Since those two Supreme beings were over 10,000,000 years old, your combat power increased by 10,000 times.

[You were no longer a 2nd Order Sage Emperor. You were much more powerful than those two Supreme beings.

[A plan suddenly appeared in your mind, and a berserk aura emanated out from you. The entire outer space of the planet began to tremble.

[The aura of the two Supreme beings that had locked onto you instantly collapsed. You could clearly sense that the two Elemental Supreme beings had suffered minor injuries.

[You, on the other hand, spoke out in a voice that reverberated throughout the entire planet.

“I am an emissary of the human race, Supreme Alldao. On the orders of the three Heavenly Venerates of the human race, I have come to the Five Elements race to discuss some important matters…”

[You loved pulling a big banner and hiding behind it.]

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