I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 44 - Tsundere Lu Gan  

Chapter 44: Tsundere Lu Gan

Originally, Su Youcheng wanted to ask Lu Gan why he chose Song Ci as his fiancée. Ultimately, he did not because he realized Song Ci’s appearance had impacted Lu Gan’s emotions positively. Lu Gan was now as lively as before. The menial details did not matter. He just wanted his friend to be happy.

Lu Gan put down his phone and thought of Su Youcheng’s words. Song Ci did not really like Di Zhongyang, right? She could not be that blind, right? Lu Gan was very unhappy at the thought of Song Ci fawning over Di Zhongyang in the past!

Lu Gan, whose mood had soured, pushed his wheelchair to the bedside.

After Song Ci came out of the bathroom, he said arrogantly, “Hug me.”

Song Ci was puzzled, but she complied and bent down to hug him. They could smell each other’s fragrances.

Lu Gan said in a displeased tone, “I didn’t mean it that way. What I want is for you to carry me to bed!”

This unreserved woman always wanted to take advantage of him!

Song Ci was shocked. After all, she was still a girl. How could she carry him?!

Lu Gan raised his eyebrows.

“You’re not willing?”

Song Ci touched her nose awkwardly and made up her mind.

“Well… I might not be able to carry you. I’ll try my best. You should also cooperate… In the future, I’ll train to gain more muscles!”

Song Ci was willing to do anything for survival!

Upon hearing that, Lu Gan imagined a muscular woman carrying him around like a princess. No! He could not bear to see such a scene!

In the end, even though Song Ci was carrying him, she was only his support. Lu Gan laid down on the bed with her help.

“Have you carried Di Zhongyang before?”

Lu Gan’s tone was calm. It really did not bother him. Not at all!

Song Ci replied without any hesitation, “Why would I? I’m not mentally ill!”

Then, she moved closer to Lu Gan and said affectionately, “I only do this for you. As long as you’re willing, of course.”

Lu Gan scoffed, expressing his disbelief.

“Could it be that Di Zhongyang was unwilling?”

Song Ci knew that today’s matter was not over. Di Zhongyang had really caused her a lot of issues!

Suddenly, she said, “Why are you acting so strange today? Are you jealous?”

“Are you kidding me? Me? Jealous? I just want you to have some standards when it comes to choosing a substitute. Otherwise, it’s an insult to me! I have to take care of my pride!”

Lu Gan turned his face away, but his ears were already red.

Song Ci caught wind and probed, “There’s a next time?”

Lu Gan instantly turned back and said in disbelief, “You still want to repeat this incident?”

Song Ci blinked her eyes innocently. “I already have you. There’s no need.”

Lu Gan snorted arrogantly.

Song Ci looked at him with a smile.

“Sigh, if it wasn’t for his sudden appearance today, I wouldn’t even remember he existed.”

“You’re treating my substitute like this?”

Lu Gan said sarcastically.

Song Ci gritted her teeth. This was too much. What exactly did he want? More pampering?

However, no matter how aggrieved she felt, Song Ci continued to smile. She said affectionately, “He’s just a backup. I only have eyes for you. It’s a beautiful night. Let’s not ruin our mood because of him.”

It was true. Song Ci had already spent a hundred and twenty percent of her energy on Lu Gan!

Anyway, Lu Gan was amused by her words. He had always been sharp-tongued and witty.

“Alright, let’s begin your performance.”

After saying that, he pulled the blanket and lay down.


Song Ci suddenly felt like she did not want to live anymore. Destruction sounded like a better option!

Nonetheless, she still performed her scene seriously without complaint. Since she had worked hard for so long, she refused to give up!

Once again, Lu Gan fell asleep! Song Ci did not understand what was happening. Was she a special sleeping pill?

Subsequently, Song Ci also slept angrily.

Lu Suo watched as the light went out. He finally felt relaxed. They did not seem to be hiding anything from him. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a calm and cold voice.

“What are you doing here?”

Lu Suo was shocked. He turned around and saw Song Yujin. It was as if the latter had seen through everything.

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