I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 17 - Saint of the Joyous Union Sect

Chapter 17: Saint of the Joyous Union Sect

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[On the 46th day, you woke up with serious injuries. When you saw that Shuang’er was still by your side, you felt very grateful. However, at this time, Shuang’er told you that she was the Saint of the Joyous Union Sect and that she had taken the initiative to approach you because she had perceived your unique physique in the Heavenly River City. She had initially planned to bring you to the Demigod stage and then refine you. However, you had had a huge battle with two Demigod-stage cultivators and hurt your foundation, so she had no choice but to take action now.]

[On the 47th day, during the dual cultivation with Shuang’er, you dropped to the early stage of the Nascent Soul stage and lost your talent “Child of Lady Luck”.]

[On the 48th day, during the dual cultivation with Shuang’er, you dropped to the early stage of the Core Formation stage and lost your talents “Born Arhat” and “Mahayana Holy Body”.]

[On the 49th day, during the dual cultivation with Shuang’er, you dropped to the Foundation Establishment stage and lost all your remaining talents.]

[On the 50th day, your dual cultivation with Shuang’er ended, and you were reduced to a mortal. Shuang’er did not kill you. Instead, she kept your looks in her memories before she turned around and left. You vaguely saw that Shuang’er seemed to have shed a tear.]

[On the 51st day, your foundation was completely destroyed, and your Cultivation Base was all gone. You had no strength left in your body, and you could not even end your own life. All you could do was lie there and wait to die.]

[On the 52nd day, you fell into a coma after not eating for many days. You died.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over. You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The Cultivation Simulation has ended. Simulation Time: 52 days. System Cooldown Time: 52 minutes.]

“F*ck, I’m going to kill her…” Zhao Hao sprang up in anger and subconsciously wanted to smash something.

It was a good thing that there was nothing next to the hotel bed, and Zhao Hao slowly calmed down.

When he became rational, Zhao Hao sat back on his bed again and felt very helpless.

It had been so rare for him to start the last simulation with such powerful Cultivation Talents. He had had three Red Talents and other incredible talents such as “Child of Lady Luck”, and he had practiced an authentic Taoist Cultivation Method.

Everything had gone smoothly, except that he had met a demonic lady halfway on his path of cultivation.

He didn’t know that he hadn’t started his immortal cultivation business yet, but he had met a witch halfway.

“System, extract the Cultivation Talent ‘Descendant of Taoist Trinity’.”

[Ding! The Cultivation Talent “Descendant of Taoist Trinity” has been extracted. The Cultivation Talent “Heir of Asura” has been removed.]

“Shuang’er…” Zhao Hao opened the notepad and took notes of that name and the Joyous Union Sect.

Although he could see from the information at the end of the simulation that Shuang’er seemed to have feelings for him as well, Zhao Hao could never tolerate the fact that she had taken everything from him through dual cultivation.

“I’m holding this grudge…” Zhao Hao thought to himself.

After adjusting himself, Zhao Hao planned to run the simulation a few more times. Although he had already extracted a Red Talent today, he still needed to gather more information about the fantasy world.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

[The simulation starts now.]

[On the first day, you did not steal any cultivation manuals. Instead, you focused on cultivating the Tao Te Ching.]

[On the 30th day, as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, you successfully broke through to the Nascent Soul stage and became a Great Cultivator. You inspected the people in the village, but you still could not identify the respective stage of their Cultivation Base. The sky was covered with dark clouds. You already sensed that there would be heavenly thunder if you still did not leave the village. You charged all the way into the mountain. Within a day, you killed all the evil ghosts and the dismembered body parts of the male corpse and destroyed all the Evil God temples. You finally went up to the top of the mountain, killed the Oink God, and obtained the Breath Concealing Technique.]

[On the 33rd day, you concealed your aura and killed an Elder of the Noble Aspiration Sect. The Lord of the Heavenly River City saw that you were a Nascent Soul cultivator, so he did not intervene. You did not want to join a sect anymore. Instead, you wanted to be a Rogue Cultivator. Therefore, you left the Heavenly River City and began to explore the cultivation world.]

[On the 45th day, you came to a place called the “San Tong River”. Here, you happened to see many people offering sacrifices to the River God. You went forward and saw that the offerings were 99 boys and girls. You were furious, and you wanted to save the children, but the villagers stopped you. You were about to unleash your skills, but a river demon that was at the peak of the Demigod stage suddenly sprang out of the river. Fortunately, you were not injured as you reacted quickly and escaped in time.]

[On the 49th day, you broke through to the middle stage of the Nascent Soul stage.]

[On the 53rd day, you traveled the world and discovered many evil deeds. However, after being taught a lesson, you no longer acted righteously. You planned to cultivate to the Demigod stage before you tried to get rid of the demons and devils again.”

[On the 59th day, you came to a big city that was full of cultivators, namely the Polar Extreme City. It was the main city of a major sect, the Polar Extreme Sect. Here, you rented a Cave Estate and began to cultivate in peace.]

[On the 69th day, you broke through to the late stage of the Nascent Soul stage, and you had spent all your money. You planned to go out and get some Spirit Stones. In a restaurant, you heard the discussions of the surrounding cultivators about the opening of a mystic realm nearby. You quickly asked for information and headed toward the mystic realm.]

[On the 70th day, you and many Rogue Cultivators arrived at the outer perimeter of the mystic realm. However, it was guarded by several other large sects, and no one was allowed to enter. You could only wait outside. During that time, you killed a few ignorant cultivators and obtained a small amount of Spirit Stones.]

[On the 75th day, a huge explosion occurred in the mystic realm. The entire mystic realm collapsed, and everyone quickly escaped. Only now did you know that it was the Cave Estate of a Tribulation-Transcending-stage cultivator. While you were trying to escape like everyone else, a huge palm slammed down on your head, and all the nearby cultivators died. You died.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over. You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The Cultivation Simulation has ended. Simulation Time: 75 days. System Cooldown Time: 75 minutes.]

Zhao Hao fell into deep thoughts.

The path of cultivation was extremely difficult. His journey had been full of all kinds of evil deeds and unfairness. If he made a move, he would die, and his cultivation would be gone in vain.

Even when he had turned a blind eye to all that for his survival, he had still become part of the collateral damage and been killed by a mighty figure with a single slap just because he had gone to a mystic realm.

Zhao Hao subconsciously thought that if he transmigrated into the Cultivation World without the Cultivation Simulator, he would not survive in the end even if he had 100 lives.

“Sigh…” He subconsciously let out a long sigh and turned on his phone to order takeout.

However, in an instant, Zhao Hao was stunned. A news alert appeared in front of his eyes.

“Today, the LH750 plane that was flying toward Mount Longhu suffered an air disaster. Only five people jumped out of the plane and survived.”

Of course, Zhao Hao knew at a glance that this was the plane he was on, but he did not expect this to be the explanation provided by the government.

After thinking more about it, it made sense, though. After all, they have to keep it a secret from the public. This kind of information about ghosts was definitely not something that could be reported.

After ordering the takeout, Zhao Hao was going to turn on his computer to find out where else he could obtain Red Cultivation Talents.

He received a phone call.

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