I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 18 - Sealing a Large Formation

Chapter 18: Sealing a Large Formation

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The call came from an unknown number. Zhao Hao glanced at it before picking it up.

“Hello?” A very familiar female voice came from the microphone.

“Hello, Zhao Hao, you’re near Mount Gexian now, aren’t you? We have some problems over here and we don’t have enough manpower. Can you help us? Just tell me the address, and I’ll go and pick you up.” The female voice was Bai Bing, who had just parted with him not long ago this morning. Her voice sounded a little anxious.

Zhao Hao was confused. If he remembered correctly, he had signed a confidentiality agreement. Why did she still need his help?

However, considering that he had not transmigrated yet and still had to collect Red Talents in the next few days, he should not go against the government. So, Zhao Hao still told her the name of the hotel he was staying at.

Then, the call was immediately hung up.

Zhao Hao felt that something wrong must have happened, so he put on his clothes. Just then, his phone rang again. He walked out of the hotel and saw Bai Bing waiting for him in the military car.

With no hesitation, Zhao Hao sat in the passenger seat.

“Ma’am, I’m just a civilian. What do you need my help for?” Zhao Hao sounded really dissatisfied. He had just signed a confidentiality agreement that allowed him to be a commoner, but now they were asking him to help out with a mission.

Bai Bing looked a little awkward, but she still tried to stay calm and said to Zhao Hao, “There’s some big trouble over there. I really don’t have enough manpower on my side. That’s why I thought of you. Alright, sit tight.”

Once she said that she started driving the military car at an insane speed. Zhao Hao felt like he was sitting in a race car.

“Uh… Ma’am, you should at least tell me what I’m going to do first.” Zhao Hao said to Bai Bing in a helpless tone. Up until now, he still did not know what mission he was going to be a part of.

Bai Bing explained to Zhao Hao as she drove, “There’s a Dragon-Defying River at the foot of Mount Gexian. In the river, there’s a large array that imprisons the spirits of the war criminals who died here over a hundred years ago. To begin with, those spirits were all bloodthirsty, and they have turned into all sorts of supernatural beings. However, they were sealed in the Dragon-Defying River by the Celestial Master of Mount Gexian back then.”

As she said this, Bai Bing paused for a moment, and a voice came through the walkie-talkie.

“Calling Senior Colonel Bai. Calling Senior Colonel Bai. The Taoist priests in Mount Gexian said that the formation will be broken in half an hour at most. Should we call for reinforcements from the headquarters? Should we call for reinforcements from the headquarters?”

Upon hearing this, Bai Bing instantly pulled a long face. She picked up the walkie-talkie and replied, “Send the soldiers of the nearby military region over. We can’t call the headquarters. If we ask for reinforcements from the headquarters, this place will be razed to the ground.”

“Roger. Roger.” A voice came from the walkie-talkie, and Bai Bing’s expression became slightly better.

“So, the formation won’t be able to contain the supernatural beings inside the river for long?” Zhao Hao looked serious as well. He had never thought that he would encounter such a huge problem while traveling and looking for talents here.

Bai Bing continued, “That’s right. The formation of the Dragon-Defying River was supposed to be fine, but earlier, a Rank 7 Japanese Yin-yang Master snuck into Mount Gexian and broke through the opening of the formation. Although the Yin-yang Master died, the entire formation began to break. You heard it just now. It will be broken in another half an hour.” Bai Bing felt very helpless about this situation, too. The evil spirits under the Dragon-Defying River were very difficult to deal with.

“What level are those evil spirits? How different are they from the ones I encountered on the plane?” Zhao Hao still needed to find out the strength of his opponents. If they were too strong, he would not court death.

“Our special forces have been paying attention to them. According to the instruments, there are over 100,000 of them. Most of them are level two and level three, similar to the ones you killed. However, a small number of them have already evolved. The strongest one has already reached level eight.”

Zhao Hao was ready to jump out of the car.

There was no way he could take this job. Although he had three great talents “Mahayana Holy Body”, “Born Arhat”, and “Descendant of Taoist Trinity”, there was no way he could deal with level 8 supernatural beings.

“Uh… May I ask what level the strongest ghost that I killed on the plane was?” Zhao Hao asked with a hopeful heart.

“Level Three…” Bai Bing answered honestly.

“Clack.” Zhao Hao suddenly opened the door of the military car, and he was ready to jump out of the car.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Right then, multiple threads tied Zhao Hao to the car seat, and the door of the military car was also closed by the threads.

A faint white light radiated from Bai Bing’s body.

“Stop wasting your time. I’m a level-six superpowered person, so I’m more than capable of tying you up. In times of crisis, all superpowered people must step up as soon as necessary. Even if you sign a confidentiality agreement, you can’t back down.” Bai Bing said in a very serious tone. In fact, neither did she have any other choice. Time was running out, and not many people were there. That was why she remembered that she had found Zhao Hao today.

Zhao Hao had also calmed down now. Putting aside whether he was afraid of death or not, it seemed that he could not beat Bai Bing alone.

He struggled to break free from the threads on his body, but he found that he could not break free at all. So, Zhao Hao gave up on the idea of escaping and looked helplessly at Bai Bing who was driving.

“You don’t say. This woman is quite hot when she looks cold. Her original score was 95%, but now it could be raised to 98%.” Zhao Hao thought to himself.

However, Bai Bing felt extremely uncomfortable when Zhao Hao looked at her. She glanced at Zhao Hao and said to him, “You don’t have to think that I’m sending you to death. I’ve already mobilized the artillery troops of the nearby military region. Once the formation breaks open later, there will be 10,000 cannons firing first. Then, there will be the Lightning Techniques of the Taoist priests from Mount Gexian, Mount Longhu, and Mount Wuyi. We’ll only deal with the remaining supernatural beings.”

After hearing Bai Bing’s explanation, Zhao Hao finally relaxed.

It turned out that he was only doing the job of cleaning up the battlefield. This was not a problem for him. He could also take the opportunity to collect more Cultivation Talents.

“Uh… Is the strongest combat strength on our side Level Eight?” Zhao Hao asked the most critical question.

“Level Seven…” Bai Bing replied.

After 20 minutes of high-speed driving, the military car finally arrived by the Dragon-Defying River.

Zhao Hao hurriedly got off the car and looked around. He found that the area within a radius of over 10 kilometers had been cleared out. There were soldiers guarding all corners. This area had been completely sealed off.

When he saw the thousands of cannon barrels neatly placed by the river, Zhao Hao finally relaxed. That woman was not lying. As expected, they had to deal a physical blow first.

Bai Bing did not bother with Zhao Hao and walked straight up to four purple-robed priests and a handsome man in military uniform.

“How’s the preparation? Are you confident?” Bai Bing asked them.

“Bingbing, don’t worry. The four priests are all at Level Seven. Plus, there are you and me. We’ll have no problem dealing with that level-eight supernatural being. How could those little demons withstand our ten thousand cannons?”

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