I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 45 - Control  

Chapter 45: Control

Lu Suo tensed up and tried to come up with an excuse. His eyes were filled with innocence as he said, “I miss my dad.”

After that, he pulled Song Yujin’s hand.

Song Yujin did not like intimate contact and attempted to break free.

On the other hand, Lu Suo had made up his mind to get out of here first. So, he used all his might to drag Song Yujin along. Both of their strengths were evenly matched.

Song Yujin looked at the other party’s aggrieved and pitiful eyes. After remembering what happened to Lu Suo’s parents, his heart softened and he did not struggle any further.

Lu Suo quietly pulled him away. Finally, they were away from Lu Gan’s room.

“I was unable to fall asleep and wanted daddy to accompany me. However, I felt embarrassed after reaching the door. Thus, I didn’t go in and just stood outside for a while…”

Lu Suo looked at Song Yujin pitifully.

“Little uncle, don’t tell my dad and Auntie Song, okay? I don’t want them to worry about me.”

Song Yujin did not suspect anything and nodded. Originally, he was going to get some water. When he passed by Song Ci’s bedroom, he saw Lu Suo standing outside the door.

After Song Yujin had agreed, Lu Suo let out a sigh of relief and said sweetly, “You’re so kind.”

Song Yujin did not say anything.

Lu Suo was already used to Song Yujin’s silence and continued to pull him further away. Suddenly, Song Yujin stopped.

Lu Suo’s heart began thumping again. He asked cautiously, “What’s wrong?”

Song Yujin’s tone was as calm as ever. He lowered his head and said, “You’re not wearing shoes.”

Lu Suo panicked again.

“I was too anxious… I just missed dad… I have trouble sleeping alone, so…”

As he spoke, he lowered his head. It was a really pitiful sight.

Song Yujin did not expect Lu Suo to be so uncomfortable because of this. He was at a loss.

‘I should try to comfort him, but what can I do?’

After thinking for a while, he decided to imitate the way Song Ci would comfort him. He reached out and touched Lu Suo’s head.

“Be good.”

Lu Suo’s lips could not help but twitch! Fortunately, his head was lowered.

‘Be good? He does not know how to comfort others at all!’

Regardless, as long as Song Yujin did not doubt him, it was fine. Therefore, he merely nodded and said, “I will.”

Upon seeing this, Song Yujin thought that he had succeeded. This was the first time he had consoled a person younger than him. It put him in a very good mood. He rubbed Lu Suo’s head again, then retracted his hand before pulling the latter into his room.

Lu Suo followed him, thinking that he had managed to deceive him. Next time, he had to be more cautious. Still, when did Song Yujin show up? Why was there no sound at all? Lu Suo frowned slightly. After entering Song Yujin’s room, he came back to his senses and was shocked. At some point, he had lost control. How did he end up in this position?

“Sit,” said Song Yujin as he pulled Lu Suo towards a chair.

Lu Suo had no idea what was happening, but he still sat down.

Then, Song Yujin went to the bathroom and brought out a basin of water. He said calmly, “Wash your feet.”

Lu Suo raised his feet and put them into the water. However, as soon as his chubby feet touched the water, he could not help but shout, “It’s too hot!”

The little boy looked aggrieved.

Song Yujin touched the water with his hand, but he did not feel that it was hot. Nonetheless, he got up and said, “Wait a minute.”

Lu Suo watched as he went into the bathroom again. Once Song Yujin was out of sight, he put his feet into the water and quickly lifted them again. In the end, he was still a child and this was his way of having fun.

When Song Yujin came out, he poured some cold water from a smaller basin into the bigger basin.

“Try it now.”

Lu Suo stretched out his feet. This time, he did not feel it was hot. He smiled at Song Yujin and said, “Thank you, little uncle.”

“You’re welcome.”

Song Yujin was as calm as ever. He passed a towel to Lu Suo and placed the smaller basin back in the bathroom. Subsequently, he took out a pair of slippers and placed them beside Lu Suo’s feet.

Lu Suo glanced at them. It appears that Song Yujin was good at taking care of people, but he was bad with words. Regardless, he slowly washed his chubby feet. Then, he raised them to show Song Yujin.

“They’re clean.”

Song Yujin looked at his chubby little feet and nodded in satisfaction.

Lu Suo picked up the towel and wiped them.

Shoes would make noise whenever the wearer walked. It was the reason he went barefoot to Lu Gan’s room. Upon thinking about this, Lu Suo became curious. Song Yujin was wearing shoes, so why was there no sound?

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