I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 212 - Roping in External Help

Chapter 212: Roping in External Help

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“I am Supreme Alldao of the human race, a subordinate of Heavenly Venerate Virtual. I am here on the orders of Heavenly Venerate Virtual. I wish to ask Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental a question.”

[You spoke arrogantly, but there was a hint of disdain in your tone.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s expression did not change in the face of someone arrogant like you. However, he frowned slightly and asked with a puzzled expression, “What’s the problem?”

[You cautiously looked at the Elemental Supreme beings beside him.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental understood what you were thinking. He raised his hand and formed a spatial barrier. There was only Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental and you in it.

[You shouted at Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental, “Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental, Heavenly Venerate Virtual asked me to ask you… When will the Five Elements planet be strengthened to a Grade 9 life star?”

[Your sudden shout made Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental very displeased. However, after hearing what you said, even though Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had an unparalleled cultivation base, he still felt at a loss for a moment.

[A huge hand made of the five elements instantly grabbed you. That majestic power seemed to want to kill you to silence you.

[However, in the next moment, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental, who had recovered his normal thoughts, loosened his grip on you. He narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Heavenly Venerate Virtual? How does he know? What’s the purpose of sending you here? With such a great temptation, shouldn’t he come here personally?”

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental thought of almost all the possibilities in an instant. Among them, his biggest doubt was how the evolution of the Five Elements planet had been exposed.

[He had always been steady in doing things. Over the years, he had extracted the power of the Five Elements galaxy and used the Five Elements race to nurture the Five Elements planet. In order not to expose the fact that the Five Elements race was missing their source of origin, the cultivation of all the members of the Five Elements race did not seem to have any problems from the outside as they had all gone through his shocking disguise.

[And now, a human emissary suddenly came. He said that he was under the orders of Heavenly Venerate Virtual, asking him when the evolution of the Five Elements planet would be completed. Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental found it hard to accept that his biggest secret had been exposed just like that.

“How should I know? But Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental, you can rest assured that Heavenly Venerate Virtual is not interested in your Five Elements planet. Because the human race is now being schemed against by a great race, it is inconvenient for Heavenly Venerate Virtual to come personally. He sent me here because he wants you to agree to one thing.”

[Looking at your calm expression, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental did not know what to do for a moment.

[If he killed you, it would inevitably anger Heavenly Venerate Virtual. Although he did not know how Heavenly Venerate Virtual knew that he was strengthening the Five Elements planet, if this matter were to be spread out, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental would definitely be enraged.

[It was likely that all the great beings in the universe would flock to the Five Elements race at once. Even though he was much stronger now, it was absolutely impossible for him to face all the great beings in the universe.

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s expression changed, and he said politely to you, “Haha, my young friend, please tell me. If Heavenly Venerate Virtual has any instructions, I will definitely do it.”

[Seeing Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s expression, you knew that your plan to eat a pig with a tiger had succeeded.

[You spoke without any hesitation, “In a few days, the human race will start a war with the Ghost race. If there are other races supporting the Ghost race at that time, I wonder if Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental can lend a hand?”

[Although it was a request, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental had no way to reject it.

[When Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental heard this condition, he didn’t say anything. Instead, his expression was a little strange.

‘They have such a huge piece of information, yet he only asked to help the human race once? This is very unusual.’

[It wasn’t a request that was too excessive. On the contrary, it was too simple.

[Although the favor of a Heavenly Venerate was huge, it was much smaller compared to this matter.

[When you saw the expression on Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s face, your eyes immediately flashed as you understood what was going on. Then, you added, “In addition, the entire Five Elements race must assist me in disrupting the Ghost race’s rear so that they can not fully deal with the human race’s attack.”

[As expected, after you made this request, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s expression was still ugly, but his doubts were cleared.

[Taking advantage of the battle between humans and ghosts, if the experts of the Five Elements race came out together and attacked the Ghost race’s empty rear, it could bring about great results in the battle. It could even influence the victory of the battle at a critical moment.

“Our Five Elements race has always maintained a neutral position in racial wars. Back then, your Supreme Heaven Reversal had a grudge against me. If I suddenly help the human race, it will not be noticed by the other races, but…”

As he spoke, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental pondered and finally made up his mind.

“How about this? The Five Elements race will send 10 Elemental Supreme beings to assist you in attacking the rear of the Ghost race. However, they need to conceal their identities. Until the last moment, they are not allowed to reveal their identities as members of the Five Elements race.”

[Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental was also thoughtful. Since the human race wanted to start a war with the Ghost race, he would definitely stand on the side of the human race in the end. However, if he revealed the attitude of the Five Elements race too early, it would inevitably cause dissatisfaction among the other super-first-rate races.

[The Five Elements race’s stance would send a message to all the races in the universe. That was, perhaps their entire alliance would be on the side of the human race.

[That would be very bad. Therefore, he had to expose this information at the crucial moment of the human-ghost war. This way, the impact of this matter would be reduced. The Heavenly Venerates of each race would not have to pay a visit to the Five Elements race.

[Naturally, you had no objections and agreed to Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s request.

[Your plan had already achieved its goal. Not only did you find a Heavenly Venerate for the human race, but you also tricked 10 Supreme beings.

[With such a powerful lineup, you could totally ambush a super-first-rate race and create greater chaos, thus achieving the goal of throwing their race into chaos.

[As for the Five Elements race, after you took away 10 Elemental Supreme beings, their strength would also be greatly reduced. When the mission was completed, it would be easier to throw the Five Elements race into chaos later.

[Basically, it didn’t require much effort. You only needed to tell the 10 Elemental Supreme beings following you that their ancestor was constantly using them and siphoning their race’s essence to cultivate.

[This was enough. No matter who it was, they were all selfish. There were few who would sacrifice their own interests for the sake of their ancestor.

[Just like that, Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental gave you a medallion with a trace of his aura. With this medallion, you could command the 10 Elemental Supreme beings. No matter where you were in the universe, as long as you were not in a special area, you could send a voice transmission to Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental.

[Under the orders of Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental, the 10 Elemental Supreme beings entered the Prime together with you.

[You piloted the spaceship and quickly left the Five Elements galaxy.]

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