I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: It Was Smarter Than a Cactus

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Of course, Song Ci did not have any objections.

“As long as you like it. Is there anything else you want to buy? We can get a few more pots.”

Song Yujin shook his head. Originally, he only wanted a flower pot but now, he got an additional small cactus. It was enough for him.

Song Ci looked at the small cactus in Song Yujin’s hand. It was green and the small thorns were not as hard. She gently pressed it, but no sharp pain could be felt. The cactus was like Song Yujin who had yet to grow up.

“Why don’t we buy a pot for Lu Suo too? The two of you can raise plants together, just like growing up side by side,” said Song Ci.

Song Yujin thought for a moment and nodded. He chose a relatively small and cute cactus. Then, he looked at Song Ci.

Song Ci patted Song Yujin’s head and smiled.

“It’s very cute. Yujin, you have good taste.”

Upon hearing that, Song Yujin smiled. At this moment, he did feel lonely. Although he was used to being alone, he did not reject being Lu Suo’s companion.

After all, he was living under the same roof as someone of similar age. The other party was obedient and cute. They should be able to get along well. He did not need Lu Suo to like him. The latter only needed to not hate him.

Song Yujin’s demands were very low, be it material or emotional. He did not need others to like him, just like how he would not easily be fond of others.

Song Ci paid the bill without hesitation. Song Yujin picked up the flowerpots and they went home.

On the way, Song Ci suddenly thought of something. She lowered her head to ask Song Yujin, “Do you think I treat Lu Suo well?”

Song Yujin looked up at her. He did not understand why she would ask such a question.

Song Ci’s voice was gentle. There was also a hint of caution in her tone.

“In two days, I will be married to Lu Suo’s father. After that, I will be considered his mother. Regardless, I will always be your sister. You’re my favorite person. Understand?”

Song Yujin’s eyes were clearly filled with doubt. How could he be Song Ci’s favorite person?

Song Ci looked at the confused little boy. She could guess what he was thinking and said awkwardly, “I didn’t treat you very well before. Just pretend that version of me is dead. I’m a new person. You’re my only blood relative and vice versa. Naturally, you’ll be my favorite person.”

Song Yujin did not say anything. He looked at the small cactus in his hand. After a long time, he let out a low “Mmhmm” as if it was a form of acknowledgment.

Song Ci kept quiet as well. She only hoped that Song Yujin would not overthink.

Needless to say, Song Yujin did not think too much about it because he did not care about these things at all.

Song Ci sighed. She could not help but reach out to hug him. When she was reading the book, she felt no attachment to the characters. However, when she came into contact with them, she realized they were no different living people. What happened to Song Yujin really broke her heart. She wanted Song Yujin to regain his trust in people again. Of course, this included her.

Song Yujin got used to Song Ci’s touch. However, he was still distrustful of her. He knew that her words might just be empty. After all, he had been living with “Song Ci”‘ all this time. It was not just a day or two, but almost half a year. Understandably, he did not believe what she said.

When the two of them reached home, Song Ci kept the agate bracelet in Lu Gan’s bedroom. She would give it to Lu Suo later.

Song Yujin followed Song Ci’s instructions and handed the cactus to Lu Suo.

Lu Suo blinked. His amber eyes were undoubtedly beautiful and innocent. He opened his mouth slightly and pointed at himself.

“For me?”

Song Yujin nodded.

“My sister bought it.”

Lu Suo took it and thanked him.

“You’re welcome.”

After Song Yujin said that, he turned around and left without any hesitation.

Lu Suo put the cactus by a window somewhat disdainfully. He was puzzled. Who would like such a stupid plant?

Its thorns were clearly on display. Was it afraid that no one knew about its weapon? Who would dare to approach it unguarded?

Lu Suo shook his head. He liked roses. In his opinion, roses were smart. They were gorgeous and their sharp thorns were hidden. People could only look from afar. If they reached out their hands, they would be pierced by the hidden thorns.

It was smarter than a cactus.

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