I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: I Want a Flowerpot

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“By the way, are you busy tonight?” asked Lu Gan.

“No, why?”

“I’ll take you to meet my friend. Around 8 p.m.”

Song Ci nodded. Su Ru Lin had just said that no one knew about their upcoming marriage, so this would be a good way to counter the rumors.

“Yujin and I are going out for a while. We’ll be back before 8 p.m.”

Lu Gan nodded.

“I’ll get the chauffeur to drive you around.”

Song Ci quickly refused. How could she let the chauffeur see her buying Lu Suo’s gift? What if he told him?

Lu Gan did not want to make things difficult. So, he replied, “Alright.”

Song Ci went to look for Song Yujin.

Lu Gan looked at her as she left. This woman seemed to be positive, gentle, and sincere. She was completely different from what was written on the documents.

When Song Yujin heard that Song Ci was going out, he asked doubtfully, “Do I have to go?”

Song Ci pinched his face.

“You’re my little darling so obviously, you have to go with me.”

Song Yujin sighed. He felt helpless.


Song Ci felt that Song Yujin’s feelings had changed a little. It was time to develop a loving sibling relationship!

“Yujin is so obedient. You’re the best,” said Song Ci as she leaned closer to Song Yujin and pressed her hand against his forehead.

Song Yujin leaned back in disgust. His sister was being really mushy.

The weather was nice. Song Ci booked a car using her phone.

Song Yujin followed Song Ci all the way into the mall. When he realized that she wanted to buy a jade pendant, he became somewhat puzzled.

Song Ci picked him up. Then, she placed him on the chair in front of the counter. She asked, “Which one do you like?”

Song Yujin answered, “Brother-in-law already gave me one.”

“I’ll buy you another one.”

Song Yujin did not really want it.

“I already have one.”

Song Ci looked at the determination in his eyes.

“I just want to give you a gift. Should we look for something else?”

Song Yujin said in a low voice, “There’s no need.”

“Why not? Yujin, you’re so biased. You’ll take other people’s gifts but not mine. I’m so sad.”

Song Ci pretended to be wronged.

Song Yujin wanted to say something, but he did not know how to explain it clearly. So, he just gave up.

Song Ci also wanted to choose a suitable pendant for Lu Suo.

Song Yujin looked over the pendants one by one. Suddenly, he pointed at an agate bracelet with a small lock and said, “Give that to Lu Suo!”

Song Ci patted his head.

“Choose something for yourself as well. One for you and one for Lu Suo.”

In reality, Song Yujin only wanted a flowerpot that could let dandelions settle down. He looked up at Song Ci. “I don’t want these. Can I get something else?”

“What do you want?”

Song Ci was curious. Song Yujin actually had something that he wanted. It was almost too strange.

Song Yujin said in a serious tone, “I want a small flowerpot.”

Song Ci was astonished.

“You want to grow flowers?”

Song Yujin nodded.

Song Ci did not expect him to like gardening. However, the fact that he was willing to tell her his preferences was already a pleasant surprise.

She smiled and replied to Song Yujin, “I’ll bring you to a flower shop. We can buy whatever you like.”

Song Yujin nodded.

“Thank you.”

Song Ci patted Song Yujin’s head and said gently, “You’re welcome. By the way, gifts aren’t limited to just one. Since I like you, I’m willing to give you many gifts. You don’t have to return the favor. Just get whatever you want.”

Song Yujin did not expect things to turn out like this. He blinked silently.

Song Ci gave him a hug. Then, she carefully looked at the selection of agate bracelets before pointing to one that was in the shape of a tiger.

“What do you think? Tigers are kings of all beasts. They’re very powerful. When you grow up, you become as powerful as a tiger.”

Song Yujin looked at the little tiger. The word “King” was indeed carved on it. He turned to look at his sister. Did she really hope for him to be as powerful as a tiger when he grew up?

He used to think that he knew Song Ci well but now, it was the complete opposite. Perhaps he was still young. When he grew up, he would definitely understand her.

The little boy nodded and let out a soft “Mmhmm”.

In fact, he hoped for the same. Song Yujin wanted to become a tiger that could protect himself and live on without relying on others.

Once he agreed, Song Ci swiped her card without hesitation.

“What kind of flowers do you want?”

Song Ci asked Song Yujin. The latter looked at the dazzling selection and shook his head.

“I don’t know.”

His gaze swept through the flowerpots.

Finally, he walked to a pot of cactus.

Song Ci followed him.

“Is this what you wanted?”

Song Yujin reached out and touched the cactus. Its thorns were sharp like needles.

He looked at the small cactus in front of him, then at the white flowerpot in which it was planted.

“Is this okay?”

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