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Chapter 19 - Level-Eight Supernatural Being

Chapter 19: Level-Eight Supernatural Being

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After hearing the assurance from the man in military uniform, Bai Bing felt slightly relieved. After all, such an incident was indeed a huge problem. If they did not handle it properly and let those 100,000 supernatural beings escape, it would be a huge disaster.

“Rumble…” Right then, the calm river erupted. At the center of the river, a strange vortex appeared on the surface. The vortex became bigger and bigger as it spun, and it seemed like it was about to create a gap in the river.

Everyone on the riverbank entered a tense state. They were all ready for the battle.

Zhao Hao walked to the side of a group of members wearing the uniforms of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad with a surprised expression and asked a little fatty wearing a cap, “Brother, when do we attack?”

The little fatty was startled by the voice that suddenly appeared next to him. He turned to look at Zhao Hao and said impatiently, “You’re new, right? Watch us later. After we finish shooting, we’ll jump into the river and kill the supernatural beings.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hao reached out his head to look at the river down there.

Although a great volume of the water had been swallowed by the vortex, the water was at least two to three meters deep. How could they go down and fight the supernatural beings?

“Eh? We’ll jump into the water and fight them?” Zhao Hao asked the little fatty with doubt.

The little fatty turned the direction of his cap and looked at Zhao Hao with disdain before saying, “If you can’t fly, you can only go into the river to kill the supernatural beings.”

Zhao Hao was very speechless. He looked at the Dragon-Defying River that was dozens of meters wide and held himself back from asking, “Can’t we just drain the water first…”

As a northerner, Zhao Hao could not swim at all. If he jumped into the river, it would be impossible for him to kill the supernatural beings. Moreover, he would have to trouble the others to save him…

Fortunately, Zhao Hao was planning to be a bystander mostly and help them out just a little.

At this moment, the sun disappeared on the horizon, and night fell.

In an instant, there came a strong wind and faint howls of a lone wolf. The sky above the Dragon-Defying River was covered with a huge black cloud.

At the center of the river where the vortex was, a Yin-yang Tai Chi diagram appeared. However, there was already a big hole in the diagram.

The big hole was continuously shattering, and the entire diagram started to shatter like a glass with cracks in a spiderweb pattern.

A voice came out of the walkie-talkies.

“Get ready to fire…”

“Swoosh— Swoosh— Swoosh—”

In an instant, thousands of cannons aimed at the Yin-yang Tai Chi diagram.


A thunderous sound came from the sky, and the Yin-yang Eight Trigrams cracked.

All of a sudden, ghost energy spread across the entire river. Countless evil spirits rushed out of the Yin-yang Eight Trigrams ferociously, rushing towards the riverbanks.

“Fire!” A cold female voice came out as Bai Bing gave the final order to fire.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

In an instant, thousands of cannons were shot together, and the closely located cannonballs all hit the huge Yin-yang Eight Trigrams.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Explosions occurred one after another, and the water surface that had just calmed down was totally blown up. Over a thousand specially processed cannonballs could not only cause extremely serious damage to supernatural beings. Even the water of the Dragon-Defying River was blasted into the sky.

After a wave of cannonballs attack, the entire surface level of the Dragon-Defying River dropped by more than ten meters.

It was not because the water was blasted into the air, but because the entire ground was blasted into a deep pit of more than ten meters.

“All deities, please protect me. Protect my body. Protect my soul. Protect my spirit.”

Just then, the four priests in purple robes flew right on top of the Yin-yang Eight Trigrams.

Each of them invoked a spell, pleading with the Twelve Deities to protect them.

Then, the four priests kept chanting the mantra together, and endless thunders kept coming down from the sky. The mantra was an authentic Taoist spell, the “Nine Heavenly Thunder Curse”.

“Boom! Boom! Boom…!”

The surface of the river went up and down again. It had just gone through a round of cannonball attacks, and now there were attacks of lightning and thunder.

Lightning surrounded the entire Dragon-Defying River, lighting up the already dark surroundings as if it was daylight.

On the Dragon-Defying River, there were all kinds of dead fish floating. The fish that had gotten lucky and survived the cannonballs could not escape their fate under the dense net of lightning, after all. Eventually, all of them turned upside down.

The lightning struck the surface of the river for ten minutes.

The four Taoists in purple robes flew back to Bai Bing’s side. Everyone turned their eyes to the center of the Dragon-Defying River.

After two waves of full-scale attacks, it was believed that most of the supernatural beings in the river had been killed or injured.

“Senior Colonel Bai, not good. According to the sensors, there are still more than 10,000 supernatural beings in the river…” The soldier who had been staring at the detectors shouted at Bai Bing.

“What?” Bai Bing’s eyes widened instantly. She had thought that there might be dozens or hundreds of supernatural beings that could survive such high firepower. She had never expected that there would be tens of thousands of them left.

Turning around to look at the dozens of superpowered persons she had brought with her, Bai Bing gritted her teeth tightly.

The soldiers who were responsible for firing the cannons had already begun to retreat. Ordinary soldiers could not deal any damage to supernatural beings. It was better for the professionals to deal with them.

The ghostly figures had already rushed out of the river one by one. Bai Bing had no other choice but to place her hopes on her team members to withstand it. They could only deal with the small demons after they worked together to kill the level-eight supernatural being first.

“Swoosh…” Ghost Energy soared into the sky.

A bald ‘man’ dressed in Japanese clothing rushed out of the river and ran towards the horizon.

As a level-eight supernatural being, it had already recovered all of its intelligence. It knew that it was not a good time to fight with these people. After all, he had just broken through the seal and had not fully recovered his strength. Plus, this place was the turf of the opponents. So, of course, it had to run.

However, Bai Bing and the others had already prepared for this. When the Bald Man reached mid-air, a huge net brought him back. That was the legacy magic treasure of Mount Longhu, the “Inescapable Net”.

In order to prevent any supernatural being from running away, the Inescapable Net had long been set up here.

The four Taoists in purple robes, Bai Bing, and the man in military uniform also made their moves instantly, charging toward the bald man in mid-air.

By the side of the Dragon-Defying River, Zhao Hao was ready to curse. Did they not say that there would be at most a few dozen evil spirits left? What was going on with the crowd of evil spirits in front of him?

Also, since they had already become ghosts, how could they still fire their guns? And by the way, what was the deal with those mortars?

Just as he thought of this…

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Dozens of mortars launched bombs, shattering the location where Zhao Hao and the others gathered.

Zhao Hao and the others were all superpowered people, so they easily dodged all of them.

However, the fact that the supernatural beings had such a properly devised battle method gave all the superpowered people a headache.

“Whatever. A mere supernatural being as low-leveled as level-eight can’t stop me,” The little fatty who had been talking to Zhao Hao said to the others.

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