I Unlocked Beast Language and Became a Bigshot After My Rebirth!

Chapter 162 - Chapter 162: Discussion

Chapter 162: Discussion

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“Alright, I’ll take you there. Each visitor gets ten minutes, so use your time wisely,” the police officer led Jing MO into the visitor’s room.

Visiting two people at the same time wasn’t permitted, so Jing MO had to choose between the two siblings, Xu An and Xu Ping. He opted for Xu An first. Even though she was technically the younger sister, she had always been the more dominant force in their relationship. Whether it was on a mission or something else, Xu An was the decision-maker. Jing MO knew that if he could convince Xu An, he wouldn’t have to work hard to persuade Xu Ping.

He was careful with his words, knowing he was in a police station and couldn’t discuss anything illegal. Instead, he vaguely mentioned some trending topics from recent days and inquired if they’d kidnapped Xia Xin because of these discussions.

Xu An caught on immediately. She nodded, understanding that if Jing Mo’s true identity was exposed, she and her brother would be ruined.

“So, why didn’t you guys just tell the truth?” Jing MO asked.

“Who would believe us? If you’ve come to mock us, you’ve seen enough. You can leave now,” Xu An said, effectively ending the conversation.

Jing MO watched as Xu An left the room, making way for Xu Ping.

“I’ve spoken to Xu An. She told me the real reason behind your kidnapping of Xia Xin,” Jing MO told Xu Ping.

Xu Ping looked puzzled. He thought, ‘But if he already knows why we did it, why did he need to ask her?’

“You kidnapped Xia Xin because she has a special connection with animals? You actually think she’s a Beast Master?” Jing MO questioned, skepticism etched into his features.

Xu Ping remained silent, unsure of how to respond. He thought that could cover up Jing Mo’s identity.

“It’s absurd,” Jing MO stated icily before leaving the room.

As Jing MO stepped out of the police station, Sun Hu approached him. “So, how did it go?”

“Not well. I wanted them to reveal the real motive so we could close the case and protect Xia Xin, ” Jing MO replied dismissively.

To Jing MO, his own past was of no concern. After all, Xu Ping and Xu An had already been apprehended. Their purpose was no longer of importance.

Sun Hu nodded and went on to pick up Xia Xin to escort her to the TV show set. It was nearly time for the broadcast. Then, he directed his PR team to publicize the siblings’ kidnapping motive.

[It’s said that a new popular girl can sense the emotions of animals, making the bad guys unable to sit still. To verify it, they actually kidnapped people.

Fortunately, the girl was smart and escaped.]

As soon as the news broke, everyone suspected it was about Xia Xin—the rising star who had recently gained traction in the entertainment world. Social media platforms lit up with comments both for and against Xia Xin. [I can sense animal emotions too. There’s nothing special about it.]

[That’s right. I know best whether my puppy is happy or not.]

[You’re right. I can also sense the emotional changes of small animals. Xia Xin should be just a little better than us. After all, she works in a zoo and has more contact with animals.]

[Isn’t that so? Xu Ping and Xu An were really bad to kidnap someone because of such a thing.]

[A few days ago, I saw the trending searches saying that Xia Xin was a Beast

Master. Isn’t that too fantastical? Where can there be such a thing in the world?]

[I’ve also heard what you said. I even went to support it. Xia Xin is beautiful and kind, so I went to support her. Now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t have.]

[Isn’t that so? It’s causing trouble for Xia Xin.]

[No wonder Xia Xin works in the zoo. It’s because of her ability. I think she is also a person who loves animals very much.]

However, the majority of voices online were in favor of Xia Xin. Naturally, some were not in her favor.

[What do you mean by sensing the emotions of animals? That was too ridiculous. If she could, why didn’t she go to the forest to communicate with those endangered species?]

[If it’s really that mysterious, Xia Xin should stop being a celebrity. Can’t she communicate with animals directly?]

However, as soon as the voices of opposition came out, they were drowned out. Most of the netizens still supported Xia Xin, leading the topic to trend consistently until the broadcast of the TV show, much to the delight of the show’s director..

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