I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

Chapter 163 - Chapter 163: A Fear of Women

Chapter 163: A Fear of Women

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“Xia Xin really is a trending topic setter. With her positively electrifying presence, the reputation of our variety show just keeps soaring,” the director said with a beaming smile.

The director’s warmth towards Xia Xin had noticeably intensified since her arrival.

“Ah, it’s Xia Xin and Jing Mo! Glad you could make it. Take a seat and get your makeup done; we’re going live in half an hour. The show has changed a bit; we’re pairing people up this time. At least you can watch each other’s backs,” the director explained.

The director subtly shifted the mission parameters to ensure their safety, making a point to Xia Xin that he was not in league with Xu Ping and Xu An.

“Ah, also, meet our new scriptwriter, Li Da. To enhance safety, we’ve expanded the guest list to six—pairing everyone into three teams. The pairings will be determined by drawing lots.”

The director outlined the new game rules in one breath, leaving Xia Xin pleasantly surprised.

“Thank you,” Xia Xin said graciously.

“Don’t mention it. Go get your makeup done while I brief the others,” the director responded with an affable smile.

The director’s effusive manner left Xia Xin feeling slightly uneasy. She turned a puzzled glance towards Jing Mo.

“It’s because he wants to distance himself from Xu Ping and Xu An. Plus, you’ve hit the trending topics again,” Jing MO clarified.

Xia Xin hadn’t checked her phone and was unaware that the internet was buzzing with discussions about her. She asked, “Are they talking about me being a Beast Master?”

“Not entirely, ” Jing MO explained briefly.

Xia Xin went silent, pondering the complexities. She wondered how Xu Ping and Xu An could know what was being discussed online, unaware that Jing MO had a hand in it. All she could do was marvel at the extensive reach of the media.

Jing MO saw her confusion but chose not to clarify; she didn’t need to know the intricacies.

“I wonder who the new guests are,” Jing MO smoothly changed the topic.

“We’ll find out soon enough,” Xia Xin replied.

The makeup artists soon arrived, and before long, it was time to start filming.

The director announced, “Today, we’ve invited three new celebrities. We’re pairing them up to minimize injuries. As for the pairings, we’ll make it fair by drawing lots.”

“Let’s welcome our three new additions!” said the director with a grin.

Three individuals walked in—two actresses and one actor. Upon seeing the male star, named Lu Shi, Xia Xin’s eyebrows furrowed. While Jing MO had a stellar reputation, Lu Shi was his polar opposite—infamous for his numerous affairs and even caught leaving hotels with various starlets. And yet, he would claim they were discussing ‘scripts.’

Unable to suppress an eye-roll, Xia Xin couldn’t help but feel that once might be an accident, but constant scandals were a pattern.

Upon entering, Lu Shi’s eyes immediately fixed on Xia Xin. He had taken notice of her when she was the trending zookeeper beauty, and now seeing her in person, he was genuinely captivated.

“Come, get to know each other. We’ll start drawing lots in ten minutes,” said

the director. He let the three new celebrities sit down while he went down to prepare for the drawing of lots.

“Hi, I’m Lu Shi. You must be the beautiful zookeeper?” He sauntered over to sit beside Xia Xin, edging closer as though testing her boundaries.

Xia Xin’s brows tightened, and she discreetly moved away.

Catching her reluctance, Lu Shi signaled to one of the actresses who’d arrived with him. She approached, flashing a saccharine smile, and asked, “May I sit here?”

Before Xia Xin could respond, Jing MO sharply said, “No.”

Moving even closer to Xia Xin, he added, “I have a fear of women.”

The actress’s face stiffened; her veneer of sweetness shattered by awkwardness.

[LOL, this sweet little flower just got pricked!!

[Seriously, Zhou Lian is a hypocrite, and I don’t like her either.]

(Jing Mo never disappoints. Only he could come up with such a lame excuse… A fear of women? Then why is he so close to Xia Xin?

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