I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 46 - I’m Not Obedient at All  

Chapter 46: I’m Not Obedient at All

“Pour the water away.”

Song Yujin said to Lu Suo.

Lu Suo’s thoughts were interrupted. Nonetheless, he silently obliged.

“Done. The basin is empty.”

Lu Suo tried to show off his best side.

Song Yujin nodded and patted his pillow.

“Come. Let’s go to sleep.”

Lu Suo, who was about to leave, asked in a confused tone, “Sleep?”

“You’re unable to sleep alone, right? You also said you’re too embarrassed to seek out your father.”

Song Yujin said calmly.

Lu Suo could not understand what he was thinking.

There was only one pillow on Song Yujin’s bed. Fortunately, it was very big. Moreover, they were still young and small in size, so it was manageable.

“Come on. It’s getting late. I’m going to sleep,” said Song Yujin.

Lu Suo thought for a moment before taking off his shoes and getting onto the bed.

Song Yujin added, “There’s a spare blanket on top of the cabinet. I’m not tall enough. If you don’t mind, please get it yourself.”

Lu Suo looked at him with a smile.

“One is enough for us to share.”

Song Yujin did not say anything else. He gestured for Lu Suo to lie down. Then, he turned off the lights.

They were very close to each other. Lu Suo turned to Song Yujin and asked softly, “Little uncle, did you do this because I said I couldn’t sleep alone?”


Song Yujin replied.

“You’re so nice,” said Lu Suo sweetly.

Song Yujin was still as cold as ever.

Lu Suo frowned. He felt that Song Yujin was really strange. The latter did not show any sign of liking him. Yet, he still accompanied him like this. Lu Suo, who had always been a meticulous person, began to think over things carefully. Song Yujin probably liked him. He was just born with a cold and detached appearance. As Lu Suo closed his eyes, he said softly, “Good night, little uncle.”

“Good night.”

Song Yujin closed his eyes and fell asleep.

It was unsure how much time had passed. Suddenly, Song Yujin felt someone grabbing him. He opened his eyes abruptly and heard a cry.


Song Yujin was stunned for a moment. He turned his head and looked at the side.

Lu Suo was curled up and his chubby little face was scrunched together. He cried very softly, calling for his parents.

Song Yujin wanted to wake him up but just as he opened his mouth, he silently closed it again.

Lu Suo’s parents were gone. He could only see them occasionally in his dreams. In other words, he probably wanted to spend as much time as possible with them.

Song Yujin looked around the pitch-black room. Subconsciously, he thought of his own mother. It had been a long time since he dreamed of her. It would be nice if he could also see her in his dreams. Song Yujin slowly raised his hand and touched Lu Suo’s head.

“Be good.”

This was the sole comforting method he had learned from Song Ci. Lu Suo gradually calmed down and stopped crying.

In Lu Suo’s dream, he was being held by his mother while his father gently stroked his head.

“Little Suo, we miss you very much. However, you’re still young and it’s not time for us to meet. We want to see your future. What kind of person would you turn out to be? You’ll definitely grow into a handsome young man!”

Lu Suo nodded obediently.

“Little Suo, promise us that you’ll live with your uncle happily. He’ll take care of you in our stead.”

Lu Suo nodded obediently again.


“So obedient.”

His parents looked at him while smiling. Their eyes were filled with love.

Lu Suo instantly burst into tears. He shook his head and hugged his parents tightly.

“I’m not obedient at all. This is just a mask. If I was well behaved, you’ll stay by my side, right?”

The night passed without another word.

In the morning, when Lu Gan woke up, he felt something pressing on his waist. Someone was hugging him tightly. Lu Gan tried to move, but Song Ci immediately whined and protested until Lu Gan hugged her in his arms. Only then did Song Ci calm down. Her head moved around to find a comfortable position. After that, she continued to sleep.

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci’s face and reached out to touch it. The skin under his fingers was warm and smooth. He could not help but gently caress her repeatedly.

Song Ci felt an itch. She pouted and raised her hand to rub her face. Then, she opened her eyes in a daze.

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